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					Draft Regional Minimum Standards for
Harmonised Control of Communicable
  Diseases among SADC Militaries

          Banyana C. Madi Phd
Technical Advisor: Policy Development and Harmonisation
                    SADC Secretariat

 Purpose and Scope
 Basis for Minimum Standards
 HIV and AIDS – Minimum Standards
 Monitoring and Evaluation
              Purpose and Scope

 The minimum standards is a framework which
 guides regional harmonisation of approaches to the
 control of HIV and AIDS, Malaria and Tuberculosis
 in SADC:
         Basis for Minimum Standards

 The development of the minimum standards is in line with
 Articles 9, 11 & 12 of the SADC Protocol on Health which
 call for harmonisation and standardisation of practices
 across the region.
                        Guiding principles

 i. Civilians and Family
 Include not only the military person themselves, but also their families,
    civilians working closely with the military, and refugees and internally
    displaced people in contact with the military

 Government leadership
 In order to protect national civilians, as well as their military personnel,
    national governments must lead the response and institutionalisation of
    the minimum standards as key policy prescriptions
                  Guiding principles

 Inclusiveness

Joint participation is required of all partners (both civil and
  military) in the planning, implementation and evaluation of
  the minimum standard requirements. Lack of inclusiveness
  may result in mutual distrust as well as limited efficiency and
  efficacy in the implementation and sustainability of the
                        Guiding principles

 Context-Specificity
The operationalisation of the regional minimum standards will
  need to take into consideration the context specificity in each
 Equality and Non-Discrimination
All initiatives that are implemented are to be guided by issues
  of gender equality and non-discrimination in accordance
  with the SADC Gender and Development Protocol.
  Furthermore, all policies and programmes should be
  implemented with a human rights perspective, whereby the
  rights of all military, their families, dependents and civilians
  are respected and safe-guarded.
HIV and AIDS – Minimum
           HIV and AIDS – Minimum Standards

1.   Multi-sectoral response:
     a.   Military must be involved in development and
          implementation National Strategic Plans
2. Training:
   a. HIV and AIDS education must be incorporated in all
      military training
   b. HIV and AIDS awareness and campaigns must target
      military and their families
   c. A booklet of summary information on HIV and AIDS must
      be given to all personnel at recruitment and during
           HIV and AIDS – Minimum Standards

3. Behaviour Change Communication:
   a. Communication Strategies must be used to address the
      perceived invincibility to risks including HIV and AIDS
   b. Couple Communication on HIV and AIDS issues must be
   c. Alcohol and other propagators of HIV transmission must
      be addressed
   d. There must be zero tolerance to sexual harassment
         HIV and AIDS – Minimum Standards

4. Condom Provision and Promotion:
   a. In military pack, barracks and installations

5. Counselling:
   a. Services must be readily available
   b. There must be support services for victims
   c. Trained counselor/social service officer must be available
      at all times
     HIV and AIDS – Minimum Standards

6. HIV testing must be performed as part of
   Comprehensive Health Assessment

7. Deployment:
   a. Internal and external deployment should be subject to the
      comprehensive health assessment
   b. Deployment should be based on fitness for duty rather than
      HIV status
          Monitoring and Evaluation

 Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) tools need to be
 Standardised indicators must be developed.

 M&E indicators mush be in line with other SADC
 M&E indicators.

 BUT: Uniqueness of military must be taken into
 account by the M&E indicators as well.

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