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GUIDELINES FOR THE - University of the Pacific


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									                          GUIDELINES FOR THE
The Nanotechnology Research Grants have been established to fund research in nanotechnology and to encourage
and coordinate the corresponding research activities within Pacific’s Nanotechnology Initiative.
The research can deal with any aspect of nanotechnology research ranging from the study of the quantum mechanical
origin of nano-effects to the engineering of new nano-devices. It is open to all researchers from all disciplines.
Due to the limited funds available to support faculty research, Pacific’s Nanotechnology Executive Board (PaNEB)
has developed the following guidelines:
   1. All faculty of the Stockton, San Francisco, and Sacramento campuses may apply for Nanotechnology funds.
   2. Grants are limited to $5,000 per proposal. Applicants are encouraged to limit their requests to essential
   expenses. Proposals for funding levels below the maximum are strongly encouraged.
   3. Reports from any project previously selected for funding by PaNEB must have been filed before a new proposal
   will be considered.
   4. Applications for the following purposes will not be considered:
         a) Costs of travel, including conference registration, to present papers at meetings.
         b) Costs incurred in completing requirements for an academic degree.
         c)Acquisition of equipment or supplies for use in teaching. (Apply to Committee on Academic
         Planning and Development.)
         d) Activities for the primary purpose of retaining or updating teaching skills. (Apply to Committee
         on Academic Planning and Development.)
         e) Page cost for publication of scholarly articles.
Application Instructions
All applications must be clearly in the realm of nanotechnology and they have to increase the visibility and
distinctiveness of Pacific. Applicants agree that their research and research results are communicated within Pacific
and mentioned in any future report of Pacific’s Nanotechnology Initiative.
A Nanotechnology Research Grant proposal shall consist of the following five parts:
     Part 1 - A completed application form for Nanotechnology Research Grant (see attached forms). Adhere to
     spaces provided on the form, using a font no smaller than 12 point.
       Part 2 - A statement why the research planned is considered to be a nanotechnology research topic. Please
       note that it is not sufficient to declare, e.g. biochemical research as nanotechnology because the biomolecules
       considered have size dimensions in the nano-range. Chemical or biochemical research as such is not
       considered to be nanotechnology research.
       Part 3 - A proposal description (typed, double-spaced in font no smaller than 12 point and not to exceed 5 pages
       in length) that includes the following five items:
             a) The full title of the applicant’s project.
             b) A clear statement of the purpose and significance of the applicant’s proposed research activity.
             Please avoid the use of esoteric jargon from your own discipline since PaNEP is
             multidisciplinary. Your proposal must use language that is readily understandable to committee
             members outside your discipline or it will not be considered.
             c) A detailed description of the methodology you will use and some indication of why this methodology
             was chosen. If your activity involves human subjects or laboratory animals, proper application
             must be made to the University's designated committees. (See the Office of Sponsored Programs
             for more information.)
             d) Anticipated results.
             e) A statement of the relationship of the proposed research to your long-range research objectives and
             how your results will be disseminated.
       Part 4 - A budget form, which contains details of your proposed budget (see attached forms). Using the
       guidelines suggested for each category, briefly justify each expense item. Fill in only those categories for which
Rev. 03/06/2013                               Nanotechnology Application                                            1
       you are requesting funds. Under budget justification, state why these expenses are a necessary part of your
       project and why your request should be funded at this level. Be sure to show matching or donated amounts
       where these are made available by your School or Department, or through other sources such as work-study
       Budget Guidelines:
           Personnel: Detail each position, job title, salary or hourly wage rate. Hourly wage rates for
           research assistants will follow the University Pay scale, steps I-V (ranging in 1998 from $5.75 to
           $7.30 per hour). The proposed rate must be justified in terms of specialized training,
           responsibilities, etc., required for this specific research project. Normally, the committee expects
           that full use be made of students eligible for work-study. If this is not possible, justification is
           required. These grants may not be used to fund consultants, or services done on contract, such as
           auditing or evaluation.
            Equipment: This equipment should be specifically related to the proposed project. PaNEB does
            not support the purchase of equipment that is used in departmental instruction programs. All
            equipment funded by a Nanotechnology Research Grant is the property of the University of the
            Supplies: Must be itemized. Only requests that can clearly be justified as essential to the proposed
            research will be considered. This does not include items normally furnished by departments (e.g.
            laboratory glassware, files, pencils, etc.). Also list here any supplies specific to the research that are
            Facilities rentals: Include the cost of facilities not available at Pacific, but essential for the project.
            Examples include facilities such as NMR facilities at another university, etc.
            Travel costs: Traveling costs cannot be provided.
        Part 5 - A curriculum vitae together with a complete list of peer-refereed publications and a separate list of
        conference contributions. The publication list must not include conference proceedings, reports, or any
        nonscientific, non-refereed material. In the list of conference contributions, presentation form and main
        presenter must be indicated.
It is the faculty member's responsibility to see that 7 COPIES of all parts of the proposal have been
delivered to the Office of Sponsored Programs in Knoles Hall by the deadline for submission of grant
proposals. Late proposals or proposals that do not follow these guidelines cannot be considered.
Fiscal Administration of Awards
Funds awarded by PaNEb will be dispersed to the faculty awardee by transfer of Nanotechnology funds to one of two
designated accounts:
        a. To an existing designated account if the awardee has one, or
        b. To an appropriate designated account identified by the Dean of the academic unit to which the awardee is
Final Reports and Acknowledgments
A report of Nanotechnology Research Grant activities is due at the end of the academic term one year after the
grant was awarded and is to be submitted to the Office of Sponsored Programs. The report must include results of
the project and a financial accounting of how the funds were spent. Submission of the report is necessary for
consideration of future Nanotechnology proposals.
The final report must be submitted electronically to: cbrodie@pacific.edu
The recipient of a Nanotechnology Research Grant must acknowledge support from the University of the Pacific for
work on this research project that results in publications and/or performances.
Further Questions
Any other questions regarding Nanotechnology Research Grant should be directed to
                    o Dieter Cremer, Director of Pacific’s Nanotechnology Program at dcremer@pacific.edu.
                    o Carol Brodie in the Office of Sponsored Programs, 209-946-7356, cbrodie@pacific.edu
Rev. 03/06/2013                                Nanotechnology Application                                                 2
Rev. 03/06/2013   Nanotechnology Application   3
                                     UNIVERSITY OF THE PACIFIC
                                 NANOTECHNOLOGY RESEARCH GRANTS
                                        APPLICATION FORM

