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					      Chandrakala. W. Surbala Devi

                                           3. Ak. Joy Singh. Understanding
      presented “An orthotic approach         Robotics in Rehabilitation. Indian
      in management of congenital limb        Journal of Physical Medicine and
      deformity (a case study)”.              Rehabilitation 2011; 22:35-37.
                                           4. Sameeta Ng, Nelson L, Joy Ak.
 1. The 22nd North Eastern Obstret-           Brief Cognitive Behaviour
                                              Therapy (CBT) in the manage-

    ics and Gynaecology Conference,
    November 2012.Attended by Dr.             ment of chronic pain. Indian
    Ak. Joy Singh , L. Nilachandra Sin-       Medical Journal (Supplementary)
    gh.                                       2011;105(7):6-10.
 2. Second MESOCON 2012, RIMS              5. Sameeta Ng, Ak. Joy. Chronic low
    Imphal, March, 2012. Attended             back pain and its correlation with
    by Dr. Ak. Joy Singh, Y. Nandabir         life stress and depression. JMS
    Singh, N. Nilachandra Singh.              2011;26(2) : 64-66.

 1. XXVII All Manipur Medical Confer-
                                          Details of research projects undertak-

                                           1. Project on “Effectiveness of a wrist

     ence, December, 2011. Attended
                                          en by the Department:

     by Dr. Akoijam     Joy Singh, Y.         hand orthoses in controlling spas-
     Nandabir Singh and L. Nilachan-          ticity of the upper limb hemiplegic
     dra Singh.                               patients” under Department of Sci-
                                              ence & Technology, Government of
 2. Workshop on “Understanding                Manipur (completed).
     Learning Disability, Assessment,
     Diagnosis and Intervention”. Held     2. Academic achievements of teach-
     at department of Clinical Psychol-       ings and non-teaching staff:
     ogy, RIMS Imphal in Feb. 2012. At-    3. Completed “Health Impact As-
     tended by Th. Subadani Devi & M.         sessment Training Course” organ-
     Joychandra Singh. M. Joychandra          ized by IMPACT, the international
     – Different types of Occupational        Health impact Assessment Con-
     Therapy with Learning Disability.        sortium, University of Liverpool,
     Th. Subadani Devi – Demonstra-           March 2012. This course was
     tion of Occupational Therapy with        sponsored by the World Health
     Learning Disability regarding            Organization.
     sensory Integration.                 Extra Curricular activities / achieve-

 1. Naorem Bimol, Asem Rangita
Publications of the Department:           ments of the teaching and non teach-

    Chanu, Bijendra Rai, K Wangjam.
                                          ing staff:

    Bilateral Spontaneous Rupture of       1. Vice President, Indian Association
    Achilles Tendon _ A Case Report.
                                          Dr.Kunjabasi Wangjam

                                              of Physical Medicine & Reha-
    Indian Journal of Physical Medi-          bilitation. Member of Technical
    cine and Rehabilitation 2011;             Committee, National Council of
    22(3):99-101.                             Accreditation of Hospitals, New
 2. Singh NR, Kharlukhi S, Wang-              Delhi and General Council of In-
    jam K. Inflammatory multifocal            stitute of Physically Handicapped,
    encephalopoly- radiculopathy.             New Delhi.
    Indian Journal of Physical Medi-
    cine and Rehabilitation 2011;
    22:30-32.                              1. Member of the International Soci-
                                          Dr. Ak. Joy Singh

    ety for Physical & Rehabilitation
                           MANIPUR UNIVERSITY ANNUAL REPORT 2011-2012

                                           4. Executive committee member of
    Medicine, Academic committee of           North East chapter of Orthotics
    RIMS & RIMS Institutional Ethics          and Prosthetics Association of
    Committee. Joint Secretary, Indian        India.
    Association of Sports Medicine

                                                              Appeared Passed
                                           Result of examination(s) :

 1. Organising secretary of 20th
Th. Borbabu Singh

     National Conference of Orthot-        Post Graduate      1               1
     ics and Prosthetics Association of
     India (Feb 2012) at NEIGRIHMS,
                                           Details of some equipments in the De-

 2. Lifetime achievement award of             Samsung SONOACE 6, Version
                                           partment :

     Orthotics and Prosthetics Associa-    1.03.02 Colour Doppler Ultrasound for
     tion of India.                        musculoskeletal examination and ther-
 3. Life member of International Soci-     apeutic intervention.
     ety of Prosthetics and Orthotics.

