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					Thelomathesian Society Minutes February 15th, 2006 I. Call to Order This meeting of the Thelomathesian Society was called to order in the John W. Hannon Jr. „44 Room of the Student Center at 7:42 pm by President Jon Cardinal. II. Attendance The following Senators were present, absent, or excused from the meeting on February 8th, 2006: Residence Senior Townhouses 62 Park Dean Eaton Name Mandey Barney Signature Present

Jana Morgan Harold Sammis Brent Davis Emily Denham Brandon Bates Amanda Dox Kaitlyn Bradley Kaitlynn Reyell Amanda Kenton Drew Crawford Justin Newcom Cameron Bruns Alessandra Necamp Mihnea Tudoreanu Christine Akin Zoe Bludevich Alana McNeal Christian Amendola Larysa Balysky

Present Present Present Present Present Present Present Present Present Present Present Present Present Present Present Present Present Present

Gaines Hulett Jenks Lee

Off-Campus Priest Rebert

Reiff Sykes

Joe Kondratowicz


Simon Mawson Kirk Donovan Meghan Moore Emily-Anne Gullickson Theme Cottages Harry J. Little

Present Present Present Present Present


Andrew Ruhs Kevin H. Keepper Andrew Long Ashley White Kelly Meisch

Present Present Present Unexcused Present Present

On Campus Live in Greek

Stephen Cotton

FYC Sophomore Class Junior Class Senior Class Senator At Large

Emily Rama Dennis Willette

Present Present

Randy Olivo Geoffrey Walano Tiffany Spoor Ben Sears Jillian Staffield Ashley Cutler Eve Gatawa Sarah Callaway Meredith Kane Chance Johnson Kristen Bednar Emily Taylor Julia Jones Jasper Burch Robert Courtney

Present Present Present Present Present Present Present Present Present Present Present Present Present Present Present

Present Jim Albrittain Macy Steers Sahiry Rodriguez Suzy Bayard Karla General Dimitar Velikov Ramsey Present Present Present Unexcused Present Present Present

III. Officer Reports A. Vice President of Senate Affairs – Matt Brender B. Secretary: Sasha Tedeschi Secretary Tedeschi handed out name placards. C. Vice President of University Relations: Laura Rabinow Over the past two weeks the VP of University relations has met with the chair and vicechair of the Faculty Council to discuss expectations for the semester and to obtain the number of student representatives for each committee. After sending out campus-wide emails calling for student representatives to the tri-partite committees and after receiving numerous applications the VP compiled a list of the selected student representatives, which is attached, along with their contact information. This information was than shared with the chair and vice-chair of the faculty council and those committee chairs whose names and contact information was available. Thus far she has heard back from only a few of the committee chairs and will therefore be contacting the vice-chair of the faculty council, Mike Sheard again.

Universtiy Committee Student Representatives- Spring 2006
Judicial Appeals Larysa Balysky- Woody Parker- Richard Torres- Krista Snizek- Priorities and Planning Tegh Kapur- Lawson Condrey- Evan Smith- John Cardinal- Jason Status of Women Jessica Klauzenberg-

Buildings and Grounds Paul Congelton- Jason Chris Ebinger- Bob Glover- Environmental Bob Glover- Jason DeRosa- Joint Board of Inquiry Nick Czop- Adam Casler- John Cardinal- Multicultural Charlotta Chung- Erkinalp Kesikli- Academic Affairs Mary Rosen- Shreya Kamath- Liz Boyd- Kristen Bednar- IT Advancement Nick Czop- Library Marielle B. Van Rossum- Melissa Rixford- Student Life Meredith Perry- E-mail Addresses,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

