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        Copy date for the             Issue Number 183
           April issue:                                       March 2013
    Thursday 21st March 2013

       Dates for                      Clanfield Clean-up Day
                                          Saturday 8th June
      your diary                      Volunteers are asked if they would
                                      kindly “muster” on the green opposite
        Church Spring                 the Clanfield Tavern at 9.00am on 8th
          Cleaning                    June. I will bring high visibility jackets,
                                      waders, a few pairs of protective water-
Saturday 16th March at 10.00am        proof gloves, litter pickers and black
                                      rubbish sacks: it would be very helpful
  Do come along and help clean        if some of you could bring a large
St. Stephen's Church and tidy up      garden fork to assist with clearing
the churchyard. Lots of fun for all   some parts of the brook if required.
   ages - clearing ivy, pruning       All help will be gratefully received and
 bushes, clearing drain, polishing    subsequent appetite suitably rewarded
  pews, cleaning windows - the        (with any luck). Please put the date in
                                      your diary.
         choice is yours!
                                                            Cllr Chris Scotcher

Fuelling your community
home heating oil
fuels for agriculture and industry
monthly payments scheme
boiler servicing
                                                     Brize Norton
                                                     01993 851122
When might we flood?
November, December and January certainly had seriously wet spells and worries
about flooding returned. Fields became saturated and flood defences rightly
appeared. So, how much rain did fall, how did it compare with 2007, when are we in
danger of flooding?
1. How much rain fell?
John and Charles Willmer have measured the rainfall at Friars Court for more than 40
years and, whilst Friars Court tends to be drier than the centre of Clanfield, their
figures show:
      November 2012 - 4.69 inches
      December 2012 - 4.45 inches
      January     2013 - 13.12 inches
These figures are close to the amateur ones we collect. There was one period of
concentration, November 20-27, when 3½ inches fell and on occasions 1½ inches fell
in 48 hours.
2. Compared with 2007?
That was an astounding storm in July, 5½ inches in 12 hours, the most since records
were kept.
3. When are we in danger of flooding in Clanfield?
A difficult question as the controlling factors are, pretty obviously, the amount of
rainfall, the period of time over which it falls, the state of the ground and these factors
change all the time..
Much work has been done on our defences since 2007 but the extent to which we
flood, and when that will happen, is still controlled by two bottlenecks. These are the
4 small, ancient bridges over the Clanfield Brook and the state of the eastern Marsh
Lane ditch.
The Clanfield Brook is now running exceptionally well and rapidly thanks to the work
of Ty Edwards, the custodian commissioned by the Parish Council and the
considerable de-silting operation carried out two or three years ago.. The Brook’s
problem is now the small bridges. Once the water reaches the underneath of the top
of the span, it begins to move out sideways as well as backing up. Whilst it wouldn’t
affect any house for a time, it is the first sign and we saw that beginning to happen in
November. The solution is to replace the bridges. The Environment Agency replaced
one a few years ago, but we still have 4!
The eastern ditch in Marsh Lane is the other problem. The water from the fields on
the left heading towards Bampton feeds into a new ditch at the near end of the field
then under the road into the main Marsh Lane ditch. This is an old ditch with some

restricting culverts but it is deep and, if kept clear, it can handle a vast amount of
water. However, it is not kept as clear as the Clanfield Brook and there is no
custodian. We rely on the good efforts of the farmer, Gareth Morgan, and this is
complicated by the past aggressive attitude of the Environment Agency. Also we
have not been able to judge how much water can pass under the A4095 at this point.
Once this exit is full, the water will come into the road and flow into Clanfield.
Another point is the Black Bourton Brook. If it comes over, it flows into the big field on
the left of the road to Bampton, joins up with the field water and then tries to get into
Marsh Lane as previously explained. At the moment it is cleared out annually by the
EA and it is essential they continue.
4. So when will we flood?
My guess is it will be around 3 inches in 48 hours when the soil is wet but if we could
get the bridges replaced and the ditch cleared properly, it would be far better. If you
can double-guess the weather, let me know!
Any views, questions, suggestions should be passed to the Parish Councillor, Chris
Scotcher, who is handling this problem.
                                                                               John Bowler

