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Under 16 A Grade Boys


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									Dolphins Basketball Club
Spring Edition

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Junior Basketball Clinic Again our club ran the Dolphins Junior Basketball Clinic at the Leisure Centre for 6 to 9 year old girls and boys during July and August. During the 8 weeks of the clinic we endeavour to teach each child the basic skills and rules of basketball. The kids have a great time and eventually are able to play 10-minute games. After the clinic ceases the children and parents decide if their child would like to join the Dolphins and be part of a team. These clinics are very beneficial to the club for its growth and give the children a great head start with their ball handling skills. From the clinic this year we have registered for next season, two boys teams, under 12’s and under 10’s. I’m sure that they will have a great first season and enjoy some really fun times on the court. If it wasn’t for our coaches and helpers we would not be able to have this growth for the club and unable to run these clinics, so baskets and baskets of THANK YOU’S to –Cody Donovan, Scott Sanderson, Jamie Plowman, Tim Sanderson, Darren Turner, Jacqui Gray, Kelsey White, Tristan Rickett, , Lynne White, Linda Rickett , Fiona Gray, Steve Field and Steve Rickett.

Presidents Report
President: Andy Plowman Another year has gone by already and in that time we have seen the club continue to grow even more. At this time last year we had approximately 170 – 180 kids playing basketball but that number has increased to near 200 in the coming season. It’s becoming increasingly more important for people to put their hand up to help us in some way whether it be for example; Committee member, coach, team manager, fundraising etc. Please be aware that you must be able to commit to one meeting per month, which is usually a Saturday or Sunday. We as a committee are always willing to accept any assistance we can get as the work load required to manage the club appropriately is increasing all the time. So please don’t hesitate to let us know if there is a way you can help the club out. We as a committee have been disappointed with the response with a few of the initiatives that the club has introduced this year. Remember we arrange these things for the kid’s benefits so that they can continue to enjoy and improve their basketball. For example we have organized the Macedon Ranges vs. Dolphins Tournament to be held at the Leisure centre and the response that we have had is substandard. These games are a perfect opportunity for children that don’t often get a chance to play against teams other than GABA teams. This Tournament is to be held on Sunday the 1st of October 06. All details regarding the day are over on the information table and you can still enter your name on the sheet. If you have any questions please see Steve Field or myself. Please keep in mind this is a friendly family tournament for all to enjoy. So please try and support the club in the endeavours that we take. The Dolphins Club has always been the approachable family club and we wish to reiterate this. If for any reason you are unsure of anything, need information, have issues of any type, please contact any member of the committee so that we can work through these things. We are always willing to listen and talk things through. Bottling things up and not communicating directly to us only makes things worse. We prefer direct communication to coaches or committee members and not through other parents or Team managers. So your first port of call is your coach or committee member. THANKYOU to a couple of parents who stood up and took on a team this season. They have done a great job and the club is grateful for this, as the boys would not have been playing otherwise. George Smilevski, Simon Scharfe, Tracey Gerrard and Shaun Meehan. In finishing up, I have one more thank yo, as I will not be standing for President this year, I would like to personally thank all past and present committee members for their support over the last 3 years to ensure that our club has continued to prosper and grow. To Steve Field especially, my sincere thanks for your guidance and support. My respect for you has increased through your knowledge and ability to handle any situation that arose. Keep supporting your club and keep on dribbling on.

Committee of Management Dolphins Basketball Club Inc.
2006- 2007
President Vice President Treasurer Secretary General Committee Steve Field Linda Rickett Barry Kline Fiona Gray Vicki Plowman Sue Koole Alyson Hart Andy Plowman Lynne White Carol Weber Neil Moodie Steve Field Andy Plowman Vicki Plowman Tim Sanderson Nelson Moodie Darren Turner Steve Rickett David Tripodi George Smilevski Lynne White Jeremy Sands Andrew Lunardelli Jim Matthey Neil Moodie Stef Tripodi Linda Rickett


Leisuretime: 52751816 G.A.B.A: 52771388

Player Profile
Name: Aaron Koole Singlet No. 8 Star Sign: Pisces School Attending: Corio South Primary Describe Yourself In 5 Words: Funny, Motivated, Dedicated, Intelligent, Honest Favourite T.V Show: Simpsons Favourite Singer/Group Black Eyed Peas Favourite Food: Potato Cakes Favourite Drink: Coke Favourite Movie: The Matrix Favourite Animal/ Pet: Dog Favourite Pastime: Playing Basketball What Do You Hate: Chicken Burgers Most Memorable Moment In Life So Far: Receiving My Coaches Award How Would You Spend $10,000: PSP, Laptop, Plasma T.V Name 3 Things You Would Take On A Deserted Island: Friends, Axe, Food The Perfect Job Would Be: Scientist Who Would You Like To Meet: Andrew Gaze You Perfect Basketball Team: Boomers Which Cartoon Character Best Describes You: Tassie Devil

