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Ode to cats

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					                              Poets Praise
Ode to skittles

Colourful and chewy,

Yummy and flavoured.

At first they are hard then they get chewy,

Same shape as smarties yet so different.

They are so scrumdiddlyomous,

Purple is my favourite.

They are so colourful,

It’s like eating a rainbow.

                  By Ella Moloney

Ode to candyfloss

Like a pink cloud from above,

Soft,fluffy,melt in your mouth candyfloss.

A chill ran through me when I put you in my mouth.

                                      By Katelyn Percy
Ode to dogs

Fluffy, warm,

And loyal to the core,

They’ll never leave your side

And if they dooooooooo!!

They’ll come back in a day or twoooooooooo!!!!

                                    By Stephen

Ode to mom

Kind, friendly, helpful and nice,

My mom is the best,

Really it’s true.

                    By Michael
Ode to Chocolate

Ode to Chocolate,

Yum, yum, yum,

Ode to Chocolate,

Yummy with milk,

Ode to Chocolate,

I love chocolate.

             By Aditya Joshi

Ode to cats




Great mind,

Ode to cats,


        By Sorcha Morrish
Ode to Snickers

Ode to Snickers! So nutty and nice!

Ode to Snickers! So chocolaty and nice!

Ode to Snickers! No wonder you’re so nice!

Ode to Snickers! Your always my snack!

                                  By Ryan

Ode to Jellybeans

Ode to jellybeans,

Yummy and very tasty,

Come in all different colours,

Delicious to eat with skittles,

Sticky when you eat them,

Ode to jellybeans.

                  By Alison
Ode to Nemo

Crazy, hyper,

Cute, fast,

Thin, small,

Ode to Nemo,

The fastest dog of all.

              By Brendan Holland

Ode to a flump

Yummy, squishy,

Wiggley and nice,

Chewy, dreamy,

Juicy, sweet,

Milky, powdery,

Squirmy and delicious.

Ode to a flump.

Plopping up and down in hot chocolate.

                         By Leah Fleming
Ode to football

Football is great,

It helps you exercise,

It’s great to learn new skills

Football is a great sport.

                    By Brendan M.

Ode to cars

Such a thrill,

Very fast,

Sometimes dangerous,

Ode to cars,

I like cars.

               By Luke F.
Ode to cats

Fluffy as a duck,

My cats are very active,

Like different foods,

Soft as a pillow,

Cute and cuddly,


           By Elena

Ode to a Twix

Chocolate, Caramel, Biscuit yum,

When you taste it you feel in heaven,

Amazing, delicious, nice, gorgeous so many words to describe,

The Twix is a winner for me every time.

                                   By Lily
Ode to chocolate




Yummy in my tummy,

And the look of it is gorgeous.

                        By Sean


Dogs are friendly,

And like a bite,

Fluffy and worm big and small,

And that is all.

                   By Dennis

Ode to cats

Fuzzy and lovely,

They are so cute,

And so many colours they can be.

                        By Serena.
Ode to sweets

Ode to sweets

They are so yummy

Ode to sweets

They rumble in my tummy

Ode to sweets

They are so gummy

Ode to sweets

          By Max

Ode to friends

Ode to friends

They help you when you’re down

Ode to friends

They never let you down

Ode to friends

They never make you frown

Ode to friends

                 By Rian
Ode to light

So very Bright

You’re full of might

           By Luke MaGuire

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