Annual Rainfall
We have been recording rainfall at Friars Court since 1969 and below is a chart
showing our annual rainfall. Of course this chart does not show times of extremes, for
example we have had years with extraordinarily dry summers but with very wet
winters (and vice versa) but it does give some indication of how our rainfall has
changed over the decades.
                                                                         Charles Willmer



      1969                                                              2011

Recycle and Reuse
From the 4th of February 2013 Oxfordshire County Council will be trialing onsite reuse
areas at the Stanford Household Waste Recycling Centre. The reuse areas are being
introduced in response to feedback from residents that they would like to be able to
purchase and use some of the good quality items that are deposited at site.
Oxfordshire is currently the best county council in England for recycling and
composting, and we want to continue to improve, helping residents to produce less
waste and recycling as much as they can. The onsite reuse trials will help us judge
the demand for these facilities at HWRCs and provide us with information as to the
amount of material that can be reused through them.
Goods will be able to be deposited by the public directly in the reuse areas, and the
contractor will also direct members of the public to leave their goods in the reuse area
rather than placing them in the bins. A wide range of goods will be able to be reused
at the sites, (for example crockery, collectables, games, furniture and kitchen
equipment) although for the time being electricals will not be accepted as we do not
have the facilities to safety test them (although they can still be placed in the
electricals bins to be recycled). Upholstered furniture and toys will have to comply
with safety standards before being accepted for sale. The pricing and sales of goods
will be managed by the existing site staff.
If you have any questions please feel free to contact the Waste Management Group.
                                                        Waste Management Group
                                                        Oxfordshire County Council
                                                                Tel: 01865 816043

                                                        MALC NEWMAN
                                               FITTER OF BLINDS, CURTAINS POLES,
                                                          TRACKS ETC
                                                VERTICAL ROLLER AND VENETIAN
                                                  BLINDS SUPPLIED ON REQUEST
                                                        TEL: 01367 810558
                                                        MOB: 07984 602093
                                                   OVER 25 YEARS EXPERIENCE
                                                 (ALSO ODD JOBS UNDERTAKEN )

Easter is not just about eggs and fluffy bunny rabbits!
   Find out the true meaning at church this Easter.

     Services for Easter
               at St. Stephen’s Church
Palm Sunday (24th March) 10.30 am
Good Friday (29th March) The Last Hour - 2.00 pm
Easter Day (31st March)               9.15 am

                     All the family is welcome!

                      PATRICK STRAINGE
                          QUALITY MEAT
                      FROM OUR FAMILY FARMS
 National Finalist Sausage              Voted Best Sausages in South Of
      Championships                     England as seen on National TV

                Bridge Street, Bampton, Oxon, OX18 2HA
                            Tel 01993 850350

                Clanfield Festival Committee
                          Annual General Meeting
Held at the Clanfield Institute on Thursday 7th February 2013 7:30pm
Apologies – Fiona Massie, Melanie Andrews
1.   Appointments
      1.1. Chairman – Glyn James was appointed
      1.2. Vice chairman – Peter Farley, who has served in this position for the past
           3 years stepped down, he envisages his life being busy over the next few
           years as he takes on the role of chairman of the Oxford Art Society, we all
           wish him well, and Peter has offered his support for the new committee –
           Katina Hooper was appointed as Vice Chairman
      1.3. Treasurer – Melvyn Cole was appointed
      1.4. Awards sub committee
            The existing members of this sub-committee are :-
                  Peter Farley
                  Ann Harris
                  Peter Barrett
                  Elizabeth Stevens
            All were thanked for their work over the past 3 years, in line with the
            constitution one member would be replaced on a rolling three year
            program. David Goulton will be invited to join the sub-committee instead
            of Ann Harris
2.   Treasurer’s Report
     Melvyn reported on the Audited accounts, which are up to March 31st 2012
     These accounts showed a balance in the bank of £1193, with donations made
     amounting to £1475, this included the contribution to the Queen’s Jubilee events,
     donations to Clanfield School, St Stephens Church, The Baby &Toddler group
     and Clanfield pre-school. The accounts to the present time show a balance of
     £1420. These accounts will be audited post March 31st. It was noted that next
     year’s AGM will be held after the above date, so as to enable the treasurer to
     report the accounts for the full year to date.
3.   Discussion and agreement on future objectives – It was felt that the
     committee still had the same overall objective, that was
     a)   “To raise monies to create a fund which by application could be awarded to
          members/organisations of the village who would doing something for the
          benefit of the village”

