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Highly accomplished Executive and Consultant with extensive background in Regulatory Compliance, Healthcare Policy, Public Relations, Medical Informatics, and Government Relations. Knowledgeable in healthcare administration, government legislative processes, health information management, managed care, risk management, business continuity, and project management. Adept at preparing and delivering documentation, proposals, and reports. Experience healthcare spokesperson with proven record of results. Talented negotiator and public speaker. Extensive contacts in government, corporate, and private sectors. Well-versed in information technology as it related to the healthcare industry. Excellent communication and presentation skills.

LAURENE WEST, San Diego, CA / Washington, DC 1997 – Present INDEPENDENT CONSULTANT / NATIONAL PATIENT ADVOCATE  Provide consulting services for clients in healthcare and pharmaceutical industries, in areas of patient advocacy, Y2l issues, government relations, regulatory compliance, disaster recovery, and public relations. Partial client list includes: Sutter Health, PacifiCare, Baal Medical Products, Intermountain Medical Group, and the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers Association.  Testified before US Senate Special Committee on Y2K Technology issues. Identified key healthcare-related issues, served as patient advocate regarding potential Y2K-related failures. Achieved having healthcare added to national Y2K dialog as critical sector.  National Patient Advocate/Chair, Healthcare Committee/Spokesperson for Pharmaceutical Alliance/President’s Council for Healthcare on Y2K Conversion. Organized White House Pharmaceutical Round Table, participating in strategy development for crisis management and pharmaceutical deployment logistics. Process brought together Assistant to the US President and CEOs of major pharmaceutical companies. Compl
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