Under 16 A Grade Boys Coach: Jeremy Sands This season was a tough one for the boys. Week in week out they had to fight very hard just to come close to opposition teams. It wasn’t a bad thing though because you have to learn to lose first before you can appreciate winning. The boys all know that I expect better of them next season and for everyone to try harder during training sessions to get their skills to where they need to be. The season was not a complete loss to the boys, all of them improved on a part of their game, which will no doubt help them next season in under 18’s. Losing every game helped me to see a few things during the games such as who gives up and who doesn’t, who listens to my instructions and who doesn’t. But all in all it was a fun enjoyable season and we did have fun along the way. The boys just need to get in their heads to start rewarding themselves for the hard work that they do. I think that they would all agree with me by saying that we lost a lot of games due to missing easy shots and not rebounding when it was there for us to get. The turnovers also cost us dearly in quite a lot of games. I would like to congratulate both Ben and Mike for playing under 18’s and Mike for making it to A- Reserve team. Playing in a harder competition helped them to understand the game a little better. I would also like to thank Matty for his first year in our team; he came from C grade to A grade and is now a permanent starter in our starting 5. The three boys that I just mentioned were also my best players this season. So congratulations to Ben for winning the M.V.P, he had a wonderful first half of the year which helped him win it in the end. Well done to Mike for winning the runner-up award who had an up and down season but if you were to look back at it is was better than anything else. Last but not least Matty for winning the coaches award, like I said before he was new to the team and fitted in nicely and contributed well to the team. The voting came down to the last game and there were 4 people still in the running to win the M.V.P so well done boys. The coaches award was also tough to choose between 2 people and the decision in the end was hard but Matty deserves it. Well done to the other boys Jayden, Andy, Sando, Timmy and Robert. Although we lose Robert next season I still feel that we can go far and make finals. You just have to want it boys. Thanks.

Under 14 A Grade Girls Coach: Steve Field A talented team made up of quality players. I have had the pleasure of coaching this team for the past 4 seasons and have watched the girls come from B grade to A Grade. Our last 2 seasons in A grade have been tough and although finishing in the top 4 on both occasions we had difficulty matching the top 3 teams. Next season the girls will be having a season in B grade with the hope of improving their team and individual skills, especially with our shooting. The emphasis will be geared around having another go in A grade the following season. I would like to thank all the team Bec, Kat, Nicole, Katie, Tamika, Kristy Em, Nat And Maddie. It is pleasure to coach you all, at times it was frustrating but you always came up with something to make me laugh. Special thanks to Kathryn for helping with her leadership qualities. Congratulations to Katie Khougaz M.V.P, Kathryn Panjkov Runner Up, and Coaches award Nicole [seaweed] Bisinella. Also a special mention to Maddison Cameron who came straight from C Grade to A Grade and performed very well. Thank you for the lovely gift Under 10 A Grade Boys Coach: Steve Field Congratulations to the boys on winning the competition and at the same time going through undefeated. These boys Nick Powell, Tristan Rickett, Garris Plowman, Chris Buaya, Scot Weber, Nathan Munoz And Thomas Davis all trained hard and played well during the season. It was particularly pleasing to see the team work and some of their drills carry through to the games. The team had a easy semi final win over Sharks and the defeated Lara in a preliminary Final. The grand final was played against Y.M.C.A and after a hard game the boys won 38 to 33. I'm Sure the boys will excel at Warrnambool and no doubt be a force when they proceed to 12A next season. Well done to Nick Powell M.V.P Tristan Rickett Runner up and Chris Bauya coaches award. Special thanks to team manager Carol Weber, a superb effort Thank you all for the special gift I will wear it with pride Under 12 A Grade Girls Coach: Vicki Plowman We as a team had a real see-saw ride throughout the season. The magic word comes to the fore again. TEAM. Training hard was not high on all players’ agenda either. Early on in the season some of the girls really struggled in games as they did at training. We kept pushing on and towards the end I could see some better results coming through. When they all came out to really play hard and as a team they were great. It was proved in the last couple of games that they were all capable but needed to put their mind to it a little more and a little longer to see out the whole game. We managed to win the semi against Tigers but couldn’t run down Pivot in the prelim. I wish to congratulate the award winners; you really worked hard at all times and have really deserved this. Thanks girls for keeping me on my toes all season, and also to our Team manager Rikki-Lee for a great job, it is always very appreciated.

