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					                            Burjasia Weekly Management Meeting Review
                                        16 September 2012
Britam Managers attending:
1.      COO                  Phil Doughty
2.      EOO                  Marc Josselin & Simon Keyland

 No       Position                                  Name
 1        Project Manager                           Charlie Taylor
 2        Operations Manager                        Ian Rutterford
 3        Deputy Operations Manager                 Arthur Karapetian
 4        POSM                                      Lee Hatton
 5        Training Manager                          Jim McDowell

Administration & Supervision
L2 Admin Managers        x 2 (half of one L2 paid by HB)
L2 Watchkeeper           x2
L2 Guardforce Supervisor x 2 (1 is Britam overhead)
LN Admin                 x 14 (which includes 2 x Rossa Bus drivers.)
LN Training              x2

Expat PSD Operators
L2 Team Leaders              x 15
L2 2i/c                      x 15

LN PSD Operators
LN TL                        x 15
LN 2ic                       x 15
LN Operators                 x 45

LN Guardforce
LN Senior Supervisor         x 6 (4 x Operational + 2 x R&R)
LN Supervisor                x 12 (6 x Shift)
Guards                       x 76 (2 x 38 per Shift)
Female Searcher              x1
Pass Office                  x1

Teams Dispositions
 C – HB – L2                        D – HB – L2                  E – HB - L2   F – HB L2

 H – HB – L2                        I – HB – L2                  K – HB – L2   L – HB – L2

 M – HB – L2                        N – HB – L2                  O – HB – L2   P – HB – L2

 Q - HB – L2                        R – HB – L2                  T – HB – L2

TOTAL – BJS Teams            15
        MJN Teams            5
        TOTAL                15 (20)

Key Issues List
                                                                                               Action      Input    End
               Item                                      Objective                                                                            Progress/Remarks
                                                                                              Addressee    Date     Date
     G1: Personnel
     G2: Intelligence for AOR
                                                                                                                            Commercial intelligence must never be passed by
1.   Passage of commercial int
     G3: Current Ops & Tasks
                                                                                                                            Trevor signed off                                         C
                                 ‘That Britam produce SOPs of a similar standard to what
                                                                                                                            Awaiting return of Dino at ROO before sending to him
1.   BP Audit Point              they have for other contracts and they remain relevant     OM            21 Aug   10 Sep
                                                                                                                            Update? – The SOP’s have been written and we have
                                 to the ROO operating area’
                                                                                                                            them on file ready for the re-inspection
                                                                                                                            PRO 198 for 32 radios signed and order placed. Lead       C
                                 ‘That Britam provides all its team members with a radio
2.   BP Audit Point                                                                                                22 Aug   time 14 days. Update? – We are still on time for
                                 as per its SOP’
                                                                                                                            receiving before the end of Sept.
                                 ‘That Britam looks into recruiting the services of a                                                                                                 C
                                                                                                                            PWIC course possibly if Bill Bradley comes into country
                                 recognised armourer (local or expat) with a proven
3.   BP Audit Point                                                                                                         Has Dino been shown certificates? The certificates and
                                 background who can validate weapons serviceability.
                                                                                                                            translations have been sent to ROO.
                                 Instigate a biannual check’

4.   BP Audit Point
                                 ‘That Britam equip their teams with the requisite                                          Will buy in Dubai. SK price this week and raise PRO       C
                                 numbers of cameras as per MoI directives’                                                  thru Taff.
                                                                                                                            The LN contracts are in progress but still need           C
                                 ‘That Britam confirm their contract policy for all expat                                   Insurance Doc, Monthly Salary & signed by all LNs
5.   BP Audit Point              and LN staff and look to implement the standards they                                      Taff predicts 6 months to complete LNs
                                 have signed up to’                                                                         Ian R to confirm expat contracts completed. Joe has
                                                                                                                            confirmed that this is nearly finished now.
     G4: Administration and Logistics
                                Following 2 x medevacs a full review of Britam doctor,                                      Denis identified $600 ECG from Basra. Has PRO been
1.   Britam Clinic                                                                          All           31 May
                                clinic and medical supplies being conducted                                                 raised?
                                A requirement has been raised for the production of PPE                                                                                               C
2.   PPE Coveralls                                                                          SK                              Possible delivery date of first week October – PRO 183
                                – Coveralls which were to be procured in Dubai
     Fluorescent Britam         PD wants to see these on all access guards & as part of                                     CT – has PRO been delayed or refused?
3.                                                                                          SK
     branded vests              every manager’s PPE                                                                         Is this procurement delayed or cancelled?
                                                                                                                            Ian R spoken to L2 supervisor to clean cabin
                                                                                                                            CT to discuss with Taff ref raising PRO – Progress? The
     Poor state of guard
4.                               Accom is Britam responsibility                             CT/OM         13 Sep   Asap     Cabin has been cleaned up but Logistics will need to
                                                                                                                            liaise with GF Commander on numbers of new beds
      G5: Client Future Plans

      G6: IT & Communications
                                                                                                                               Some issues remain with 2 x devices – update? HB        C
1.    Sicuro Trackers            New Diablos fitted                                           Ops Man/MJ   20 June   Mid Aug   Project complete although we need two systems
                                                                                                                               Ian R to speak to Dave H – any progress? – Email to
2.    Problems with internet     Dave H can run diagnostics                                   OM/Dave H    13 Sep                                         th
                                                                                                                               Dave Hester sent today (17 Sept 12)
      G7: Training
                                 Britam instructor to provide training for Britam staff and                                    All L2s downloaded copy of rig pass book so will be     C
1.    Rig Pass training                                                                       Ops Mgr/IM   18 Sep    Ongoing
                                 possibly external clients                                                                     prepared for test when Iain M returns
                                                                                                                               Most drivers still need practical section – target to   C
                                                                                              Jimmy/Mark                       complete training by 18 Oct – High 90% have
2.    DDT                        2 x Britam Assessors now qualified                                                  Ongoing
                                                                                              D/ Ian R                         completed the theory and high 60% have completed
                                                                                                                               both Theory and Practical.

Please note, the ‘C’ in right hand column stands for ‘compliance issue’ and is therefore a high priority


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