     b)   “To run events that contributed to the social fellowship of the village”
     c)   “That the committee was an open committee and any villager was welcome
          to attend and participate in meetings”
4.   Discuss potential 2013 events
     The following ideas were discussed
     a)   Open Gardens – possibly Sunday June 30th – would rely on volunteers to
          come forward who would be willing to allow visitors to visit their gardens-
          anyone interested please contact Melvyn Cole on 810407
     b)   Outdoor Theatre – in June/July
     c)   Film show in the Institute
     d)   Art Exhibition
     e)   Welsh choir late September/early October in Clanfield Church
     f)   There were also discussions regarding the Clanfield produce show, and it
          was agreed to speak with the existing organiser to see if it was a suitable
          event we could help organise
5.   Next meeting
     This will be held on Monday March 4th at The Haven, Manor Lane, Clanfield. All
     are welcome. Please ring Glyn James (810569) if you are a new attendee as if
     our numbers are too many we may need to organise a different venue

St Stephen’s Church
We have just entered the season of Lent and our
congregation is enjoying the different services and Lenten
study group as we progress towards the festival Easter. We
each use different methods to help us focus on developing
our relationship with God through this special time: fasting,
prayer, abstention from chocolate, coffee or wine, daily
deeds of kindness to others. However, the aim is the same
– to listen harder to God and discern his will for us, rather
than the clamouring voices around us. Join us at one of the
services if you can.
Services in March
Sunday 3rd March:            10.30am Family Service, led by Judith Hillier.
Sunday 10th March:           9.15am Mothering Sunday Holy Communion, led by
                             Rev. David Lloyd.
Sunday 17th March:           10.30am Holy Communion, led by Rev. David Lloyd.
Palm Sunday 24th March:      10.30am Holy Communion, led by Rev. David Battersby.
Good Friday 29th March:      2.00pm ‘The Last Hour’ service, led by Rev. David Lloyd
Easter Day 31st March:       9.15am Holy Communion service, led by David Lloyd.
Sunday 7th April:            10.30am Family Service, led by Judith Hillier.
                                                                          Judith Hillier

                        Clanfield Primary School
                       Annual Duck Day and Fun Run
                                     Sunday 17th March
                         between 11.00am and 2.00pm at the school
                              Ducks will be available for sale in March

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Clanfield and Bampton Historical Society
Television programmes like ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’ have sparked a huge
interest in family history, but knowing where to start the research will have deterred
many from even trying to find out about their ancestors.
Those of us lucky enough to hear Tony Hadland’s talk on the subject now know there
is almost an embarrassment of riches, so many possible sources both in written
archives and, in recent years, on-line, but as Tony said, the best way to start is at the
‘It is vital not to miss the obvious,’ he said. ‘Talk to your parents, grandparents and
other relatives and write down all you learn. Listen to them talking to each other,
maybe after a Christmas dinner when a glass or two of sherry has loosened their
tongues! A lot of what they say may be family myths, but these often contain a grain of
Tony also suggested going through as many old family letters, documents and
photographs as possible ‘before they are thrown out’. From then on the possibilities
for research are almost endless, both in person at somewhere like the National
Archives at Kew, or local registers; using the growing number of on-line organisations
(of which he said his own favourite was or, for us, joining the
Oxfordshire Family History Society (
In a talk which was as entertaining as it was informative, Tony gave many examples
of what he described as the ‘jigsaw’ of researching family history from his own
experiences. And, brave man, he said that anyone who needed extra help could email
him at . I hope he is prepared for a flood of enquiries.
Next month’s talk, on Wednesday, March 20th at the Bampton Village Hall, at 7.30pm
as always, will be on ‘The Burford Mutiny’ by Muriel Pilkington. Anyone who heard her
talk on ‘The Mitfords in the Cotswolds’ will know this is one not to be missed.
                                                                             Alan Smith

