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					Advanced cardio classes                          taught side by side so the players in original
                                                 cardio can be inspired. In fact, two of the
come with own criteria                           students from the original cardio class have
by Eric Alexon, USPTA                            worked hard for four or five months to finally
                                                 be good enough skill-wise and fitness-wise to
December 2006 -- I am one of 35-plus             move up to the advanced cardio classes.
teaching professionals at Midtown Tennis         Keeping the group homogenous will capture
Club in Chicago and a member of the National     those advanced players because they will have
Cardio Tennis Speakers Team. I average 35        confidence the playing level will be
hours of teaching a week and 12 of those         consistently high and lesser-skilled players
hours are Cardio Tennis classes. Midtown         will not be a factor in potentially obstructing
Tennis Club has been an official Cardio          their workout. The students who participate in
Tennis site for about a year and because we      advanced Cardio Tennis need to be in great
are a mature site offering almost 20 cardio      physical condition as well. Just because you
classes per week we have the flexibility of      are a 4.5 tennis player doesn‘t mean you are
segmenting ability levels. We offer original     ready from a fitness standpoint for an
cardio as well as beginner cardio and now        advanced cardio class. Your students will need
advanced cardio classes on Wednesday and         to handle the demands of the drill-based
Friday mornings from 6 to 8 a.m. Advanced        portion that will challenge their fitness with
Cardio Tennis is for players who are rated 4.5   more advanced sideline activities like squat
and above and are in excellent physical          jumps, ski-jumpers and two-court sprints, etc.
condition. The Friday advanced cardio has        Some of the games and rotations in the games-
grown to 12 students so we run it on two         based portion are more taxing as well, like
courts with two pros. Certain elements are       running around the second court during the
necessary for an advanced cardio class to be     “desperate housewives” segment or playing
successful.                                      “intense.” Both portions of the advanced
                                                 cardio class, drill-based and play-based, are
                                                 more challenging and require a better cardio
                                                 fitness level. There is no benefit in taking an
                                                 advanced cardio class because you are a 4.5-
                                                 plus player if you have to sit out every five
                                                 minutes because you are not in good enough
                                                 cardiovascular shape. So stress to your
                                                 potential student the increased cardio demands
                                                 of the advanced cardio class.