D. SLUSAF Central Treasurer: Andy Cook Treasurer Cook announced a successful treasury meeting 2 days ago and reminded everyone that the deadline for budget 06-07 budget proposals was March 10 th. Cook also said that he met with met with Frasier from fencing club to discuss the Fencing Club contingency request. E. Student Delegate: Jason DeRosa Delegate DeRosa announced that he would not be making a presentation on financial planning and is instead in the process of putting together hard facts. DeRosa then reminded everyone of Board meetings that are coming up in the near future. F. President: Jon Cardinal President Cardinal stated that much has happened since the last meeting. President Cardinal had a meeting with President Sullivan on Friday to go over Thelmo‟s goals and projects for the semester. President Sullivan was enthusiastic about our agenda. On Monday, President Cardinal had two meetings. The first meeting was with Tom Coakley. At this meeting, the plans were finalized to begin the use of our Campus Wide Accounts off-campus. This is going to happen in about 2 months and we will be able to use our CWA‟s at whatever pizza places agree to participate. We are using pizza establishments as a test group for this project. If this trial experience with the off-campus use of CWA‟s is successful, the plan is to expand it throughout the community. Not only have students really wanted this for some time, but such a project will allow us as a university to expand our relationship with the surrounding Canton community. Please try and think of a creative name for the CWA‟s. Some of the ideas that have been thrown out there are SLU slush and Saints dollars. President Cardinal‟s second meeting was with Patti Lock, the Chair of the Faculty Council. Dr. Lock was impressed with the work of last semester‟s Academic Affairs Committee. She thought that the recommendations on course evaluations and the results from our on-line poll in regards to academic advising were necessary for the full Faculty Council to consider. She encouraged Thelmo to present these ideas to the Academic Affairs Tri-Partite Committee and to eventually the Faculty Council. Dr. Lock was also excited to hear about our plans this semester, especially the extension of the pass/fail period, student self-evaluation reports at the end of each class, and an increase in discussion based classes. When discussing our recommendations on course evaluations, she added the idea of having them be on-line. Dr. Lock and President Cardinal briefly spoke about course close outs, but are going to further evaluate the problem after the Board of Trustees meetings in two weeks, since there will be a presentation about this then. President Cardinal has been working on two other ideas as well. One is to put together a “Leadership Council.” This was brought up at a retreat a few weeks ago. The Council would be comprised of any organization on campus that would want to participate. The organization‟s President and possibly another exec. member would attend. The importance of such communication tool cannot be stressed more. This would bring together almost all organizations on campus to exchange thoughts and to work together on campus events and initiatives. It would be a huge leap for campus unity. The second idea is to possibly have a “Happy Hour” on Friday‟s from like 5-7 p.m. in Eben Holden or the Student Center. This project is still in the brainstorming stages.

President Cardinal would like to encourage everyone to take an active role in the decision on our new Dean of Students. Please send an e-mail to Sherri Babcock ( President Cardinal wants to stress that if anyone has problems, concerns, or insights that they would like to see included in his report to the Board of Trustees, they should e-mail them to him ASAP. His e-mail address is IV. Committee Reports A. Academic Affairs Committee: Chair Elizabeth Boyd Chair Boyd said that her committee will be up and running soon enough. The six members are: Emily Gulickson, Jana Morgan, Harry Little, Allessandra Necamp, Meghan Moore, and Brent Davis. The meeting with Liz Regosin was moved to next week. Chair Boyd said that she will reintroduce the prospect of extending the Pass/Fail deadline for classes by a week or two compared with what is already in place. She will also discuss advising with Dr. Regosin. Chair Boyd would also like to start tackling the research for instating a potential Reading Period before finals week. The Academic Affairs Committee plans to start surveying students about class close-outs. Right now, planning is essential. Because of this, Chair Boyd is asking her committee to stay after the meeting tonight to discuss a weekly meeting time. B. Sexual Violence Education Liaison: Mia Hutchins-Cabibi C. Student Affairs Committee: Chair Lindsay Muetterties Chair Muetterties announced that she would be meeting with Dr. Bass and Student Life staff, valuating the self-governance ideas in theme housing (like that of the townhouses) – reviewing security discretionary policies, investigating assigned parking on campus, townhouse meal plans, off campus meal cards, and conducting a survey on Greek life in the upcoming weeks. She announced the weekend alcohol sanctioned events: o Club Eb (dates: 2.12, 3.4, 3.23, 4.15, 4.29) D. Public Relations Committee : Chair Salvatore Cania, Asst. Chair Justin Newcom Chair Cania said that he has been working with his assistant in running around and getting everything ready for this week. Their primary objectives were to put up 30 11x17 posters around campus, send out mass emails, put text on the plasma TV's in the student center, and generally spread awareness about the open forum on Wed. Feb. 15. He announced that he needed new photos of the exec board and the senate and his need committee this week. Cania then talked about the events of the last week. He began working on new concepts for website and designing new concepts for a Thelmo logo, put up 30 posters around campus, sent out mass email, got Timberly to put our text on the plasma TV‟s, and recruited Kirk Donovan to the committee. E. Environmental Conservation Committee: Chair Bob Glover Chair Glover and his assistant spent most of the week setting up meeting times to get their projects of the ground. Accordingly, they scheduled meetings with Tom Coakley, Kate McCaffrey, and Cindy Atkins in the coming days. The proposal for the ride van

