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                                              A Factfile
                                           By Eilidh Gardiner

                                                       Most people in Greece speak Greek. In the
                                                       Back of this factfile you can learn some. The
                                                       currency of Greece is the Euro. In Ancient
                                                       Greece they used Drachma. Greece is a
                                                       member of the European Union. They joined
                                                       on the 1st January, 1981. Greece is two hours
                                                       ahead of the UK all year round.
Greece is a country in Europe. It has a
population of 1, 078,690. The population
consists of 5,303, 690 men and 5,484,000
women. The capital city is called the ‘Athens’.
                                                       A few important cities in Greece are called-
It is 1486 miles (2391km) away from England.
Its flag is called galanolefki, which in English
                                                       Delphi, Sparta, Olympia, Mycenae and

is Blue and White.                                     Tyrins. They all play an important part in the
                                                       history of Greece. The Greek National
                                                       Anthem is called ‘The Hymn To Liberty’. To
                                                       hear it go to
                                                       y and press the play button to the right.

In Greece, the national clothing you wear depends on
where you are and who you are. Here are a few
examples –
Foustanella: Worn by Diplomats and Warriors
Vraka: Worn on the Aegan Islands
Karagouna: Worn by woman from Thessaly in Central
The Greeks eat a variety of food, ranging from Olives
to Cheesy Pitta Bread. The current prime minister of
Greece is Kostas Karamantis and the President of the
Republic is Karolos Popoulias.

                                                         Picture of Greek National Dress
Famous Greeks
Constantinos Carathedori-Considered as one of the
                                                         Thank you for reading and I
greatest mathematicians of the 20th century, he was
                                                         hope you take time to read the
born in Berlin in 1873 from Greek parents and died in
Munich in 1950.                                          enclosed pages about some other
Nana Mouskouri-She is believed to be the most well-      Greek facts.
known Greek female singer. According to Universal,
her records have sold more than 300 millions of copies
in 15 different languages!

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