Meditation Meetings
Meditation (based on mindfulness by Jon Kabat-Zinn) is a fantastic way to break the
cycle of anxiety, stress, unhappiness and exhaustion. Over the last year I have
profited enormously from this and I would like to invite others to practice with me on
Thursdays 7-9pm in Elder Cottage (attached to Elder Barn in Bushey Drive). Starting
7th March with 3 consecutive meetings. If this works well continuing after Easter.
It’s based on first come first serve and places are very restricted. There is no charge.
Please contact Kari for more information 01367 810695

Householder's Guide (Issue 2)
You will have received through this edition of The What?, or should expect to receive
separately, a revised version of the Householder's Guide in the event of flooding plus
an updated copy of the West Oxfordshire guide on what to do in an emergency. The
former has drawn on the content of the first issue and revised in the light of the Parish
Council's experience during the last bout of very heavy rain. Please, after reading, file
it with your copy of the Clanfield welcome pack. If you have any comments, please
advise Cllr Chris Scotcher either by phone (810455) or by email to Simple amendments ie. those that can be completed by a
manuscript change, will be advised through the magazine; more complex ones
through the distribution of a paper amendment.
                                                                    Cllr Chris Scotcher
                                                        (Flooding and Emergency Plan)

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Clanfield CE Primary School
Some of the best (and most memorable) days that I ever had, when I was at school,
were those that deviated from the ‘normal’ – if ever there is such a thing in a Primary
School! This term the children at Clanfield CE Primary School have had at least four
such experiences. We decided to invite ‘Primary Workshops for Schools’ (who loan
their dancers to the X-Factor each year) into school to kick start our Global Art Week.
With celebrations for the start of the New Chinese Lunar Year, the Year of the Snake,
due to begin the following Sunday, the whole school learnt how to do a traditional
Ribbon Dance and a Lion Dance. After watching two wonderful dance teachers share
both dances in an early morning assembly, the children (and staff) were filled with
enthusiasm for their forthcoming sessions. A variety of photographs and video clips of
our wonderful and inspiring day can be found on our school blog:
Individual classes have each had their own creative days
throughout the term, Class 2 have had a Space Day and a
Chinese Day and Class 4 has had an Egyptian afternoon. After
donning my spacesuit and embarking on my first ‘space flight’,
Mrs Warwick and Class 2 took me on a tour of our Solar System.
With scientists and astronauts fact finding at each stop on our
journey, I was impressed with the quality of the research
undertaken by the children as they recorded their findings.
During Global Art Week, Class 2 held a Chinese day and saw them: cooking their own
stir fry, making (and writing) their own fortune cookie as well as creating various
pieces of artwork. Not to be outdone by these lovely days, Class 4 held an Egyptian
afternoon. Curated by Mrs Cole, the children created Paddle dolls, Straw boats and
Beaded necklaces. Stringing together the straw boats proved to be quite challenging
(for me) so a big thank you for your help goes to Steven and Harvey!
                              As well as exciting things happening in school, we have
                              also attended a variety of exciting things outside of
                              school. With a strong showing by our Year 5 girls in the
                              running events, Class 4 were runners up at the
                              Partnership Indoor Athletics competition held between
                              the local primary schools. Also finishing in second place
                              was our Mathematics team, consisting of two children
                              from each Year group in Years 4 – 6 at the Partnership
                              Maths Challenge. Culminating in a timed mental maths
                              finale, the team took part in a five challenging rounds of
                              problems. I left in awe of the speed with which some of
                              our children were able to spot the answers and set
                              about finding solutions to problems. Well done to both