Under 10 A Grade Girls Coach Vicki Plowman This young team of enthusiastic girls really started the new season out with fantastic energy and belief in themselves. All players were committed to training and working hard and it really showed through. Going undefeated right through until the 12th round. We had two losses and a draw. Ending up on top of the ladder and only the teams second season was a pretty good job as far as I was concerned. Due to the change in the finals structure for under 10’s, we were to play all teams and losing a game put you out of the g/final. Winning our semi final game against Lara put us off to a good start but we really needed to keep the TEAM theme happening. Needless to say it fell apart against Pivot and Rovers. The girls gave a good battle but couldn’t quite put the score on the board. A bit of a run down on the team members; Samantha- our tornado that dribbles the ball and shoots with all her heart, Caitlyn Bright, the ever reliable half time shooter always gave us those extra points, Miriam - we will never forget that first beautiful lay up, Dom - our “aggressive to the ball” girl who took anyone on, Jenae – really dedicated herself to training and came to the forefront in finals, Renee – remembered what she learnt at training each week and bought this to the game, Caitlyn Rundle – really took to the team theme and had a go at everything, Kaylee - our arrow ball extraordinaire and sister Sarah – who found ways to get that ball like you would not believe. Congratulations to all players on a job well done. Thank you for making the last two seasons very enjoyable and be proud of the awards you receive because they are well deserved. Under 10 B Grade Boys Coach: Andy Plowman This great TEAM of boys went through the season undefeated and went on to win the grand final by 6 pts. This game was the most exciting, skillful, nerve wracking and satisfying final that I’ve been involved in. It was so close and tight right up to about 3 minutes to go when the boys, through some great defence, finally edged ahead and took it out. Of the 8 boys in the team 6 of them had only played one season of basketball so it was always going to be a challenge to get them to gel as team, or so I thought, because almost immediately they just clicked as a group, which only made my job a little bit easier. Usually with such an inexperienced group I tend to just teach the basic skills but these boys were like human sponges just wanting to soak up any new skill they could, so towards the second half of the season we started to learn 5 or 6 different plays and by seasons end they all knew them automatically which resulted in some easy baskets and ball clearances in games. I would like to thank and congratulate all the boys: Marko, Nick, Aaron, Michael, Dean, Marcin, Dane and Bryce for their efforts not only at games but also and more importantly on their attitude to and at training which in turn helped to develop such a fantastic TEAM ethic which was rightly rewarded to them by winning the final. I have thoroughly enjoyed coaching this TEAM. Thanks to Sue Koole for doing a great job as my team manager. It allowed me to concentrate on coaching the boys and not worry about too much else. To all the parents, thanks for all your support and encouragement at games but especially more so for getting the boys regularly to training each week and allowing me to work with the entire group most weeks, it really is appreciated.

Under 14 C Grade Girls Coach: Lynne White The Under 14 C Dolphins girls had a very successful season. We held top position on the ladder all season and only lost one game to Lara, and that was just by one point. Our team was made up of Krystal Niblock, Elise Guardiano, Kelsey White, Julie Ribcak, Layla Spark, Shae Coster, Tess Goding and Stacey Koole. Unfortunately Stacey only played the first half of the season due to a knee injury and missed the finals, and Layla missed a number of games mid season, also to injury. We went on to play our other C grade girls, Dolphins Magic, in the grand final. We played with one girl short, as Shae was sick and unable to make it. Krystal and Kelsey were also not well; both were fighting a viral illness, but despite that, both girls played a strong offensive game. Julie, Tess, Elise and Layla were all in good form and played some great defence. However, it was the great team play that allowed us to emerge the winners by 14 points. It was a well-deserved win as the girls had worked hard all season and the results justified their efforts. They should be very proud of themselves. It was also an excellent result for the club with a first and second place in the C grade competition. From my perspective I had an enjoyable season coaching the girls. It was excellent to see the girls come together as a team and to see each player improve her individual skills. Thank you to all the parents who were there every week to watch the team and to the dads who made sure our bench was vocal  – your support was very much appreciated. I look forward to the challenge of next season. Under 12 B Grade Boys Coach Nelson Moodie The 12 and Under Boys “B” grade had a great season from coming from “C” grade in the Summer Season. We finished 4th and unfortunately lost to Try Boys in Overtime by 2 points. The team has improved a lot especially in Offence. The best thing that happened this season would have to be beating Try Boy Bears and the only team to beat them in 2 seasons. The team consists of Braydon Cockerell, Jared De Booy, Nathan Cavello, Shawn Niblock, Ethan Harvey, Aaron Elea, Matt Klinger and Daniel Gooley. Well done boys for an excellent season and hopefully we will be more successful in the Summer Season. A special thanks to Scott Cockerell the team manager which has made my job a lot easier.

