The Portland Hospital for Women and Children Evaluate Nine Months Use of PhysioPod's HIVAMAT� 200 by kalaimuthu


DEEP OSCILLATION� therapy, via the HIVAMAT 200�, has been a welcome tool in the Physiotherapy Department at The Portland Hospital for Women and Children in London, PhysioPod� were delighted to receive their feedback.

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									The Portland Hospital for Women and Children Evaluate Nine Months Use of
PhysioPod's HIVAMAT® 200 in Particular for Lymphoedema

DEEP OSCILLATION® therapy, via the HIVAMAT 200®, has been a welcome tool
in the Physiotherapy Department at The Portland Hospital for Women and
Children in London, PhysioPod® were delighted to receive their feedback.

Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom, March 08, 2013 -- We have
been using the Hivamat 200 for the past nine months with a variety of our
patients who attend the hospital for Physiotherapy and have found it to
be an excellent adjunct to the treatments that we offer. We have used the
Hivamat across both our paediatric and adult client group to reduce
swelling and pain post injury, post surgery and post natally.

We have found it to be to of particular relief to patients in reducing
discomfort and swelling around the abdominal area following
gynaecological surgery. However the area in which the Hivamat has
consistently provided us with beneficial results has been in the
treatment of patients suffering with Lymphoedema.

We have observed that it aids the reduction of swelling, loosens fibrotic
tissue (which often seems to be present post breast surgery) and our
patients have reported the experience of lightness in the treated area
and a feeling of well-being. These effects cannot be understated as
Lymphoedema can be very uncomfortable and difficult to manage and so
being able to provide any sort of relief is, we feel, invaluable.

What we were not expecting was the effect that it would have on our
therapists. Ilze, one of our Physiotherapists who specialises in Manual
Lymphatic Drainage says “the hands and fingers do not have to work as
hard, only a light touch is needed to get good results. Over the years my
hands have become stiff but with the use of the Hivamat, treatments are
much easier on the hands and are rewarding both for patient and
therapist. it is used several times a week combined with physiotherapy;
we would not get such good results without it.”

About PhysioPod® UK Limited:
PhysioPod UK Limited® (approved NHS Suppliers for England and Wales) are
now in their 6th year of trading. Directed by sisters, Julie Soroczyn and
Mary Fickling, PhysioPod® exclusively supply the UK and Ireland with
patented DEEP OSCILLATION®. This pleasant, non-invasive, non-traumatic,
electrostatic “hands-on” massage therapy is applied through vinyl gloves
and/or varying sized applicator heads that also enable self treatment.
Standard massage movements are utilised. No new techniques. Gentle
impulses permeate 8 cm depth through all tissue layers; skin, sub-
coetaneous fat, muscles, blood and lymph vessels, with clinically proven
effects in the connective tissue, stimulating the body’s natural supply
of Collagen making it ideal for natural anti-ageing treatment. Based on
the Physics phenomenon "The Johnsen–Rahbek effect", the deep resonant
vibrations cause a systematic attraction and release of the tissues
activating the body’s lymphatic system making it the tool of choice for
many MLD practitioners for the treatment and maintenance of Lymphoedema.
Sufferers are now self-treating between visits with the DEEP OSCILLATION®
Personal unit with a bespoke treatment card by PhysioPod UK Ltd. The
Vodder Clinic in Austria use for stubborn fibrosis. Defined as a ‘state-
of-the-art’ therapeutic technique (no heat, no electrical stimulation and
safe over implanted pins and plates) this therapy can now be found on
Harley Street, in Premier Leagues Medical backrooms (Football and now
Rugby), in NHS clinics and with Chiropractors, Osteopaths and Massage
Therapists. Many Equine therapists are delighted to add this tool to
their techniques too. Used DAY ONE post-surgically, it significantly
reduces pain, swelling and is effective for haematomas, removing excess
inflammatory matter, fluids and protein solids promoting mobility and
sensitivity, in a quicker time frame than has previously been possible
with conventional therapies resulting in less and smoother scar tissue.

Mary Fickling
PhysioPod UK Limited
Sherbrook Road
Daybrook, Nottingham, NG5 6AS

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