Defining Our Moments by yurtgc548


									Defining Our Moments
Sunday, July 3, 2006
James Cribbs

Matthew 26:36-46
 Defining moments are
 monumental decisions
that change the course
 or direction of a life.

Patrick Morley, Seven Seasons of the Man in the Mirror, pg. 190.
Attributes that assist in defining
Our Moments
     “Who’s in charge?”
     Deciding to take the blows
     To accept God’s love on God’s terms
     To discern and accept His calling
The Moment that Defined
Matthew 26:36-46
 Jesus knew who was in control and
  submitted to Him
 Jesus was prepared to take the blows
  for His Father and us.
 Jesus was confident that the Father
  was in control and submitted to His
 Jesus knew His calling and proceeded
  to His execution
Today is a Defining Moment for
the Church!
 Doors are open in other countries
  that haven’t been open before – they
  are begging for Jesus.
 The Unity effort between the
  churches of Christ and the Christian
  church is gaining momentum.
 Our community is an open door for
  God’s message.
Today is a Defining Moment for
Meridian Woods
 Elders strategy for planting and
 New Preacher
 New College Minister
 Growing Children’s and Youth
 Growing Young Married Ministry
Ask Yourself
 Have we given control up to God?
 Are we willing to take the blows that
  come with submitting to him?
 Do we really have confidence in His
  Love and His ability to change lives
  and provide growth.
 Have we identified our calling and
  submitted to it?
Missing Defining Moments
   We can miss those defining moments

   We need to be ready and alert for
    those moments that will define our
    lives, our families and our church

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