We are in the initial stages of developing a new vision for Clanfield CE Primary
School (the current one can be found on our website, under the ‘Parent’s information’
menu) and updating the school’s Christian values. In particular, the values that are
key to underpinning the aims of the school vision. We will hold a community meeting
on 11 March to look at the issues that our children may face in their futures and
discuss what we should be doing now, as a school to give each child the best
possible chance of success.
Keep Sunday 17th March free, this is the date for Clanfield’s annual Duck Race.
This year we will be incorporating a fun run, with all entrants invited to dress as a
duck or to compete with a rubber duck strapped about their person. With the whole
day given over to all things ‘mallard’ 17 March will be our Duck Day.
Training for our quest to run from ‘School to Sea’ continues daily, with training runs
growing in both time and distance. Mr Wightman and I have provisionally pencilled in
the first Bank holiday weekend in May for our run to Woolacombe, which on reflection
during my training run today doesn’t seem all that far away. We are hoping to secure
sponsorship from local companies, who may be inspired by our challenge, with all
proceeds being spent on a new and exciting outdoor adventure area for the children.
If you are able to help out in any way please get in contact with the school office on:
01367 810257.
You can keep up to date with our progress through my                              blog: and on our school twitter account: @head3100
                                                                          Many Thanks
                                                          Robin Smith – Headteacher
                                                          Clanfield CE Primary School

   FREE ESTIMATES                          GUTTER REPAIRS
                                           ALUMINIUM SEAMLESS GUTTERING
                                           LEAD/ASBESTOS/CAST IRON GUTTERING
   CLANFIELD (01367) 810380                & DOWN PIPES FOR HOUSES/FACTORIES.
                                           DUTCH BARNS/BARNS & FARM
   SWINDON (01793) 527171                  BUILDINGS MAINTENANCE OR
   CHELTENHAM (01242) 26151                REPLACEMENT OF
                                           ROTTING FASCIAS, BARGE BOARDS
   WITNEY (01993) 841193                   OR SOFFITS
   OXFORD (01865) 724127                   MAINTENANCE FREE UPVC


Clanfield April 1985 Football Club
The bad weather put paid to the majority of our matches in January and after playing
Fairford Town on Saturday, January 5th 2013 it was not until Tuesday, February 5th
2013 when we got back into competitive action. We were however able to get a
friendly in against West Witney who play in the Witney and District FA a match which
we won by 6 - 1 and this provided an excellent run out for the Squad who had not
been in match action for some time.
Our game on the previous Saturday against Letcombe was postponed due to a
waterlogged pitch but the following Tuesday we were in action against Ascot United
in the League Supplementary Cup. Despite our opponents being a League higher
we were able to progress into the Third Round with a 3 - 1 win. Ascot United have
made excellent progress in the FA Vase this Season and are now in the Sixth Round
Proper just three games away from playing in the Final at Wembley. They may have
had their minds on other matters when they played us but a Team can only beat
what is in front of them and the Team fully deserved their victory.
The draw has not been kind to the Robins who will be away to Purton in the next
Round. This game has been fixed for Saturday, March 9th and replaces the League
fixture between the two Clubs on that day. The following Saturday the Team were in
League action at Lambourn Sports and despite a tricky journey through snow-bound
and flooded roads the match was none-the-less played and we came away with a
very welcome 5 - 0 win. This was probably as well as we had played all Season.
The following Saturday the local derby with Carterton attracted a better crowd then
average and ended in a goalless draw.
The stark reality of playing football at this level and slightly above has been brought
home by the demise of Witney Town. Readers may remember that our former
Management Team departed in November and took over at Witney Town following
the departure of their Manager. However problems mounted and Witney Town were
locked out from their ground due to non-payment or unable to agree a rental figure
and a ground share with Carterton FC did not materialise with the result that Witney
Town have folded and withdrawn from the League.

