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Patritsiya Drake by linfengfengfz


									                                        Patritsiya Drake
        7 Gale Crescent  St. Catharines, L2R 7M8  (289) 821-3798 


     To attain a placement in a field of business where I can apply my knowledge and abilities to help the
     performance in your company, which would also assist me in expending my professional knowledge.

                                             Work Experience
Red Hot Chili Pepper Bar and Grill, 2010-present
   Server
             o   Communicate with customers to ensure their satisfaction with the service and ensure continued
             o   Assisted in promotional events such as: parties, birthday parties, special events, business
                 meetings, etc.
             o   Responsible for cash and VISA transactions.

Niagara College – Niagara on the Lake, Ontario
   Bachelor Degree – International Commerce and Global Development                              2010 – 2014
   GPA 76%
   Main Courses Include:
             o   Financial Accounting / Financial                     o   Issues in Global Development
                                                                      o   International Market Research
             o   Concepts of international Trade
                                                                      o   Concepts of Macroeconomics
             o   Market Entry and Distributions
                                                                      o   International Trade Finance
             o   Management Theories and Practices
                                                                      o   Supply Chain Management

Niagara College – Welland, Ontario
   Diploma in General Art’s and Science                                                           2009-2010
   GPA 73%
   Main Courses Include:
       o   Entrepreneurship
       o   Statistics
       o   Computer Application

                             Personal Skills & Additional Skills
   Strong communication skills                                 Can work well independently, as well as in
   Flexible in different environments                           group settings with others
   Honest, reliable, responsible and confident                 Bilingual (Russian – native; English –
   Dedicated to completing and doing task                       fluently; Spanish – basics)
    well                                                        MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint
                                                                Prezi – Presentation software

   WorkSmart Campus Certificate                                                                 January 2012
   Smart Serve                                                                                  January 2011

   Traveling, Cultures and Languages


   Red Hot Chili Pepper bar and grill – Phil Biancaniello
           289-213-8975
   Niagara College, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario - Dr. John McTavish Ph.D.
          Professor of Language and Culture
          905-735-2211 ext. 4033
   Niagara College, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario - Dr. Dawit Eshetu
          bachelor of applied business: international commerce and global development coordinator and
          work 905-641-2252 ext. 4406

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