from Canton to Potsdam to reduce the automobile traffic is in the final editing stages and should be submitted this week. They hope to present it to the senate next Wednesday. The first committee meeting will be this week, pending on the availability of the committee members. The first E.C project as a group will be to redesign the ride board so students can begin arranging rides for spring break V. Old Business: None VII. New Business A. Contingency request: Fencing Club 1. The Organization requesting funds is the St. Lawrence University Fencing Club 2. Contact: Fraser C. Mackay; Club President 410-615-5535 3. Cost of Event: $ 899.95 Beginner‟s Fencing Set (includes foil, helmet, glove, and jacket) $ 99.95 Number of sets required by club 10 Subtotal $999.50 club discount $ 99.95 Total $899.51 4. Sum Requested from Thelmo: $ 900.00 5. Description of Funds‟ Use: The SLU Fencing Club does not own a club set of fencing equipment with which to outfit its members. As the majority of its eighteen members do not yet own fencing apparel, this money would go toward purchasing sets of equipment capable of outfitting roughly half the club. The equipment needed consists of foils (swords), protective helmets, protective gloves, and protective jackets. These accouterments would be used to hone the fencing skills of the individuals in the SLU fencing club. As practices require the ability to fence with foils in hand, the date for obtaining funds must be soon. The need for actual equipment will be extreame in three weeks‟ time (February 22). As stated above, the SLU fencing club boasts 18 highly interested students of various backgrounds, gender, race, and affiliation, and student classes. Once the desired equipment is obtained, the club will target SLU and occasional non-SLU students for joining the club. “Advertisement” of the club will depend on the level of financial support that the club is given. Assuming those needs are minimally satiated, the club would participate in cultural festivals such as the Kaleidoscope Festival, enter into tournaments, and put on displays for St. Lawrence University Students. 6. Why the budget can not be used for funds: The Fencing club has only club status in the eyes of Thelmo, so no budget exists for the club. Obtaining organizational status is one of the goals of the fencers this semester. 7. Other Sources of Funding: The club has not yet participated in fundraising this semester, owing to the very short amount of time that has passed since winter recess. However, there was an extremely modest sum procured last semester through the use of a bottle drive. The profit was $42.02. Ideas for future fundraising include another and ongoing bottle collection