                                APPLIANCE REPAIRS & SERVICE
           A PHONE CALL
               AWAY             ELECTRICAL/PLUMBING WORKS
                                CLANFIELD                01367 810512
                                MOBILE                   07711 427497

A number of players who departed from Clanfield with the previous Management side
are now without a Club and are open for transfer to any Club in the League.
The Club have a number of matches to play before the end of the Season. Watch out
for the fixtures on the Club Website.
The Clubhouse remains the focal point for the Club Social activities with regular Bingo
on Monday evenings and on Friday evening there is the football coaching available to
girls and boys between 5 and 15.
On Saturday, March 16th the Club presents a Football Quiz Night. Doors open at 7
p.m. for a 7.30 p.m. start. The entry fee is £10 per team and there are four persons to
a team. Contact the Club if you want to enter.
On Friday, March 29th 2013 the Club presents a Games Evening. Doors open at 7
p.m. for a 7.30 p.m. start and admission is £1 per person to play skittles, darts and
Let us hope that the next time we are able to report that we have been able to play
(and hopefully win) a number of League matches because as we go to press our
League position is not healthy. Nothing that a few wins would not cure!

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Clanfield Football Club
Looking back on the first season I watched Clanfield play, the people I remember at
the club were Jim Newman, Bill Gardner and Frank Goodway and his wife all of
whom used to travel together and I believe that Frank and Bill were also on the gate
or turnstile for games at the time.
Jim sadly died in a car crash, although a memorial competition is held in his memory
on an annual basis. I also remember congratulating Bill in a club programme in 1976
on reaching his silver wedding, but then joking that he could have arranged his
wedding so it did not clash with a Saturday of the football season!
The Clanfield secretary at the time, Wilf Goddard, had a large family, he lived with
his sister and I believe that Mr Skuse and Wally Bass, then the trainer were his
brothers-in-law. Another person I remembered from that era is Jeff Collett and he is,
I believe, currently the club groundsman, while Jim Newman mentioned in the
previous paragraph was the father-in-law of current secretary John Osborne.
Sue Richardson is another person who was involved with the club at that time and I
believe that at the time I first watched Clanfield she had a very young daughter,
whom I expect must now must be approaching 40.
It will be interesting to hear if my observations here bring back any memories for
other readers of Clanfield What.
Finally my last article for the publication appeared to miss out our record against
Tytherington Rocks and Wootton Bassett prior to this season so I am reproducing
these below.
                                  P    W   D   L   F   A
           Tytherington Rocks     16   5   1 10    23 40
           Wootton Bassett        36   6   8 22    33 76

Rotary Club of Faringdon & District
I am delighted to report on our newest event and also one of our
oldest, firstly the oldest. On Wednesday 30th January, we held a club
social evening at the Snooty Mehmaan, enjoyed a delicious Indian/
Thai meal. The money raised from this enjoyable evening was
donated to the worldwide fund to assist in the eradication of Polio. This dreadful
disease, whilst eradicated from the UK many years ago, is still causing appalling
deformities in some parts of the world. It is reported that total eradication is almost
there, although the final years are expected to prove the most difficult.
Now our newest event. On Sunday 28th April, we are to hold a DUCK RACE! At
Millets Farm in Frilford. For just £1, you will be able to sponsor a duck/s and watch
as they waddle their way down the river. Great prizes will be available. This we
hope will become an annual event and a day for the whole family to enjoy. The
facilities at Millets Farm are second to none. Free parking, restaurants, animal farm
and play area etc.. The race starts at 2pm. Funds raised will be donated to The
Berks Oxon Bucks Air Ambulance, and Rosy, a charity that provides respite nursing
for local sick children together with other Rotary charities.
The Rotary Club of Faringdon & District is composed of around 40 members, both
men and women who enjoy a great social calendar whilst raising much needed
funds, which we carefully donate to worthy local and international causes. A warm
welcome awaits anybody who feels they would like to ‘give back’ to society and join
an active and friendly local club.
For more information, please call Peter Walker, our President on 01367 244616 or
visit See us also on Facebook.
                                                                     John Nightingale

Someone has been riding a horse on the Village Greens both behind the Carter
Institute and further along towards the Clanfield Tavern.
Residents’ have also reported the same problem on the Recreation Ground. As a
result, the water logged ground is now churned up!!
Would horse riders please note that horse-riding is strictly prohibited on these areas
of parish land and on the causeway along Main Street, adjacent to the Village Greens
                                                                           Lynda Scott
                                                            Clerk to the Parish Council

A Paraprosdokian is a figure of speech in which the latter part of a sentence or
phrase is surprising or unexpected; frequently humorous (Winston Churchill loved

     •   Where there's a will, I want to be in it.

