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					The AdSense Blueprint

Content Ideas:
Part 3
Over the course of the past few sessions we’ve talked about how writing engaging content for
your users is the key to this process, whilst also appropriately fitting in your keywords in order
to let the search engines know what your site is about.

We’ve also looked at a number of different templates and content generation ideas to get your
creative juices flowing and provide you with some structure to start writing content.

In this session we’re actually going expand on the whole concept of content generation to
include where you can go to ‘fuel up’ for content ideas, what tools you can use to help you do
this more efficiently, and look at how you can get in the habit of becoming a writer.

Now here’s a small confession...

The stuff in this session is actually a complete steal from The Challenge.

Shock! Horror! Outrage!

Yup, I’m grabbing a load of content which we’ve already previously produced and am
packaging it with The AdSense Blueprint.

And there’s good reason - it’s because the stuff we teach for free on The Challenge is stuff we
do on a daily basis, and more importantly, it’s stuff which will help you lead your market and
will help you produce content for your AdSense site. I encourage all of you to watch each of
the selected sessions below, even if you’ve seen them before, as they will help you with
creating content for your AdSense sites (right click the links and choose ‘Save As’).

At the end of this session I’ve also got that cracking 50% discount deal for you, but before you
jump ahead make sure you watch all the videos first.

The AdSense Blueprint - Content Ideas Part 3!                                                1
Fueling Up
The first part of the process is to ‘fuel up’, which is the task of keeping tabs on your niche /
market and researching new stuff on a regular basis. In the following videos you’ll learn the
easiest way to ‘fuel up’ and which tools will help you keep abreast of the hot topics in your

Finding Content Basics

Quite often the first problem people come across once they've chosen their micro-niche is the
fact that they know nothing about the niche. Ed outlines a new method to getting to know your
micro-niche in record time. Using a variety of sources, Ed shows you how to research using
specific techniques to collect and collate information that you can use when you get to the
writing content stage.

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Finding Content Tools

Market Samurai's Find Content Module lets you quickly and efficiently search for content
related to your micro-niche from a variety of sources like article directories, blog networks,
picture and video sites, and news sites.

Twitter, or more specifically the search function of Twitter, allows you to search for your
keyword phrase to yield a wide variety of information specific to your micro-niche. You can
also save your searches in Twitter so that you can refer back to them.

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The AdSense Blueprint - Content Ideas Part 3!                                                   2
Google Reader

In this video Ed provides an overview of what Google Reader does and how to set it up and
subscribe to some feeds. Ed demonstrates how to search for feeds in Reader that may relate
to your micro-niche and how to look through the search results for appropriate feeds in terms
of frequency of posts and the number of current subscribers. This is a very useful feature of
Google Reader that is often overlooked.

Ed also walks you through the functions of Reader and what settings to use to get the most
out of the service, including how to manage your subscriptions (organizing them into folders is
highly recommended), using 'List' view and the ability to send information directly to
Posterous, Facebook, Twitter and others.

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Google Alerts

Think of Google Alerts as a monitoring or news clipping service, once you have it setup,
Google Alerts does the hard work for you and collects information based on the search terms
you set. It's your personal research tool that delivers its results via email, via Google Reader
or via you logging in to your Google Alerts account.

In the video Brent (from Market Samurai) also provides some excellent best practice tips to
use with Google Alerts, like using quotations around your search terms to keep the results
relevant and focussed, how to refine your search terms, the type of alerts to look for, how
often the alerts should take place and what delivery methods to use.

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The AdSense Blueprint - Content Ideas Part 3!                                                3

Every market or interest group in the world has a forum somewhere online, and they are a
brilliant place for you to get a feel for your market and, over time, will provide you with a
platform to practice Market Leadership.

Generally, the people who are most passionate about your market are in the forums. The key
for you is to be a participant, be engaged. In this video, Ed shows you how to find forums
related to your market and the best practice to follow when participating.

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When you are starting to understand what's going on in your marketplace, one of the best
places to find the leaders in your market right now is Twitter. By simply doing a Twitter search
using your keyword phrase, or main phrase as you did when looking for forums, you can find
people who are talking about your market.

Another place to look for movers and shakers is on Facebook, more specifically Facebook
Pages. This is something that will be much more market dependent than Twitter. Ed provides
some guidelines on what to look for with Facebook Pages and how to find your way around
the various functions of a Facebook Page.

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The AdSense Blueprint - Content Ideas Part 3!                                                   4
The Writing Process
In these two videos Ed discusses what it actually takes to become a good content creator.

The first video is all about a great technique called ‘free writing’, which gets you into the habit
of writing on a regular basis using the content you’ve already researched during ‘fueling up’.