program, but also include other options. Among possibilities are charity drives and “fencing pledges.” 8. Additional Comments: This club is not affiliated with the athletic program, nor is it affiliated with any other school run entity. It is composed of entirely students who share a common interest, and even passion for the sport of swordplay. It also has an extremely knowledgeable faculty advisor, Dr. Matthew Strine, who has backgrounds in professional fencing championships. Additionally the club boasts a few students who have prior experience in upper level fencing and competition. The combined expertise of Dr. Strine, student experience, and the overall desire to fence inherent in the club makes it a valuable investment in the SLU community. Not only does it promote community wellness, but it serves as a healthy, clean way to have fun and meet others. The other excellent reason for this contingency request is the club‟s immediate need for equipment. Though the club consists of very interested and curious individuals, a lack of equipment would extinguish the drive of club members, as is what happened last semester. As the fall 2005 term waxed and waned, still no swords were procured. People became disinterested and were even turned off by the sport. To deny the club the funds necessary for acceptable gear would be detrimental to the organization. The University stands to gain a great deal from a successful Fencing Club. Not only does it contribute to community wellness and student enjoyment, it also adds to the prestige of the institution. Many highly ranked colleges and universities have either staffed or student run fencing programs. Such a program existed when Saint Lawrence University‟s alumnus Viggo Mortensen attended school, a well known fencer and master of swordplay. However, the Club will not be able to function without the support of this Contingency Request. As President of the St. Lawrence University fencing club, I strongly urge that this request be granted. Discussion Delegate DeRosa asked what other schools have fencing programs? MacKay replied that many other Ivy League schools do. Chair Boyd asked if it was true that Vigo Mortensen was a fencer? MacKay replied Yes Senator Necamp asked how the club will contribute to the St. Lawrence community. Mackay replied that many students have already invested in this, that fencing is a sport of grace, constant mental endurance and provides an outlet for healthy fun. Mackay added that the club was a great way to meet people and that it is as good a club as any. Senator Bayard asked where the 42 dollars collected in fundraising will go to. MacKay replied that this money and member dues would go toward equipment and shipping. Senator Steers asked if any introductory programs existed. MacKay replied that the club is available to everyone, that no experience is necessary to join

How many people are part of the fencing club? MacKay replied that there are currently between 15-18 members. Motion to extend discussion period Senator Gatawa asked about advertising plans. MacKay replied that Matthew Strine volunteered to give lessons to anyone interested, and that there would be festivals, kaleidoscoping, and open demonstrations Debate For: Against: Speak to: Call: Motion passes unanimously 54 in favor 0 against 0 abstentions B. Math Club Organizational Status Request Jasper Burch came before the senate as a representative of the Math Club. He informed all that there would be a Math Club meeting every Friday and that the club advisor would be Patti Locke. Burch stated that having just a math club will draw students, but will not merit the ability to bring speakers to campus and receive better recognition. Burch announced the participation of math club members in HRUMC, one of the largest math conferences in the nation, and this year St. Lawrence is on the list for hosting. The Math Organization Constitution is attached below: ARTICLE I - This organization shall be known as The St. Lawrence University Mathematics Organization (SLU-Math). ARTICLE II - The general purpose of this fore mentioned organization is to promote excellence in mathematics. ARTICLE III - Membership is open to all St. Lawrence University Students or Faculty who have an interest in the fields of mathematics and who are willing to participate and support the St. Lawrence University Math Club and its charter. ARTICLE IV - There shall be four elected officer positions as well as various appointed advisory positions. Section 1 – the four elected positions shall be: President- whose responsibility it shall be 1. To oversee all happenings of the organization. 2. To oversee the running of meetings. 3. To act as a member of the executive board of the organization. Vice President- whose responsibility it shall be 1. To assume all duties of the president in his/her absence. 2. To assist and advise all other officers in their responsibilities. 3. To act as a member of the executive board of the organization. Secretary- whose responsibilities it shall be 1. To assume all duties of the vice president in his/her absence.

