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					           Scoil Naomh Lorcáin – Levitstown N.S.
              Levitstown, Maganey, Athy, County Kildare  Phone: 059 91 45217

Dear Grace
Hi Grace my name is Annie Malloy. I am twelve years old. I
live in County Laois. I have one sister called Sara who is seven
years old and in second class. My teacher’s name is Mr
Redmond. I have two dogs called Dalil and Kimble and they
are both salukis. I also have a pony called Jasmine. I go horse
riding at Pitfield equestrian school. I started going there last
year in September. The first pony I rode was called Bobby since
then I have rode; Millie, Saoirse, Mr. Ed, Rolo, Sterling, Moco
and Ben.

In September I was playing in the garden and I was running
and I caught my finger in my pocket. It swelled up and was
really sore. I wanted to go to the doctors but Mammy said it
would be fine. Two days later it was still red and swollen so
Mammy took me to the doctors. The doctor said I had to have
an x-ray. The lady who did the x-ray was really cranky. I didn’t
like her one bit especially when she said my bone was chipped.
I then had to go up to St. Luke’s in Kilkenny where they
bandaged my two fingers together. The nurse was really nice
but before she was able to bandage it a male doctor wanted to
look at it and he was really scary! So I ended up with a
chipped finger! I had to have the bandage on for 6 weeks so I
wasn’t able to ride for 5 whole weeks!! Did you ever break any
of your bones Grace?

In October for mid term Halloween break we went to Spain for
5 days with Mammy, Daddy, Sara, Nanny and Grandy. In the
mornings Daddy, Sara and I went down to the beach and sort
of paddled (up to our waists!) but it was freezing.

Oh I forgot to tell you about my eleventh birthday party. I
went horse riding at Mount Juliet with my friends Jessica,
Majella, Sahara, Lisa and my sister Sara. We had a great time.
We trekked down to the cross-country course. I was riding my
favourite horse Caesar who is the height of a mountain! On the
way back we got drenched!!! When we got back to the stables
we were able to sponge down the horses. We then went back to
my house and watched a film. Did you like horses Grace?

For Christmas I got an Mp3 player and a Nintendo DS. Nanny
and Grandy came over for Christmas dinner and they arrived
about lunchtime. We had a lovely Christmas dinner with roast
turkey which was really nice. They went home at about 10

For New Year’s Eve we had friends come to stay from Wales for
a few days. It was also Kimble’s birthday on New Year’s Day.
On New Year’s Day we all spent the day at Glendalough it was
great fun. On the second day at school after the Christmas
holidays it snowed and we had the day off school to play in the

Around Easter time Mammy went to visit her friend in
Australia as she was having a 50th birthday party. Daddy took
Sara and I to Spain for a week while Mammy was away. We
went horse riding in the mountains and galloping on the beach
which was such fun. I rode a horse called Fanta. She was
lovely. Then we went ski-ing in the Sierra Nevada and that was
really great! We were home for two days and then Mammy
came home from Australia.

Then the best thing in the whole world happened. We got a
Connemara horse on loan. His name is Sultan and he is the
most wonderful horse ever. We kept him in the acre field
behind our house. The dogs weren’t too happy about him
living in their field though!!!

One day when I went horse riding, I rode Saoirse. I liked riding
her. We did cross-country jumping and I was riding towards a
tyre jump and I was trying to turn Saoirse left, as she was
heading towards the post holding the jump and I bashed my
foot off it and fell off and Saoirse tapped my foot and my head,
which made me dizzy but I had my helmet on of course. My
foot was really sore. Margaret my instructor got me to sit on a
pony called Millie so I didn’t loose all my confidence, but as I
was so dizzy I fainted off the other side of her! Mammy caught
me though. My foot was sore for a few weeks.

Around June time Mammy went to England, as another one of
her friends was having a 50th birthday party. While she was
there she went to look at her Aunt’s friends horse that was for
sale. She was a 15.2 hh thoroughbred called Solo. Mammy rode
her; she absolutely loved her and bought her.

During the summer holidays we went to Spain for two weeks.
We went horse riding on the beach and I rode Fanta again. We
went to the beach nearly every day, as it is so close to our
house. When we came home, Solo arrived four days later on the
Thursday. She is gorgeous. The next evening Mammy was
going to ride Solo. When she got up Solo spooked and started
jumping about and doing small rears!!! Mammy fell off and
said she had loads of pain in her collarbone.

