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					Practice Test
         By: Abdul Syukri

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 The purpose of the text is…..

 A.   To share an amusing story with readers.
 B.   To describe the history of Kennedy’s son.
 C.   To persuade readers to be aware of drugs
 D.   To report a tragedy in the Kennedy’s family
 E.   To inform readers about a newsworthy
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    What is the text about?

    A. The most destructive child.
    B. The death of David Kennedy.
    C. Mrs. Rose Kennedy, David’s
    D. The announcement from Senator Edward
    E. David Kennedy, the fourth son of Robert
                                             3

 Before David was found dead …..

 A. He had been a drug abuse.
 B. His murder was still a mystery.
 C. He had been visiting his grandma.
 D. He was killed after visiting his grandma.
 E. He was described as the most attentive
                                              4

    The death of David was announced ……..

    A.   By his grandma
    B.   By his father, Robert Kennedy
    C.   By the West Palm Beach police chief
    D.   By the manager of a hotel in Palm
    E.   In a statement from the office of Senator
         Edward Kennedy.
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This text is for question 1, 2, 3 and 4.
From Alex Brummer in Washington
     David Kennedy, aged 28, the fourth son of the late
Robert Kennedy, was yesterday found dead in a hotel
room in Palm Beach, Florida, where he had been visiting
his ailing grandmother, Mrs. Rose Kennedy.
     The latest tragedy to strike the Kennedy family came
to its most vulnerable member. In a recent biography,
David Kennedy, who had a long history of drug problems,
was described as the most self-destructive child of the two
assassinated Kennedy brothers.
     The death was announced in a statement from the
office of Senator Edward Kennedy on Capitol Hill.
     The West Palm Beach police chief offered no
immediate comment if the death was drug related.

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