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PassGuide 646-276
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PassGuide 646-276
1. A global group of specialized companies employ collaboration services to form a chain to increase their strategic offerings. What is this called? Select the best response. A. globalization B. atomization C. focalization D. specialization Answer: B 2. Which two business patterns are the strongest indicators of a need for a collaboration solution? (Choose two.) Select 2 response(s). A. Parts suppliers are involved in the design process. B. Branch offices regularly receive product briefings. C. Management teams often travel. D. Development teams are geographically dispersed. Answer: AD 3. BikeMaster is a growing high-end bicycle manufacturer. Which question is recommended as a first attempt to expose their need for a collaboration standard? Select the best response. A. Which collaboration tools do BikeMaster's suppliers use? B. What tool is BikeMaster's main competitor using for collaboration software? C. What are the steps of the BikeMaster product development cycle? D. Which international standards bodies must BikeMaster adhere to? Answer: C 4. Which question would most likely be spoken by a prospect ready for Cisco Unified MeetingPlace? Select the best response. A. How do I expand text messaging with customers? B. How do I expand video conferencing? C. How do I expand online product demonstrations? D. How do I expand voicemail in the call center? Answer: C 5. A company needs to share product schematics for a highly sensitive product under design. Which factor indicates that Cisco Unified MeetingPlace is a good solution? Select the best response. A. There is little network bandwidth available to accommodate schematic viewing. - Make You Succeed To Pass IT Exams

PassGuide 646-276
B. The schematics are highly sensitive and must be shared behind the firewall. C. The schematics must be annotated during the meeting. D. There must be a signoff on the schematics during meetings. Answer: B 6. Which business leader is most likely to drive the purchase of a Cisco Unified MeetingPlace solution? Select the best response. A. research and development manager in a multi-national software company B. communications consultant hired by a pharmaceutical company C. Chief Information Officer of a global sales company D. Chief Technical Officer of a multi-national service provider Answer: A 7. Which individual described is most likely to drive the purchase of a Cisco Unified MeetingPlace solution? Select the best response. A. Chief of Retail Sales in a global specialty clothing retailer B. Director of Information Technology in a major pharmaceutical company C. Director of Competitive Marketing in a global network technology manufacturer D. Executive Vice President for Sales in a multi-national heavy equipment manufacturer Answer: B 8. Which factor is the greatest key differentiator in a Cisco Unified MeetingPlace solution? Select the best response. A. client application footprint B. ROI reporting tools C. integration with security offerings D. failover strategies Answer: C 9. A key business decision maker tells you his opinion of web conferencing: I was in a web conference a few weeks ago held by a consultant. I'm sure there were some great things being said, but the slides were poorly done and one of my peers kept interrupting the speaker. I get irritated at having my schedule broken, and this meeting went 25 minutes overtime. I'm not sure I'm a fan of web conferencing. Which would be the best Cisco Unified MeetingPlace feature to highlight? Select the best response. A. simple interface to silence or eject participants B. clear graphic presentation - Make You Succeed To Pass IT Exams

PassGuide 646-276
C. ease of scheduling D. time reminders at conference end Answer: B 10. A major animation studio uses a variety of desktops; Macintosh, PC, Linux and Unix. They are considering web conferencing to share storyboards and animation between design and rendering teams around the world. Which Cisco Unified MeetingPlace feature would be the most important differentiator for their success? Select the best response. A. high-speed graphic downloads B. multi-platform support C. simple user interface D. small client footprint Answer: B 11. Which three MeetingPlace differentiators are the most important aids to overcoming boredom and detachment from web presentations? Select 3 response(s). A. rapid screen updates B. emoticons and chat to presenters C. polling D. video E. PowerPoint presentations Answer: BCD 12. Which advantage of the WebEx and MeetingPlace integration will be seen by current WebEx only customers? Select the best response. A. reduced audioconferencing costs B. increased speed of conference screen sharing C. improved management of conference resources D. reduced conference bandwidth usage Answer: A - Make You Succeed To Pass IT Exams

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