The second video is about the editing process, and why it’s important to leave your articles at
least 24 hours before editing it.

Free Writing

Ed introduces you to a technique called free writing, which is a technique using a timer with
an alarm and continuously writing for a period of 10 minutes, with no editing.

Ed also stresses the importance of letting your initial writing sit for 24 hours before you edit.

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After leaving your keyword optimized article for 24 hours, you can now look at starting the
editing process with a fresh set of eyes.

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The AdSense Blueprint - Content Ideas Part 3!                                                  5
Starting Market Leadership
In the final two videos Ed covers a couple of important points on entering the market, and how
to deal with the inevitable interactions (both good and bad) which will happen when you start
to get well known.

Flicking The Switch

Ed details what he considers to be a Market Leadership formula, which is a combination of
the amount of content you put into a marketplace, the regularity of that content, and the size
of the audience.

Where the real market leaders shine here is in the consistency of the content.

If the content is regular and well received, your influence grows as your audience grows.

Another characteristic of being a market leader is that you have to have a view or opinion and
by voicing that opinion you will no doubt get opposite views.

By putting yourself out there as a market leader you will invariably have your detractors.

Nobody is 100% liked.

This is completely normal and nothing to be feared. It might sting the first time but it does
pass, it just goes with the territory and is to be expected.

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The AdSense Blueprint - Content Ideas Part 3!                                                  6

You don’t need to create a persona to enter a niche, if you wan’t to be yourself then be
yourself. However, if you’re not comfortable going in as yourself then watch this video where
Ed covers his essential rules of creating an online persona.

The key is that you are not looking to create a character where you pretend to be something
you are not, just be yourself and your goal here is to present yourself, even in the guise of a
pseudonym. Being yourself shows through in the content you are putting out there.

When people first begin to put themselves out there online, invariably the same doubts and
questions arise: "But I have an accent, but I'm ugly, but I don't know anything."

Ed addresses each of these fears in turn, and outlines why these doubts are nothing to worry
about and can in fact work in your favor.

Ed also spends some time in the lesson explaining the use of pseudonyms and how they are
a standard thing to do. Showing some example celebrities that use pseudonyms, Ed explains
how the use of pseudonyms can be done legitimately, and in most cases to the persons

For example, one of the most popular recording artists on the planet right now is Lady Gaga.
It's a pretty safe bet that she would not be enjoying the level of success she's having right
now by using her real name of Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta.

Another example of the need for pseudonyms is in the Actors Guild. There can only be one of
each name registered in the guild. Michael Keaton's real name is Michael Douglas, but there
was already a famous Michael Douglas in the Actors Guild, so instead he chose the surname
of an actress he admired, Diane Keaton.

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The AdSense Blueprint - Content Ideas Part 3!                                                   7
A Super Duper Deal
The whole point of the AdSense Blueprint is to build up an authority site and a community
around your topic, and in order to do this you need to become a market leader and publish
engaging content to bring in your users and keep them coming back.

So far we’ve covered the beginnings of creating content and keeping on top of what’s going
on in your market, but in order to take yourselves to the next level you need to be ‘living and
breathing’ your niche, and you need to be publishing on a regular basis.

Publishing regularly is what will take your site from being ‘just another blog’, and take it
towards being the authority, generating more pages (and posts) of unique and original content
which Google and your users will love, and if you do this right then over time you’ll be
rewarded with the repeat visitors (and the AdSense revenue).

There is another course out there at the moment which will help you achieve this aim, and
implementing the techniques and processes you’ll learn will give you an advantage over
everyone else in your niche.

The course is “Always Be Shipping”, and if you sign up at the link below and apply the coupon
code you’ll get a whopping $500 off the price.

“Always Be Shipping” contains six modules (released one module per week) and contains
over 100 in-depth videos, in which our very own Ed Dale and Michelle MacPhearson show
you a whole range of different content creation methods, tips, tricks, techniques and tools to

The regular full price for the course is $997, but signing up at the special link below and using
the coupon will get you in for only $497. There’s a 30 day ‘no questions asked’ refund policy,
so if you don’t like what you see you can get your money back with no issues whatsoever.

The AdSense Blueprint - Content Ideas Part 3!                                                  8
In order to take advantage of this offer you need to sign up via this link:


And then on the checkout page use this coupon code:


OK, that’s it as far as creating your initial content goes, so now it’s over to you! It’s time for
you to go out and start creating all the launch content for your site.

In the next session we’re going to start looking at the initial site promotion you need to do
once your content is all ready to publish on your AdSense site.

The AdSense Blueprint - Content Ideas Part 3!                                                    9

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