                                             Male            Female           Total
Patient care services :

New Cases:                                    6310            7916            14229
 Old Cases:                                  28529            29341           56870
Patient admitted in the Ward                  313,             290                603
Major Operation Done (From April               54              44                 98
2011 to April 2012):
Injection :                                  2069             2925            4994
Annual report for Counseling, Com-        (Old & New)-     (Old & New)-           736
munity Rehabilitation & Extension              365              37
                                            Occupational Therapy Unit: (From

Old Case                       1608
Physiotherapy Unit:

                                            Total number of pa-         2258
                                           April 2011 – March 2012)

New Case                       4848         tients
Total                          6456         Number of Hemiplegic        600
Total number of electro-       31551        cases
therapy done                                Number of Cerebral          400
Total number of exercises      17879        Palsy
done                                        Number of Orthopedic        1258
Total                          49430        Cases
                                            Total number of male        1250


 Total number of female   1008           Number of pa-        40
 patients                                tient’s registered
 Total number of old      1044           Number of pros-      Below knee
 cases                                   thetic fitment-4     prosthetic-1 ,
                                                              Above knee pros-
 Total number of new      1214                                thetic-1, Shoulder
 cases                                                        joint -1 & Below
                                         Number of re-        21.
Prosthetic Section (From April 2011 –

                                         pairing cases
 Number of pa-      130
March 2012)

 tient’s attendance

       Department of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery
                                            flexor tendon repair and compari-
                                            son with conventional two strand
                                            tennoraphy and Dr. Nepram Sanjib
Staff Position :

 1. Dr. G. N. Sharma                        Singh chaired a session.
Teaching staff :

    Professor & Head                     4. AMMAMECON December 2011:
 2. Dr. Nepram Sanjib Singh                 Dr. Nepram Sanjib Singh and Dr.
    Associate Professor & Head (w.e.f.      Aribam Surjyalal Sharma attended
    17/3/2012)                              the conference. Dr. Nepram Sanjib
 3. Dr. A Surjyalal Sharma                  Singh was the Quiz Master.
    Registrar                            5. CUTICON 2011 :Dr. Nepram Sanjib
                                            Singh attended the conference.
                                         6. International Conference on Diag-
                                            nosis and Therapy of Lymphatic
Details of Seminar/ Conference/

 1. APSICON 2011, Coimbatore: Dr.
                                            Diseases in March, 2012 at Delhi.
Workshop attended:

    Nepram Sanjib Singh attended the
    conference in Coimbatore in Sept,       Dr. Nepram Sanjib Singh attended
    2011 and chaired a session on           & chaired a session and partici-
    Microsurgery.                           pated in Panel Discussion.
 2. ASIMANICON 2011, Dr. Nepram
    Sanjib Singh, Professor G N Shar-     7. Dr. Singh N S: Ethical Authorship
    ma, Dr. Surjyalal Sharma attended
                                         Publications of the Department:

                                             JMS 2012;26(Suplementary)1-2.
    ASIMANICON 2011, 16th Annual
    Conference of the Association of
    Surgeons of India, Manipur State
                                         Academic achievements of teaching &

    Chapter in October 2011 at JNIMS,     8. Dr. Nepram Sanjib Singh became
                                         non teaching staff:

    Imphal.Dr. Nepram Sanjib Singh           Head of the Department from
    Spoke on Basics of Microsurgery          March 17, 2012 and working as
    and chaired sessions.                    editor JMS. He is Executive Com-
 3. MESOCON 2012 : Dr. Nepram                mittee Member of Association of
    Sanjib, Prof G.N. Sharma and Dr.         Surgeons of India, Manipur State
    Aribam Surjyalal Sharma attend-          chapter for 2010-12 session and
    ed MESOCON, March, 2012. Dr.             also the Editor in Chief of Rotary
    Nabakishor H. Spoke on Barbed            Club of Imphal for 2010 and 2011.
    suture tennoraphy in zone two


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