Division 2 Womens Coach: Neil Moodie The team consists of Elise De Booy, Kim Martin, Megan McDonald, Hayley Wood, Jess Javni, Emily Munoz, Stacy Bright, Barbara Ferrante and Shannon Accheni. It was decided by the club to run these girls in Division 2 this season while all but 1 could have been playing Under 18s Girls. The girls started the season with 2 wins out of 2 but unfortunately could not keep this going during the middle part off the season. Finishing the end part of the season with 4 wins out of 6 games and just missing out on playing in the finals. The team finished 6th, all of the girls have improved over the course of the season. It was most pleasing that the girls competed against older woman and on all occasions the girls held there own and every week we played as a team. A special thank you goes to all the parents for helping during the season especially on the 10 o’clock games getting the girls to the games, scoring and supporting the girls from the bench. Well done girls on a great season and keep on improving. Yours in coaching Neil Moodie Special note: It would be nice if the girls could train all together as a team so hopefully one day we can make the finals. Under 16B Girls Coach: Steve Field In the end it turned out to be a disappointing season. The girls had the opportunity to do well however they just wanted to have a game and didn’t really care if they one or lost. They ran all the topsides to a couple of points and when they wanted to switch on they were an extremely competitive outfit. Congratulations to MVP winner Christina Munoz, Runner up Krissy Khougaz and coaches award winner Kayla Pietrapertosa who always tried her hardest at training and during the games. Thanks also to Ness, Carragh, Stef, Sara, Jenna and Emi for an interesting season. Thank you for your kind thoughts and gift. All the best Steve

ARM No Report Div 3 Men No Report Under 18A Boys No Report Under 18B Boys No Report Under 14A Boys No Report Undewr16Boys C No Report Under 16B Boys No Report Under 14C Girls No Report

Under 12 A Grade Boys Coach: Time Sanderson The 2006 winter season was a very tough one for the boys but at the same time had it’s rewards and was definitely a steep learning curve. With myself coming in to take over as coach from Matt Gray and Jayden Plowman the boys found themselves playing a different style of basketball than in previous seasons. More focus on using the boys shooting talents and playing team basketball instead of relying on solo efforts was the way we played. After the sudden withdrawl/ poaching of one of our players, the boys found themselves down on height and rebounding power. The ability to fight through this issue, and drive us to work harder was what makes me proud to be the coach of these exceptional young men. The boys stepped up a gear after the setback and played some fantastic team basketball turning themselves into a far better team than they previously were. The attitude to put that extra bit of effort in to help a mate out was our greatest strength. With the newfound team defence, excellent offence and superb shooting, the boys recorded their best win on the season against Try Boys, stunning them by 4pts. The effort of Brad Wood in this game closing down the dangerous Try Boys centre and Anthony Ferrante harassing their guards into giving up the ball allowed us to achieve this great victory. Going into the final series we were looking good with Johnny’s shooting switched on, tom’s athleticism and hard work, Jimmy’s great defence, Cam’s hard work and ball pressure, Jordy’s selflessness and team play and the great form of Brad and Anthony. The finals series unfortunately didn’t go to plan, going down to an outstanding Y.M.C.A unit in the 1st semi final. With the double chance we were determined to put Try Boys out of the finals and make our way to the Grand Final. In the Preliminary final we didn’t bring our A game doing down to a hungry Try Boys. With our defence not at it’s best and our shooting gone missing we were no match for Try Boys going down in the one of the season’s biggest upsets. Although the season didn’t end as we wished it and was very beneficial for the boys. We learnt to play for our mates, take good shots and to not waste and offensive possession. With a bit more work at training the boys are looking good to again have an impact in the Under 14 A grade competition. On behalf of myself and the boys I’d like to thank the parents for their no going support, Vicki and her girls team for giving us some defence to practice our plays and WNBL coach Paul O’Brien for coming down from Melbourne to teach us some new things at training. Well done boys from your proud coach, Tim Sanderson

From The New President: Sincere thanks to the former committee on a job well done. Thankyou to our sponsors for your much appreciated Support. The 10 year celebration / AGM/ Presentation was a huge success. Thanks to all those who made it happen Especially Fiona / Vicki trophies and setting up Andy in his role as president. M.C Mick Napoli Steve Rickett for ensuring a smooth changeover. I wish to echo the out going Presidents words that the club is, and always has been family orientated. To survive and become stronger we need YOUR support, ideas , feedback, communication and especially for you all to know, and understand we have ears and are receptive.. Regards Steve Field President

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