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					                              Cancer – Coping with the Big C

                                       Stephen Hather

                             Copyright 2012 by Stephen Hather

                                    Smashwords Edition

A few years ago, four to be exact, I underwent a fairly routine operation. Shortly
afterwards, I had to go back to see the surgeon and he rather coldly presented me with the
devastating news that I had cancer. I felt so lonely.
I’ll be honest, my world fell in. At first I thought it must be a mistake. It was so
unexpected and I thought that was it, I was going to die.
I simply had not felt unwell, just a slight swelling in my neck. Preliminary tests carried
out prior to the operation had shown that there was a very small chance that it could be
cancer, but as I felt well, how could that be?
Perhaps in hindsight that was naive. Besides, the specialist had said that the tests were
never definite and not to worry.
However, after a subsequent operation to remove some adjoining, possibly infected
tissue, together with many trips to the hospital for more blood tests, more scans and to see
my specialist, four years later I am still here and feeling well. I still have cancer, but it is
not an aggressive form and thank God, is still for now under control.
I could not actually accept that I had cancer, but now I am almost accepting that I have. I
wake up at night sometimes, thinking it’s all a dream, but then it comes back. I still find
it difficult to make plans for the future.
Coping with cancer is something that is all in the mind. My wife and son have been a
terrific support, getting me through the days when I felt terribly low. You have to be
very strong, never give up the fight and try to get on with life.
Try to do as many normal things as you can and carry on working regularly. It will help
you forget for a while. It has changed my life, it was inevitable, but now I live more
healthily than I did before and I am feeling better and better by the day.
If you or a loved one is suffering from this disease, I hope that this article is of some help
to you. You can and will survive this if you are determined enough.

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