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Call Elimination

This hospital anticipates significant changes in its call responsibilities once the heart tower opens. Since the needs of the group remain primary, this policy would be in place until the heart tower opens or until such time as there are other changes prior to the time that change call coverage. Criteria for Eligibility and Selection by the Executive Committee for Elimination of call: 1. Physician must be 58 years of age to be eligible to request call elimination unless there are extenuating health or family care considerations. 2. If there are multiple requests, age and length of service with this hospital (which includes prior experience with our other locations) will be given priority. Requests will be renewable annually and revocable on that same basis. 3. The amount of salary reduction to be able to eliminate call will be 35%. Or stated conversely, physicians without call coverage would make 65% of the shareholders with call in their POD. 4. Physicians who eliminate all call would become employed physicians and forfeit shareholder status. Physicians may choose to take full call and become a shareholder and purchase shares at buy-in rate at that time. 5. This hospital could only afford to have a limited number of physicians eligible for this status. 6. Physicians may request consideration for this call elimination in January of each year. This would be consideration for January of the following year to give the group a year to make appropriate adjustments. Extenuating circumstances, such as health, may be presented and the Executive Committee may consider a request on an urgent basis. Granted requests are subject to annual renewal. 7. Where there are multiple requests for this in a given year, the Executive Committee may prioritize based on age, length of service with this hospital, needs of this hospital, or other factors that are pertinent to the group at the point in time it is making that consideration. 8. Independent of this policy, physicians may “sell” their call to other physicians in the group at the following rate for primary call:     Weekend: Weekday: Metro (weekdays): Interventional Backup: $10,000 $3,000 $1,000 $1,500

These ratios are previously established at the A, B, & C Campuses. The selling physician has the responsibility to notify the scheduler and the CFO of the changes so that accurate schedules are produced and appropriate financials are implemented. This provision presumes the “buying” physicians meet all other hospital obligations.

Executive Committee Approval: Shareholder Approval:

November 15, 2001 January 10, 2002

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