NAME                                                RANK                               DATE
SCHOOL OR COLLEGE                                            DEPARTMENT
                  Check here if your research involves human subjects or animals.
                  (See 2c of the application instructions.)

1.Abstract of Proposed Activity. This abstract will be used in University publications and should be written in plain
    English (i.e., that any faculty member in any discipline should be able to easily understand). The abstract should
    not exceed the space provided below.

2.List all Nanotechnology Research Grants, Holmok Cancer Research Grants, Scholarly/Artistic Activity Grants,
    and/or Eberhardt Research Fellowships you have received in the last five years. The required reports on these
    grants must have been filed before a new proposal can be submitted.

3. Summarize the relationship of this proposal to your overall plan of scholarly activity.

4. List any potential sources for non-University funding for your project. What plans do you have for seeking such

Applicant’s Signature                                                         Date


Name                                                                  Project Dates

Project Name

Rev. 03/06/2013                                Nanotechnology Application                                          4
Refer to guidelines for budget preparation. Please explain each item for which funds are requested. Include
necessary budget justifications. Attach additional sheet if necessary.

                                                                      Amount        Amount
                                                                      Contributed   Requested

1.Personnel (You may include compensation for your time.)


2.Equipment (indicate unit cost)


3.Supplies (indicate unit cost)


4.Facilities (rentals)


5.Transportation (see restrictions)


6.Other expenses



Rev. 03/06/2013                          Nanotechnology Application                                    5
   Submit ELECTRONICALLY to Office of Sponsored Programs (cbrodie@pacific.edu)
                      within one year of award receipt.

                                            COVER SHEET

                                        FOR FINAL REPORT

                                        University of the Pacific
                                     Nanotechnology Research Grant

                    Project Title:

           Principal Investigator:

               Amount Funded:

                  Funding Date:

          Final Report Due Date:

  Date of Project Completion:

Part3 -
Part4 -
Part5 -

Part6 - Final Report must include:
         1.Summary of complete activity
         2.Expense summary
         3.List of publications/presentations (completed or anticipated)

Rev. 03/06/2013                               Nanotechnology Application         6

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