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					Google SEO Tools: Free Ways To
Improve Your Page Rank

Using Google SEO tools for
your business is a great way
to increase exposure without
breaking the bank. Before you
go investing thousands of
dollars to improve your
business website's ranking,
you should consider using free
Google SEO tools to your

Search engine optimization is
an important aspect of modern
marketing. Proper on and off
page SEO can really do wonders
for your business. Let's take
a look at some of today's most
useful Google SEO Tools.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a must for
anyone using search engine
optimization. I highly
recommend that you install
this plugin into your

Google Analytics allows you to
keep a close eye on your
visitors' activity. The
program's library of numbers
and statistics allow you to
identify the sources of your
traffic, which aspects of your
website are working well, and
which areas are in need of

If you can learn to use Google
SEO tools like analytics, you
don't need to invest a ton of
money in search engine
optimization assistance. Using
this tool†properly†will ensure
that your business and website
are progressing appropriately.

Google AdWords Keyword Tool

A major part of search engine
optimization is keyword
research. In fact, without
proper keyword research, your
optimization campaign will
assuredly fall short.

In order to improve your page
rank and accrue the traffic
your business needs, you will
need to target keyword phrases
(or popular search terms) that
are valuable. These keywords
obviously need to be related
to your business niche.

The ideal keyword phrases
are†high†in traffic but low in
SEO competition. Needless to
say, it is impossible to
identify quality keywords
without a tool.

Luckily, Google AdWords
Keyword Tool is also free.
This tool is definitely among
the most popular Google SEO
tools available. Feel free to
use this program to find
keywords for both SEO purposes
or pay-per-click

Google Webmaster Tools
While each of these Google SEO
tools is valuable and useful
in its own right, these
programs are increasingly
beneficial when used together.
When using the keyword tool
and analytics, I recommend
also using Google Webmaster

This specific set of tools
allows you to do a number of
things. First of all, Google
Webmaster tools allow you to
see how Google is indexing
your website's content.

It will alert you if there is
an issue as well.
Additionally, you will be able
to see which search terms are
driving traffic to your
website. This will help you
get a better idea of which
kind of keywords to target.

Using this Google Webmasters
tool and the Google AdWords
Keyword tool together can be a
potent combination.
Consistently reviewing the
statistics provided to you by
these Google SEO tools will be
nothing but beneficial.

If you have the right tools,
increasing your exposure
online is simply a matter of
effort. The concept of search
engine optimization is simple,

Studies clearly show that a
high page ranking is
exponentially more fiscally
promising for your business.
Be sure to get the ball
rolling with some effective
Google SEO tools.

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