Letter from Birmingham journal assignment by rhsenghonors2


									                       “Letter from Birmingham Jail”
This is the definitive argumentative text in literature—the whole study of modern
argumentation derives from it.

Answer the following questions on a separate sheet of paper to be turned in tomorrow –
get started on this today in class:

   1) Find two examples of parallel structure in the reading and complete the following
      for both.
      a) Write out the parallelism, underlining the words, phrases or clauses that are
      expressed in this form.
      b) Please explain how it is parallel.
      c) Why is parallel structure used here? What does the sentence achieve by being
      structured this way? (i.e., how does form create function?) You may want to
      establish how the parallelism conveys (or does not convey) ethos, pathos and/or

   1.5) For the sake of some creative practice, please write your own proverb—a wise
        saying—in parallel form. For example:
            “Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise”—Ben Franklin
                                “I laughed; I cried; I ate a taco”—Mrs. Byrne

   2) A lot of you are still having problems understanding how ethos, the way the
      arguer establishes his/her character to make the reader, is used. Think of it this
      way: who has a negative opinion of Martin Luther King? Have you ever heard
      him characterized in a negative light? Of course not. So what does he do in his
      speaking and writing to establish the good will and high moral standing he is
      famous for?

       Look carefully at the section you are reading, and, in a well-developed
       paragraph, explain how King establishes credibility and gains the trust in the
       reader. Consider the following: a) given what you know about the historical
       context and King’s audience, how does the Reverend appeal to his doubters?
       a) how does he establish his own authority and make his reluctant reader
       open to his perspective?

                             The assignment is worth 25 points

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