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To: All Club secretaries Please read and circulate at your next regular club meeting! First – there will be a regional meeting at the Oriental Shorthairs of America show on March 26-27, 2005 in Middletown, NY. Thanks to Julie Keyer for agreeing to let us hold the meeting. Time will be announced at the show. Upcoming Annual in Atlantic City, NJ – June 17-19, 2005 As you all know, this year’s annual in being hosted by the North Atlantic Region. The annual is being held at the Sheraton Atlantic City. Our annual co-chairs are Donna Balistrieri, Elaine Magee and Claudia Hasay. Their email addys are,, They have been working very hard to make this a nice annual for all. However, this is YOUR annual – our region is playing host to cat fanciers from all over the world. In addition to the usual business that is done at the annual meetings, there are the usual good times. Our theme, for those that watch the TV show “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy” is their theme song – “All Things just keep getting better”. Caroline Scott has designed a wonderful logo, showing five different breeds of cats masquerading at the five guys on the “Queer Eye” show. The logo appears on the North Atlantic Region website – take a look! Friday night we are planning a Carnival and it’s special attraction – a “dunking tank”. Gary Veach is in charge of lining up “targets” for this. We will be serving hot dogs, popcorn and hopefully cotton candy. The dunking tank will be set up poolside and promises to be a great time. Friday night’s hospitality will include munchies and a cash bar. Many of the major casinos are within walking distance of the hotel, including Trump Plaza, Caesars and Ballys. We anticipate that many fanciers will be visiting the casinos in the evening, so this will help to keep expenses at a minimum. The beach is also only about 4 blocks away, with a brand new outlet walkway between the Sheraton and the Casinos and beach. The “Tiki bars” at the beach are very popular, of course there are great restaurants and shopping at the casinos. All of these attractions promise to help to separate you from your money, but a good time can be had on a shoestring budget. Our annual bag will be a lovely cooler. Items are still needed for the bag – if your club is interested in donating an item or two for the bag, please contact Sue Robbins. Sue’s

email addy is She has come up with some great, inexpensive ideas for inserts for the bag. Several clubs have already committed to items for the bags. Finicky Felines is donating a PA lottery ticket for every bag – these include a chance to win lots of money! I think this was a great, original idea – why not have your club help out too. Ray Pinder is in charge of fundraising for the annual –if you take a look at the NAR website, you will see that Ray is conducting various raffles for individuals to participate in. In addition, you can buy a “heart” for $25.00 – your name will be listed at the annual as a donor. Ray’s email addy is In January, you may remember that both of the teams that participated in the 2005 Super Bowl in football were from the North Atlantic Region. Sharon Roy came up with the idea to have individuals guess who would win the Super Bowl and guess the actual final score. The New England Patriots won the game over the Philadelphia Eagles, final score was 27-24. Since no one had guessed that score, the region made the entire $100. Thanks to Sharon for keeping track of the betting. Last summer and fall we held a raffle – 1st prize was a Plasma TV, second prize was a digital camera and 3rd prize was a portable DVD player. Donna Minardi was the first prize winner and graciously agreed to a $1500.00 cash prize in lieu of the TV. Nancy Lescavage was the second prize winner and took a $250 cash prize. Geri Logan won the DVD player and donated it back to the region. The raffle netted about $2500 for the annual fund. Thanks to all who bought tickets and to Elaine Magee for hustling them at the National Birman Fanciers show, where the winner’s names were drawn. We have also been conducting 50-50 raffles at the shows, mostly through the efforts of Helene Schneider-Hester. These raffles have raised approximately $1000 for the region. Thanks to all who have participated. Sue Robbins has a suggestion as a fundraiser – she held a grand party at the Fyfe and Drum show in January. She put out a donation cup, and people who participated in the food feast were encouraged (but not required) to donate to the cup. At the end of the day, $60 had been raised for the annual! Others may wish to try this. Iams is once again sponsoring the Friday luncheon – they are debuting a new product at the luncheon, one that intrigues me. Thanks to Iams for continuing this wonderful event at the annual meeting! The following is a list of the clubs that have agreed to participate with the following donations to the annual: Garden State Cat Club - - $1600.00 donation Black Diamond Cat Club ----$200.00 donation Finicky Felines - - $1.00 PA lottery ticket in every bag Diamond State Cat Club ---- - $200 donation

