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					                          Natural Ways to Lower Blood Pressure

                                      Stephen Hather

                            Copyright 2012 by Stephen Hather

                                   Smashwords Edition

Your blood pressure is something that should be monitored closely. If you suffer from
hypertension, medication is often required, but taking these simple steps will be of great
additional benefit. Never ever stop taking any of your prescribed drugs without first
consulting your doctor.

I have high blood pressure myself and know that there are drugs on the market which will
help. However with this type of medication side effects are common, some of which can
be quite debilitating, so natural methods are preferable.

Loose weight.
Loosing weight has a remarkable effect on blood pressure and this has to be my first
choice. Enough said, just eat less, but don’t go mad.

Take regular exercise.
A brisk 30 minute or so walk, taken a few times a week, is all you need to reduce levels.
You can exercise harder and for longer periods, but avoid over doing it. Just exercise to a
level that you feel comfortable with.

Reduce alcohol.
Reducing the amount of alcohol you drink, but not quite quitting completely, is another
good natural method to reduce hypertension. Drinking in moderation, but not every day,
helps no end.

Lessen stress.
Easier said than done, but reducing stress also helps. Try to avoid getting into arguments
with the family. Taking deep breaths and counting to ten, should make you feel calmer.

Classical or some soft music will help you to relax more.
Take a supplement.
Whilst not being too specific, there are so many supposedly natural supplements
available, but some can be costly. I personally drink a small glass of pure beetroot juice
every morning. According to what I have read, it is a marvelous natural way to reduce

Summing up.
Whilst all the methods listed will help, (there are more, but these are the best) they may
not be sufficient enough in reducing your bp to safe levels without additional medication,
so ensure that your blood pressure is closely monitored and always consult your doctor
before altering your prescribed intake of drugs.

Even if these methods do not work completely, you should find some reduction, which
means that you could take a lower strength of the medication, thereby reducing the side

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