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Objectives: To serve as a relief veterinarian for small animal clinics along the northern Front Range of Colorado Education: Colorado State University  Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine  B.S. in Biological Sciences and Zoology, Honors Participant Veterinary Work Experience:

Fort Collins, CO 8/03 to 5/07 8/98 to 5/02

Green Ridge Veterinary Relief Services  Small business owner, relief veterinarian - currently run my own veterinary relief business, responsible for all aspects of business ownership including scheduling, website maintenance, licensing and liability; relief duties include daily appointments, making necessary client contacts, routine surgeries Avenues Pet Clinic
 Associate veterinarian, full time – small animal exclusive with

Wellington, CO 8/08 to present

Cheyenne, WY 8/07 to 6/08

some pocket pets and reptiles, fast-paced practice with high case load, emergency on-call, primarily medical cases but also performed routine surgeries regularly, assisted with emergency surgeries as needed
Maxfund Wellness Center  Volunteer, part time – 45 total hours over winter break, assisted with surgery and patient care, monitored anesthesia, learned more regarding the finesse needed to efficiently and properly perform basic soft tissue surgeries, observed the daily challenges of working in a low income veterinary clinic Gunbarrel Veterinary Clinic  Receptionist, full time – answered phones, checked in patients, organized charts and paperwork, scheduled appointments, worked with DVM management software, filled prescriptions, learned how to communicate well with clients and how to stay calm in many kinds of trying situations  Receptionist/veterinary assistant, part time – 15 to 35 hours per week, restrained animals, administered vaccines and medications, prepped patients for surgery, set up fecals and UAs, positioned and restrained patients for radiographs, cared for hospitalized patients, performed receptionist duties listed above Denver, CO 1/06

Boulder, CO 8/02 to 8/03

Summer ’04 and ’05

Other Work Experience: PetCo Grooming Salon  Groomer – 15 hours during the school year, full time during the summer, bathed, dried and clipped/shaved/brushed dogs to owners’ specifications, trimmed nails, cleaned ears, gained new understanding of the phrase “The customer is always right.” Morgan Library, Colorado State University  Honors intern – 15 to 20 hours during the school year, full time during the summer, student manager of large digital project, catalogued and digitized wildlife slides, created website to display digital images, presented project and website to potential users and financial donors, worked with Excel, Access, Dreamweaver, and FrontPage software, published article as first author outlining student-run projects CrossTrails Program  Volunteer animal transporter – in collaboration with CrossRoads Safehouse women’s shelter, transported animals from shelter to veterinary appointments and foster homes, on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week It’s A Dog’s World  Groomer, full time – bathed, dried and brushed dogs, trimmed nails, cleaned ears, learned to clip/shave dogs as requested, cared for the doggy day care attendees, learned basic dog massage Fort Collins, CO 6/04 to 3/05

Fort Collins, CO 9/99 to 10/02

Fort Collins, CO 5/01 to 5/02

Fort Collins, CO 6/00 to 8/00

Licenses, Activities and Memberships: Licensed in the states of Colorado (2007, 2008, 2009) and Wyoming (2007, 2008) American Veterinary Medical Association 2007, 2008, 2009 Colorado Veterinary Medical Association 2007, 2008, 2009 Wyoming Veterinary Medical Association 2008 Student Chapter of the American Veterinary Medcial Association Student Chapter of the American Association of Feline Practitioners  Senior representative  Fundraiser, webmaster and historian  Helped organize and presented at first two Cat Care Conferences  Attended National Fall Conference in Chicago  Webmaster, Open House representative, blood donor representative Professional Interests: Human-animal bond, animal behavior, internal medicine, feline medicine Personal Interests: Hiking, mountain biking, computers, reading, snowboarding 8/03 to 5/07 4/06 to 5/07 8/05 to 4/06 5/05 and 2/06 11/05 8/04 to 5/05

References: Emily Asay, DVM Avenues Pet Clinic 5520 Yellowstone Road Cheyenne, WY 82009 (307) 214-6901

Louis Brad, DVM Gunbarrel Veterinary Clinic 4636 N. 55th Street Boulder, CO 80301 (303) 530-2500

Douglas Amy, DVM Maxfund Wellness Center 1000 Inca Street Denver, CO 80204 (303) 595-0532

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