2. To maintain an accurate and up to date roster of all of the organization‟s members. 3. To keep meeting minutes. 4. To act as a member of the executive board of the organization. Treasurer- whose responsibility it shall be 1. To keep accurate and up to date records of the organization‟s finances. 2. To see over club fundraising. 3. To assume all responsibilities of the secretary in his/her absence. 4. To act as a member of the executive board. Section 2 – All officers shall serve a term of one full academic semester. There is no limit to the number of consecutive terms that each officer may hold. All officers must be shown to have an interest and aptitude in the topics of logic, finite, or abstract mathematics. Elections for officer positions shall be held one month before the end of each academic semester, new officers shall assume their duties and responsibilities on the first day of the subsequent academic semester. ARTICLE V - The Executive Board shall consist of the President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. These four individuals shall guide the organization in a direction consistent with the goals of the Thelomathesian society, and the St. Lawrence University Offices of Co-Curricular Education. The executive committee shall be permitted to make any and all decisions deemed necessary that are consistent with this organizations goals, and not in contradiction to the mission of the school, by a simple majority vote. - The Executive Board shall meet as often as deemed necessary and no less often than biweekly consequent and subject to other organization activity. ARTICLE VI - Meetings shall be held no less frequently than biweekly during the academic year. Every meeting should include some sort of mathematics or mathematical presentation, and or should involve the planning of organization activities and distribution of information. ARTICLE VII - The St. Lawrence University Math Club has the power to amend and change this constitution. All changes shall be sent to the Thelomathesian society and are subject to such approval. If approval for any amendment is not granted, the article amended will be considered void and the constitution shall be immediately restored to the exact wording it held before the mentioned amendment was enacted. Section 1 – Any proposed amendments or bills must be submitted in writing to the executive board. There shall be no restriction on the type, subject or length of a proposed amendment as long as it does not contradict the Constitution of the Thelomathesian Society. Section 2 – All proposed amendments shall be presented at the earliest possible meeting and an e-mail shall be sent out to all organization members. The executive board will subsequently advise the drafter of the bill and he/she will amend and edit the bill. The bill shall then be presented to the members of the organization and be voted on at the soonest meeting more than forty-eight hours since the final draft of the bill has been completed. Section 3 – When voting commences it shall be by anonymous ballot and only votes of those present shall be counted. For any bill or amendment to be passed a two thirds majority of all members present must be achieved.

ARTICLE VIII - The St. Lawrence Thelomathesian Society Constitution supersedes all articles of this constitution.

Discussion Senator Walano inquired further into what the Math Organization would be hosting. Burch replied that the HRUMC convened last year at Williams College, and that the conference happens every April, drawing many undergrads and math professors. Burch also announced other planned events such as wing night at Doug‟s tavern in Heuvelton, and Pi day on Tuesday, March 14th, where students would give presentations on the number Pi, and afterward would be given the opportunity to “Pi” their teachers (throw pies at them). Senator Gullickson asked how many students were on the roster. Burch announced that 33 students were attending. V.P. Brender asked how the club planned on using the budget responsibly. Burch replied that food would be ordered to draw more people in, speakers would be paid to come and give speeches, their transportation would be paid for, and student transportation to conferences would also come out of the budget. Delegate DeRosa asked about the idea of having a career day or offering career services? Burch replied that faculty in the Math dept. have connections to people at different colleges and would be more than willing to host a career day. Debate For: Against: Speak to: Motion passes unanimously C. Approval of J-Board Justices Chief Justice Chief Justice Kathryn Courcy came before the Senate to ask for approval of the new justices appointed in the Spring semester. She has been a member of J Board for three years. The chosen appointees include Caroline Palmer „08, Amanda Dox „07, and Elizabeth Alimi ‟06. Discussion Delegate DeRosa asked for a brief explanation of the role of the j-board justices. Chief Justice Courcy stated that justices sit in on meetings, ask questions to students brought to trial, participate in discussion on what sanctions should be, and discuss the student brought to trial. VP Rabinow asked why these specific students were chosen as justices. Chief Justice Courcy went through the process of first receiving an email in November, fulfilling requirements, time commitment, not jeopardizing academics, and maintaining a clean record for 4 consecutive semesters. She added that if a justice is written up while on the board, they are removed from the board.

VP Rabinow asked why these 3 particular individuals? CJ Courcy stated that the 3 that were chosen exhibited an unbiased and objective attitude, showed dedication, wanted to make it less of a secret, feared group, and were willing to make a semester by semester commitment. Senator Cotton asked if second approval as needed for this proposal. President Cardinal replied no. Senator Cotton asked if a second approval could be introduced in order for the senate to evaluate the chosen justices. Cotton said that all we know is that one is a senior, one‟s a sophomore, and one‟s a junior. He stated that the senate could not make an educated guess based on the information that is being provided. He added that he thought that Thelmo should have the right to know this before making the decision. Voting on Second Approval Discussion President Cardinal stated that middle of the road candidates that know how to judge things circumstantially. Senator Dox, one of the applicants that wants to be approved, said that she doesn‟t think knowing such facts as an applicants GPA is important, that what matters is how she wants to change campus and bring things forward Dan Auerbach said that justices should write up statement as to why they think they would be a fitting J-board justice. Delegate DeRosa said that the applicants should write up a short description as to why they think they are fit for the position and that it is important that a second larger body such as Thelmo approves of these Justices. Senator Cotton added that biographical data is relevant because if someone is a student that does not do very much, then maybe that student is not able to accurately see what student life is like. Senator Tudoreanu agreed that some sort of statement from the justices may be more relevant than a bio, and that Thelmo should ask for statements when it comes to second approval. Senator Albrittain said that people want to hear more than “Why I want to be a j-board justice”. Albrittain stated that he wants to know the justices views on certain issues that are facing the student body. Senator Morgan to Albrittain asked what are in particular, regarding issues.