     •   The last thing I want to do is hurt you, but it's still on my list.

     •   Since light travels faster than sound, some people appear bright until you
         hear them speak.
     •   If I agreed with you, we'd both be wrong.

     •   We never really grow up, we only learn how to act in public. War does not
         determine who is right - only who is left.
     •   Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is not putting it in a fruit
     •   To steal ideas from one person is plagiarism. To steal from many is research.

     •   I didn't say it was your fault, I said I was blaming you.

     •   A clear conscience is the sign of a fuzzy memory.

     •   You do not need a parachute to skydive. You only need a parachute to
         skydive twice.
     •   To be sure of hitting the target, shoot first and call whatever you hit the target.

     •   Change is inevitable, except from a vending machine.

     •   I'm supposed to respect my elders, but it’s getting harder and harder to find
         one now.

Letter to the WHAT?
With reference to the clearance of woodland by Marsh Lane / Lorry Park as the owner
of Blueberry House adjacent to the area I am appalled that Lynda Scott is considering
the planting Leylandii. Leylandii is not native to this country, it poisons the ground and
when grown to full height will not mask the recycle bins.
Martin who lives in Bourton Close, Clanfield , I am sure can advise on a better
                                                                                E Stephens

Exhibition:        WOA Turns 40: an exhibition celebrating the
                   40th Anniversary of WOA
Dates:             2nd – 13th March, 2013
Opening Reception: Saturday 2 March, 11 – 2pm
Location:          West Ox Arts Gallery, Market Square, Bampton
Open Hours:        Tuesdays – Saturdays 10.30 – 4.30pm &
                   Sundays 2.00 – 4.00pm

West Ox Arts is celebrating its 40th Anniversary this year and in celebration, the
Gallery is hosting a retrospective exhibition featuring works by some of the
founding members and key personnel who paved the way for WOA to be the
locally cherished Gallery that it is today. On display will be paintings by
Charlie Mussett, photographs by Gunnel Rosengard and Hilda Kent, and
watercolours by Ann Manly. In addition, several photographs and articles
from the WOA archive will be available for visitors to enjoy.

Several WOA artists will be offering free demos to the public throughout the
duration of the exhibition. The demos will be held from 1 – 3pm on
Wednesday 6 March, Friday 8 March, Saturday 9 March, Tuesday 12 March
and Wednesday 13 March and will feature printmaking, jewellery making,
painting and book making. For details, please contact the WOA Gallery.

Exhibition:        Spring Pop Up Exhibition: an exhibition featuring nicely-
                   priced art & craft by 10 artists
Dates:             16 – 31 March, 2013
Opening Reception: Saturday 16 March, 12 – 2pm
Location:          West Ox Arts Gallery, Market Square, Bampton
Open Hours:        Tuesdays – Saturdays 10.30 – 4.30pm & Sundays 2 – 4pm

We’ve invited 10 artists working in a variety of media – from
jewellery to ceramics and paintings to printmaking – to set
up their work in our Gallery for 16 days of sales. There will be
a diverse collection of hand-crafted items available at
fantastic prices, perfect for gift-giving! This exhibition won’t
be on for long, so be sure to pop in to see us before it’s

                                            Contact: Erin Singleton, WOA Curator
                                                                     01993 850137