Be strict in requiring students to               Class size should be limited to
be at least at a 4.5 playing level               six students per court and pro
This is important to maintain the integrity of   Keep the numbers lower than in original
the class and keep people motivated. This        cardio or classes for beginners. When the
class raises the bar and gives members an        ability level and fitness level is this high, the
“ultimate goal.” What a great motivating force   group must be challenged and if more players
as it gives players in the club something to     are on the court they will probably not be in
strive for. Interestingly, we offer original     their heart rate range for extended periods of
cardio classes at the same time as our           time. Advanced cardio students are the type of
advanced cardio classes. These classes are       people who essentially want their “butts
kicked.” Keep rotations quick and play your         Be creative, competitive and mix
games so they are like a never-ending point.        things up frequently
As I always like to say, “There is no sleeping      One of the biggest obstacles in teaching
or daydreaming in Cardio Tennis.” Six is a          advanced Cardio Tennis is keeping your
great number for advanced cardio classes            students interested. You have to show them a
because you have perfect numbers for teams          reason to keep coming back. Be creative! Be
during warm-up/cool-down and for the games-         specific with your sideline activities and
based part of class.                                change the patterns frequently. Every time I
I highly encourage you to focus at least 60         change the drill or the game I change the
percent of your advanced cardio class on play-      sideline activity. If you are one pro with the
based exercises. Drill-based is great, but I look   maximum of six students then be resourceful
at it as an extended warm-up. I quickly cover       and use all the space you can and feed three
the repertoire of shots they’ll need for the        balls across two courts as one of your drill-
games-based portion and incorporate some            based exercises. Use two footwork ladders or
fierce sideline activities here. The meat and       one footwork ladder and throw lines or cones
potatoes of my class is games because               for your sideline activity when the students are
advanced players love to compete and I will         coming back to the line. Use a second court to
ensure those players get a great workout            send students around the far net post of that
because great cardio games really kick up the       court when playing games like “desperate
heart rate. In fact, you will often find the        housewives.” All levels like to compete, but
players getting above their desired zone.           especially your advanced players. Keep score
                                                    whenever possible and challenge them with
Use advanced feeding skills                         new games and new dynamic sideline
Teaching an advanced cardio class requires          activities.
challenging the students with the feed.             Lastly, I recommend putting yourself in when
Advanced players are looking for some               the drills and/or numbers present the
underspin feeds, some bounce-hit feeds that         opportunity. I do a dead-ball drill called -
must be taken out of the air and some heavy-        “cooperative/competitive.” In this drill the
topspin feeds when playing games like               player hits one cooperative volley back to me.
“Rotating Doubles.”                                 I hit that ball to the open court, where they
Change the pace, height and spin as frequently      move across and poach that ball to a target for
as possible to keep them on their toes and to       a winner. I send them through some cones and
mimic the types of balls they will hit when         a ladder, then they return to the end of the line.
playing against advanced tennis players. Your       The point is that the students in the advanced
advanced students won’t get much out of             class like to hit balls that the pro is hitting,
being fed the perfect ball. Push them to work       even if it is a friendly volley to the open court
on returning the “noncooperative” feed. These       that they are going to poach for a winner! I
players are needing to practice quick decision-     also play in when I have five students in a drill
making skills when it comes to shot selection       I call “rotating doubles with serve.” I put three
and whether or not to take the ball on the rise     players on the returning side of the net and
or when to hit slice as well as what types of       two students plus me on the serving side. You
shots they should be hitting when receiving         set up doubles style and play a point as the
different types of spins and bounces. Keep          server. You rotate similar to “rotating
them guessing!                                      doubles” so after you play a serve point your
                                                    next point will be played as the server’s
                                                    partner at net. After those two points you
rotate out and go to the back of the court for      Be creative
some type of sideline activity like jumping         when launching your advanced cardio classes
jacks, lunges, running in place, volleyball         at your club and you will be on your way to a
blocks, etc. The idea is students love to return    fun, energetic and successful advanced cardio
your serve and you can affect play by               class! *
poaching and shaking things up. I find that
playing in as the pro helps affect play/intensity   For more information on running successful
and students love trying to hit a winner against    advanced cardio classes, please e-mail me at
the pro, just like I did when I was taking
Keep in mind players of advanced
ability/fitness level make up a much smaller
portion of a typical club membership so this
opportunity might not be there for everyone.
The majority of your cardio classes will be
geared toward beginners and those of mixed
        Types of Players at Waikoloa



       Beginner   Intermediate   Advanced

Another suggestion I have is if you are already
doing a form of this class and calling it boot
camp, wanna workout or guerilla tennis,
consider changing the name to advanced
cardio or extreme cardio. Cardio Tennis is
being marketed on a national level and I know
there are no print advertisements in Men’s
Health magazine promoting “guerilla tennis.”
The logos for advanced and extreme have
already been created for you and you can find
them under marketing and media on Please visit
this Web site as well to view the drills
mentioned in this article.

Remember the following key elements,
Be strict
Limit class sizes
Use advanced feeding skills                         *
                                                        This article can be found at the ADDvantage Website.
                                            be an achievement. Djokovic would get
                                            the first shot at him in the round of 16,
          By, Tiffany Akiyama               then the winner of Gasquet-Baghdatis
                                            (we can dream, right?) would play him in
Don’t you love to see an unspoiled draw?    the quarters. You’d think this would be
For this brief moment, no one has been      a nice surface for Gasquet to make a
upset, torn a muscle, had a brain cramp,    breakthrough on, but I’d take Baghdatis
suffered heat stroke, or otherwise let      in their match based on his confidence
us down. Everything is potential. We're     from last year and continued
free to look at names and play out          enthusiasm for the Aussie courts.
upcoming matches in our heads. Blake-
Moya, Safin-Roddick, Gasquet-               Sleeper: Juan Carlos Ferrero. He’s been
Baghdatis, Mauresmo-Vaidisova: sounds       to the semis here and showed signs of
like a fun couple of weeks, doesn’t it?     life in 2006.
All that will be ruined by Monday
morning, of course, when the first          Semifinalist: Roger Federer
results come in and bring the inevitable
bad news. Safin lost to who? Jankovic
tripped over what? But for this
weekend, anyway, we can imagine
whatever we want and keep our dream
match-ups alive.

