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									CPEG 323 Introduction to Computer Syestem Engineering
Week     Day         Date                Due
       1W                30-Aug
       2M                 4-Sep          no class
       2W                 6-Sep
       3M                11-Sep
       3W                13-Sep
       4M                18-Sep          HW 1       questions on Chap 1
       4W                20-Sep
       5M                25-Sep
       5W                27-Sep          Lab 1      questions on SimpleScalar
       6M                 2-Oct          HW 2       questions on Chap 2
       6W                 4-Oct
       7M                 9-Oct
       7W                11-Oct
       8M                16-Oct          HW 3       midterm, questions on twos complement, topic 3b
       8W                18-Oct          Lab 2      quesitons on running simulation
       9M                23-Oct
       9W                25-Oct
      10 M               30-Oct          HW 4       questions on Chap 4
      10 W                6-Nov          Project 1
      11 M                8-Nov
      11 W               13-Nov
      12 M               15-Nov          HW 5       quesitons on Chap 5
      12 W               20-Nov          Project 2
      13 M               22-Nov
      13 W               27-Nov
      14 M                4-Dec          HW 6       questions on Chap 6
      14 W                6-Dec          Project 3
plement, topic 3b

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