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									Foreign Language DVD For Kids, Professor Toto, Makes Learning A New
Language Simple

New York, NY, 09-MAR-2013 - Professor Toto Language Education Series is
pleased to announce a foreign language DVD children level tool. The DVDs
make learning multiple languages almost as easy as learning the first
language. Children are better able to absorb language than adults.The
understanding of more than one language has been shown to improve
communication abilities in the first language.

A website spokesperson spoke recently to an interviewer about the series,
"Professor Toto is a fun and attention grabbing language learning tool
that targets children from age 2 through 8 years. The series is put
together with color, animation, and flawless pronunciation. The words
taught are the ones that children will recognize and use in daily life.
The fast-moving animated characters enforce the words so that learning is
done in the same way as it is done in learning a first language."

The languages available at present are Italian, Chinese, Spanish, French
and German. For children who need to learn English, that series is
available as well. The quality of the software tools has resulted in
several awards. These are major media awards that recognize the elements
that represent the level of success in teaching children.

The company has been producing foreign language DVD children tools since
1973. Over the 39 years, the software has received great praise from
parents and from educators. The ability to capture a child's attention is
the key to learning. These teaching tools are perky, attention-grabbing
and yet get the learning done. The sound quality is excellent, so the
child learn the correct pronunciation right from the beginning.
Individual words are presented, as well as the action verbs so that
simple sentences are learned as well.

Learn more about foreign language DVD children learning tools by going to
the web pages at today. Members of the press and
others who have further questions regarding the products or methods are
invited to contact the company at the location described below.

Company Name: Professor Toto Language Education Series

Address: New York, NY 10065



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