The Men

First Quarter
The problem with Roger Federer is that
there are few dream matches that
involve him—he’s so good right now that
I can’t imagine, hard as I might try,
anyone giving him a serious run for his
money. Even the three young guns in his
quarter, Gasquet, Baghdatis, and
Djokovic, will be hard-pressed to do any    Second Quarter
damage if they face him. It’s not           Ivan Ljubicic is the big dog in this
impossible, certainly, but just getting a   section (he’s the No. 4 seed in the
set—forget three—from Federer will          tournament), but he’s got a test right
off the bat against Mardy Fish, who has   a tournament win in 2007, as well as two
played some decent tennis Down Under      monster hitters in Dmitry Tursunov and
this year and is never an easy guy to     Tomas Berdych, whose likely third-
break. The match to hope for, of          round encounter will be blast-and-mope
course, is a third-rounder between        tennis at its finest. Tough call here:
Roddick and Safin. Roddick showed up      Both Davydenko and Nalbandian have
ready to play in Kooyong this week. He    been hurt recently, but nobody else
must sense a good chance to make his      seems like a good bet to step up his
second straight Slam semi; this may be    mental game at the right moment.
the softest section of the draw, and he
has a winning record against Ljubicic.    Sleeper: Luis Horna. He won two rounds
We all know Safin can play on Rebound     last year. (I would give this honor to
Ace, and he finished 2006 on his first    Chris Guccione, the giant left-handed
high note in two years by clinching the   Australian, but he’s got a tough match-
Davis Cup. Which means he’ll go down in   up in the first round against the
straights to Benjamin Becker in the       veteran Olivier Rochus.)
first round. No, he won’t. I hope.
                                          Semifinalist: David Nalbandian
Sleeper: Joachim Johannson. He hit a
world-record 51 aces in a loss to Andre   Fourth Quarter
Agassi down here one year. He’ll          The bottom of the draw will hopefully
probably win if he does that again.       end in a duel between second seed
                                          Rafael Nadal and fifth seed James
Semifinalist: Andy Roddick                Blake, who has upset Nadal all three
                                          times they’ve played. But we’re a long
Third Quarter                             way from there right now. First Nadal
This is the aficionado’s section, where   has to get past American Robert
Nikolay Davydenko and David               Kendrick, who led the Spaniard two sets
Nalbandian have been set up for a quiet   to love at Wimbledon in 2006 (it was
quarterfinal showdown. In between are     one of the best matches of the year).
a few landmines, however. Nalbandian      Blake has an even tougher opener with
may have to face down two former          Carlos Moya, who he’s also playing in the
Melbourne Semifinalists, Sebastien        final in Sydney (brutal!). In between
Grosjean and Tommy Haas. If the           there’s Fernando Gonzalez, Lleyton
German is ever going to reach another     Hewitt, Andy Murray, and a curious and
Slam semi, it’s probably right here,      completely unpredictable first-round
right now. On Davydenko’s side, there’s   encounter between Robby Ginepri and
a shorn Xavier Malisse, who already has   Nicolas Almagro.
                                            match is scheduled to be against Patty
Sleeper: Kristof Vliegen. The tall,         Schynder, who has had her best Slam
smooth-hitting Belgian could be a tough     results Down Under; she’s 26-10 overall
second-round test for Nadal.                in Melbourne and has reached at least
                                            the quarters the last three years.

