; What Beginners Should Know About SEO
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What Beginners Should Know About SEO


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									What Beginners Should Know
About SEO

Anyone who has spent any time
creating a website or blog,
whether it's for business or
personal use, has most likely
heard the term, SEO. If you're
new to the scene, you can
probably tell that it's
important and it has to do
with getting people to view
your website, but that's where
your knowledge of it ends.

The reality is that if you
want your website to not only
thrive but survive in this
technology era, you have to
understand and practice SEO.
It's not a benefit, but a

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine
Optimization. What that means
is that you are finding more
viewers by promoting your
website and increasing your
ranking on different search

The higher up on the list of
results you are on a search
engine's page, the more
chances you have of someone
choosing yours. Most people
pick off the first page,
usually one of the first 3-5
options. If someone is looking
for something specific, they
might go to the second page.
If they still can't find what
they are looking for, in most
cases they just start a new

Do I need SEO?

The only answer to this
question is yes. All
successful websites have
someone that is charge of SEO.
While it's true that you can
gain a larger following by
promoting through social
media, most people still rely
on search engines such as,
Google and Bing, to help them
find what they are looking
for. Since that is where most
people are going, you need to
make sure you are putting
yourself in the right spot to
target them.

How do I start?

Do your research. There are
tons of free 'how-to' guides
on the internet about SEO. You
need to realize up front that
it takes a lot of time and
effort to get started and to
keep going. Many companies
have an employee whose sole
responsibility is SEO. If that
is not an option for you,
commit yourself to learning
this skill.

There are different ways you
can make sure your website is
coming up higher on search
engine rankings.
When people type a word into a
search engine, the results
that come up are websites or
blogs that have the search
word set as a keyword. When
you create your website make
sure that you are selecting
important keywords, phrases
and categories.

Another way is through
linking. How you link to
others and how others are
linked to you is extremely
important. A blog is an
excellent way to build
backlinks. You are able to
have guest posters on your
blog that will link back to
their site. You can also write
articles for other blogs and
have a backlink to your site.
Choosing the right kind of
blogs to have relationships
with will help get more
traffic to your site. When
done right, linking can
benefits both parties.
Keywords and links are an easy
way to start. It can get much
more complex as you go along,
but it's doable. Just know
that even a little bit of
effort will go a long way when
it comes to SEO.

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