National Birman Fanciers -- $50 donation Fyfe and Drum Cat Club - - $100 towards a delegate bag item Cats Plain and Fancy -- Something for the delegate bag Feline Forum -- - Something for the delegate bag William Penn Cat Club – donates $1.00 per entry every year, for a total of $225 per year. Maine Coon Cat Club - $200.00 Salt City Cat Club – Something for the delegate bag Several of the New England clubs will be doing the Wednesday night hospitality suite – club names to be determined. If I have forgotten anyone, it is surely not intentional. Also, I would like to address the rumor circulated by some that we are planning to spend the entire region’s bank account on the annual – this is most certainly NOT true. While the board capped the suggested spending at $60,000 for any annual, I firmly believe that it can be done for far less, and we aim to prove that! Regional Awards banquet – June 11-12, 2005 in York, PA Finicky Felines, Ramapo Cat Fanciers and Black Diamond Cat club are hosting this year’s regional awards banquet and show. The show will be held at “The Blast” in York and the banquet will be at the White Rose Room in the York Fairgrounds, next to the hall where the Greater Lancaster Feline Fanciers’ show is held. This place is noted for it’s wonderful food. A flyer for the banquet and show are enclosed. You may recall that the board voted to expand both the regional and national awards at the October board meeting. So this year, the North Atlantic Region will be awarding Best thru 25th best in Championship, Kittens and Premiership. We will also be honoring the 2004-2005 DM’s at the awards banquet. If anyone would like to sponsor any of these awards, you can contact Claudia Hasay @ It is $45.00 to sponsor a friend’s award and is a great tradition in the North Atlantic region. Your name is listed in the program as a sponsor, a gold label is placed on the award noting your sponsorship, your name is announced at the banquet and we ask that you present the award to the recipient at the awards banquet. If you are unable to attend, the award will be presented in your name. This is a great way to support friends, those who work in your breed, etc. These sponsorships are open to individuals, groups or clubs. You can also sponsor a breed award – these are $20.00 each. We are once again doing the lasered photo awards of your winning cats, so please be prepared with a sharp, color image of the cat. It can be either horizontal or vertical – contrast it important. A low resolution scan WILL NOT WORK. If you want a duplicate of your top award, the cost is also $45.00. Please order these with Claudia. If you want a duplicate of the breed plaque, the cost is $20.00 and should be ordered with Kathryn Brady. Her email addy is Payment should be sent to these ladies when the sponsorship and/or duplicates are ordered. Their addresses are:

Claudia Hasay 19 Ridge Road Bayville, NY 11709 or

Kathryn Brady 355 South End Avenue, 16D New York, NY 10280 or

Next year’s awards banquet will be at the northern end of the region, tentatively scheduled in Montreal. Sharon Roy is working on firming up these plans and should have more for us shortly. The 2006 awards banquet will be back in Matamoras, at the location where we were in 2004. This banquet will be hosted by Feline Forum - more on this one later. Connaughton-Dunstan Award/Exhibitor of the Year Award It has been a tradition in the North Atlantic Region to give an award known as the Connaughton-Dunstan Award. This award was named after two judges from this region who passed away in the 70’s. John Connaughton was a well-known Shorthair judge and Mariellen Dunstan was a highly respected AB judge. Both passed away suddenly in the mid-late 1970’s and this award was created in their names to honor an individual whose donation of time and skills to the fancy who considered to be exemplary. Previous winners include Laina Aitken, Joan O’Hara, Edwin Miller, Salle Wolf Peters, Dr. James Hardy (who developed the Feline Leukemia test) and several other well-deserving people. Last year’s winner was Joan Bernstein, for her work with developing the Tonkinese as well as for her writings about cats and her work with visiting the elderly with her Tonkinese. Last year a new award was created on a National Level – the “Spotlight” award. This award was created by JoAnn Cummings and is for a fancier who is active in the fancy in many ways, including exhibiting, show production, etc. While the intent of this award is similar to the Connaugton/Dunstan award, there is one major difference. The Spotlight award CANNOT be given to a former judge or board member. Since that requirement conflicts with the criteria of some of our very deserving former recipients, we should perhaps separate the two awards. Last year’s recipient fit into both categories, so there was not a problem. Please discuss these awards at your club meetings. If you feel that there is an individual who is worthy of either (or both) of these awards, we ask that the club submit a write up on the person. Things that are to be considered are time in the fancy, contributions to clubs, mentoring, etc. Outside activities are also considered, as long as they involve working for the betterment of cats.

The Connaughton-Dunstan award does not have to be given every year – we had gone several years without awarding it. However, the Spotlight award should have a nominee from each region. The winner is profiled in the CFA Almanac. All submissions should be sent to me by May 15.

Regional web site Many of you may have noticed that the regional web site has a new look! Webmistress Isabelle Arnau has re-vamped the site with a wonderful new look. If you haven’t seen it, go to - it looks great! Included on the web site are listings of the upcoming NAR shows. In addition, Kathryn has created several handy lists – one of these lists shows the traditional weekend for upcoming years. You should consult this list before contracting judges and show halls for your upcoming shows. Sometimes the weekends tend to fall in a confusing way – this list is very helpful.

Hope to see you all soon!

Debbie Kusy