                                            Sleeper: Alicia Molik. Home-country
                                            favorite and wild card will try to start a

                                            Semifinalist: Maria Sharapova

Semifinalist: Rafael Nadal

                                            Second Quarter
                                            Kim Clijsters and Martina Hingis are
The Women
                                            the top seeds here, though Hingis may
                                            have to get past Dinara Safina, who
First Quarter                               beat her last week, in the fourth round.
With Henin-Hardenne out, Maria              This may be Clijsters' last best shot at
Sharapova has moved to the pole             a second Grand Slam. She should be
position in the draw. Her first             match tough after pulling out three-
interesting match may come in the           setters in the semis and final in Sydney
fourth round, against the talented but      this week, and she must be loving the
inconsistent teenager Ana Ivanovic. But     absence of Henin-Hardenne, who beat
I’ll be curious to see the Serb’s first-    her in two majors last year. There’s
rounder, against diminutive American        really no one here to challenge Clijsters
youngster Vania King, who showed a          until the quarters, and Hingis has
surprising amount of game late last year.   already been overpowered twice in
Also lurking in that vicinity is a third    2007 by players who don’t hit as big as
skilled teen, Poland’s Agnieszka            the Belgian. Clijsters' likely showdown
Radwanska. Sharapova’s quarterfinal
with Sharapova in the semis is looking
like the match of the tournament.                   Fourth Quarter
                                                    This section features a potentially
Sleeper: Li Na. The top Chinese player              intriguing quarterfinal, between second
is constantly improving and had chances             seed and defending champ Amelie
to beat Clijsters in Sydney.                        Mauresmo and long-limbed Czech teen
                                                    Nicole Vaidisova, who ousted Mauresmo
Semifinalist: Kim Clijsters                         at the French Open in 2006. Vaidisova
                                                    looked good despite losing to Jankovic
Third Quarter                                       in Sydney; she dictated the action and
On paper, Russians Nadia Petrova and                had chances to win. This could be a
Svetlana Kuznetsova are set to duke it              second breakout major for her, if she
out in the quarters. The trendy pick                can keep her temper in check and get
here is Jelena Jankovic, who won her                past Elena Dementieva in the round of
opening tournament of 2007, then beat               16 (the Russian won their only
Hingis and Mauresmo and had a match                 encounter). Mauresmo was bageled in
point against Clijsters in Sydney. I                the second set by Jankovic last week,
think losing that final may have helped             which is not an auspicious way to go into
her, though; now the expectations won’t             a title defense. But the nice thing about
be quite as sky high (just high).                   the women’s draw is that she should
Remember how Petrova came into the                  have a couple rounds to play her way
French Open last year on a long winning             into the tournament. That’s what she
streak and went out in about 45 minutes             did at the year-end championships in
in the first round? Jankovic has already            Madrid last November, and that’s what
had the reality check. Still, while                 I think she’ll do to make it to the semis
Kuznetsova has been injured recently,               here. Being the defending champion will
she beat Jankovic twice at the close of             give her extra motivation.
                                                    Sleeper: Francesca Schiavone. The
Sleeper: Serena Williams. Remember                  Italian has beaten Mauresmo the last
her? If the two-time Aussie champ can               two times they’ve played. They’re
navigate her way past Italy’s bizarre               scheduled to face off in the fourth
Mara Santangelo in the first round,                 round.
she’ll probably get Petrova in the third,
and she’s 5-1 against the Russian.                  Semifinalist: Amelie Mauresmo

Semifinalist: Jelena Jankovic*                      Enjoy the tennis; it starts Sunday
                                                    evening on ESPN. But remember to fit
    A Serbian tennis player with 4 career titles.
in some sleep this week (time to get a     on Pete Bodo joins her
DVR!). I’ll try to post every other day    there for the second week.
or so; in between, check out our friend    I played it pretty straight with the
Kamakshi Tandon’s blog from Melbourne      picks. Anybody willing to go out on a few

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