                     WHAT?’s On in Clanfield
     Clanfield Pre-school                         Carter Institute
For children in the age range 2-5 years       For bookings contact Mrs.        Kate
in the Foundation Building on the school      O’Donnell on 01367 810440
site. Open every Monday to Friday from
                                                   Snooker Club
8.45am – 2.45pm during term-time. Call
Jane Brown on 01367 810365 for further        7:30pm – 10 pm every Tuesday,
details.                                      Thursday & Friday evening, upstairs in
                                              the Carter Institute. Contact Barrie
     Women’s Institute                        Rawlinson on 01367 810265
Meetings are held every second                Email
Tuesday in the month at 7.30 p.m. in the
                                                  Monday Drop-in Lunches
Carter Institute. Notices giving details of
the meeting will be on display in the Post    Drop in at the Carter Institute every
Office and village notice boards. All         Monday 12.00pm - 1.30pm (excluding
welcome. Contact Raena Farley                 Bank Holidays) and you can be assured
Brookside Main St, Clanfield 01367            of a warm welcome! Homemade soup
810604                                        and a roll, coffee/tea and biscuits.
                                              Contact John Greatrex - 810609
     Mobile Library Service
The Mobile Library will visit Clanfield
every other Thursdays; by the Church
from 1:00pm to 1:15pm then Queens
Crescent 2:20pm to 2:35pm
     Bell Ringing
Practice night each Wednesday from
7.30 - 9.00 pm at St. Stephen's Church.
New ringers always welcome. Contact
Tower Captain: Ian Kenworthy 01367
810577 or Deputy: Catherine Bernard
01367 810587
     Historical Society
Monthly meetings between October and
May in either Clanfield or Bampton.
Details from Alan Smith on 01367
     Art Classes
Tuesdays at the Carter Institute. Further
details contact Maggy Fitzpatrick on

                                                       Advertising Rates
  WHAT? To Trade                                        (as from October 2012)
Advertise for FREE anything you’d like     Full page   (128 x 190 mm) £24.00
 to sell or give away - from children’s    ½ page      (128 x 85 mm)    £16.00
   clothes & toys to books & DVDs;         ¼ page      (128 x 40 mm) OR
  furniture to surplus garden plants.                  (60 x 85 mm)     £10.00
                                           Eighth page (58 x 40 mm)     ££6.00
  Mothercare travel cot in                     Adverts can be sent by email in either
                                               MS Word, MS Publisher or as a JPEG.
  excellent condition. £25.
                                             Email letters and articles to:
    Tel: 07887 594821
                                            Deliver Handwritten Articles to:
   FLOOD ALERT                              Caroline Crisp, The Grange, Bourton Road,
    CLANFIELD                                Clanfield OX18 2PB Tel: 01367 810452
                                           (all handwritten articles must have a contact
  PARISH COUNCIL                                   name and telephone number)
EMERGENCY NUMBER                                            Treasurer:
   07717 598 836                                          Jan Smith,
                                                 12 High House Close, Clanfield
                                                       For general queries
   G . P. J O N E S                                      please contact:
        Clanfield                                Liz Gaertner         01367 810465
                                                 Caroline Crisp       01367 810452
   GENERAL BUILDING &                            Charles Willmer      01367 810206
                                           The WHAT? would like to remind readers
 Brick & Stonework    Pergolas & Decking   that it does not accept responsibility for the
 Extensions           Closeboard           content of any article printed. Views printed
                                           are solely those of the contributor.
 Driveways            Stock Fencing
 Patio & paving       Chain Link           The WHAT? will publish all contributors’
                                           names unless anonymity is specifically
 Plastering           Post & Rail
                                           requested. Anonymous articles and or
 Rendering            Panels               letters will not be printed.
 Drainage             Gates
                                           The WHAT? reserves the right to edit any
 Guttering & Fascia   Boat Moorings        article, where appropriate, according to the
                                           available space.
 Call for a free estimate
 Telephone: 01367 810464                   To view the WHAT? online please go to:
   Mobile: 07790 501181          

       Spring into Spring and visit
               The Plough
                    Gin Pantry
     22 different Gins (and growing) with lots of
                  interesting tonics.

         Why not try them all (not at once of course)

         Bar and Restaurant menu available
        From casual dining to private dining
              Children’s menu available
        Open 7 days a week for lunch and dinner

             The Plough Hotel and Restaurant
                 Bourton Road, Clanfield
                     01367 810222


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