Senator Albrittain replied that he would like to know that the justices have an understanding of what a j-board justice is. Chief Justice Courcy made the point that the response to apply to j-board is not that high and that there are a lot of students who are eligible who don‟t apply. President Cardinal asked that applicants bring a statement and short bio next time for second approval. DeRosa added that it is important that J-board goes on it is going to need to be approved. -motion to extend Senator Cutler asked if it would be too late to table the vote until next meeting? Motion to table the vote. Discussion about Tabling the vote Senator Dox said that she doesn‟t see a point in tabling the vote Point of Information: Senator Hutchins Cabibi stated that if you table the vote, that waives second approval. So next week would be first approval. Senator Keepper asked what would happen if the applicants weren‟t approved? CJ Courcy replied that another 3 week process would be required to choose justices over again. Senator Cotton said that he thinks it‟s important because Thelmo has to stop playing a nominal role in order for people to take it seriously, he supports tabling, and added that bios are important. Senator Burch asked that if the vote was tabled, could we have a number of total applicants and know who we have to choose from. CJ Courcy replied that applicants were already chosen by the selection committee. Senator Dox said that Thelmo has already decided who by electing a committee to decide and asked why is there so many questions over it? As an applicant she stated that everyone had to go through a whole application process it‟s not like people were randomly put in their position. Senator Bednar noted that if everyone wanted to read their bios that would be fine, but wouldn‟t necessarily change the decision as to who will or will not be a justice. Discussion period ended.

Debate For: (to table the issue) Senator Cotton: “I think we should table the vote because were not really making an informed decision. We don‟t know much about these people, if we can‟t make our own educated ruling ourselves, then we shouldn‟t be voting at all.” Debate Against: Senator Willette said that he was against tabling this issue, and that if anyone agrees with Senator Cotton, they should abstain from this issue. Point of Information: If we don‟t table, that doesn‟t necessarily we have a second round of voting. Delegate DeRosa said that to make an empty vote is very dangerous and that we have the full right to know everything about what we are voting for Debate For: Walano asked , if we table it will J-board continue to function? CJ Courcy replied yes Debate against: Speak to: Call: 48 in favor 5 against Motion Tabled. VIII. Members Time VP Brender thanked Senator Cotton for speaking up on a point he wanted to make and that we as Thelmo should be a representative constitution. Senator Bednar reminded everyone about Dean of Student Life interviews and that the decision was to going to be made on Monday the 22 nd . Chair Cania said that he wanted to meet with PR committee Mia Hutchins-Cabibi congratulated everyone for their extensive participation and invited everyone to join her tomorrow night at 8pm opposite of the Hannon room to help plan anti-sexual violence events. Chair Boyd said she needed her committee to meet with her afterwards also. Senator Collard stated that we need to take more responsibility in informing ourselves. President Cardinal made 3 quick points - He agreed with reevaluation of responsibility to student body - Today‟s meeting set a precedent for the future to now have bios and statements for J-board justices before they are approved. - He was happy to hear that everyone was speaking up about J-board and making their opinions be known and was happy that some people think J-board is doing a good job

Senator Cotton expressed his approval of all the students that came out for Greek life and urged everyone to come out. IX. Adjournment Motion to adjourn at 10:01 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,

Alexander J. Tedeschi Thelomathesian Society Secretary