The next day I went to Jessie’s birthday party. We were going to
the Japanese Gardens and the National Stud. Daddy dropped
me there and when he drove out the drive a car was on the
wrong side off the road, going really fast and he crashed into
the side off Daddy’s car, then rolled onto its roof and skidded
into the hedge! Leaving Daddy’s car with a huge dent. They
were both OK. The police came about half an hour later.

At about one o’clcok we went to the Japanese Gardens and the
National Stud. We all had a great time. Then on the way home
we went to a Chinese restaurant. At eleven o’clock we were all
going to be dropped home, but I was dropped at Margaret’s
house (my riding instructor) Sara was already there, as Mammy
had gone to the hospital. At midnight Daddy called to say they
would be at the hospital for another few hours so Margaret sent
Sara and me to bed. In the morning Daddy came with our
horse riding clothes as we had already arranged to look at a
pony for Sara. Daddy said Mammy had a broken collarbone so
she was in a sling at home.

The pony’s name was Minstrel. He was lovely but the weather
wasn’t. It was raining REALLY heavy and we got soaked! We
came home and told Mammy all about him and we arranged to
go up again so Mammy could see Minstrel – Sara loved him.

Daddy had dropped Sultan and Solo at Margaret’s livery yard
as our field had become too wet as we had had so much rain for
days. In the mornings I had to look after Mammy and then
Nanny would take us to the stables. The first time I rode Solo I
didn’t think she was anything special as she couldn’t jump and
wouldn’t canter in the arena. Sara and I went up most
afternoons and Daddy would collect us on his way home.

Two weeks later it was my birthday. I got a polo shirt and
jodhpurs from Sara and Mammy and Daddy got me a really
cool phone. We went up to the Horse Show in Dublin it was
such a great day. On the Saturday Mammy and Daddy were
invited to the Horse Show and there were two spare tickets so
Sara and I got to go again. We were there for the Land Rover
Puissance. The wall went up to 2.4m and Robert Whitaker

About a week later we brought Sultan and Solo home. Sultan
had been lame for the whole time he was in livery and still was.
Solo was fantastic and she was cantering perfectly and I had
jumped 1m on her. Sultan was doing well and soon he was
better. Daddy and I rode in the seven-acre field beside us; the
horses really enjoyed having a gallop.

When we went back to school Mammy was still in a sling so she
couldn’t drive us to school. A friend of Mammy’s drove us
most mornings but she had to drop her children to school first
so we came into school at 10 o’clock.

We finally brought Minstrel home on trial for a week. We had
him checked over by the vet just to make sure he was OK, but
what the vet had to say wasn’t good and we had to take
Minstrel back to Dublin. So that day while Sara and I were in
school Mammy and Margaret went to the vetted horse sale in
Goresbridge, Kilkenny. That day Nanny collected us from
school and pretended that she didn’t know where Mammy was.
Later that day Daddy called and said he wanted me and Sara to
be ready as he was towing a horsebox and didn’t want to leave
it parked on the road.
Sara and I had no idea why Daddy had the horsebox with him
when he arrived

Mammy was in the car and she told us she had bought a 14.2hh
four-year-old pony and we were going to collect her! When we
saw her we couldn’t believe just how quiet and gorgeous she
was she was just perfect. We decided to call her Jasmine and
left her with Margaret while we were waiting for our stables to
be built. I rode her on my lesson on Wednesday and she was
lovely. As Jasmine is quite strong we all decided that I would
have Jasmine and we are now looking for a pony for Sara and a
horse for Daddy.

Mammy finally got her sling off a few weeks ago on a Friday
and on the Sunday I went down to ride Jasmine in the cross-
country course. I was going into a big jump and that’s all I can
remember and the next thing I was lying on the ground on the
other side of the jump with a very very saw jaw and bleeding
Daddy untacked Jasmine with Sara and Mammy stayed with
me. We all went to Kilkenny Hospital and I had an x-ray. The
doctor said he thought I had fractured my jaw, but I would
have to go to St. James’s in Dublin to see a specialist. The next
day we all went up to the hospital where I had more x-rays and
the doctor told us that I had three fractures and that I wouldn’t
be able to eat for at least 3 weeks. They said I would have to
come back to the hospital 3 days later to have cement braces
fitted. It sounded horrific but fortunately when I went back to
the hospital, the specialist decided that I didn’t need the brace
as the fractures where healing so well. I was so happy not to
have my jaw wired together.

So I am still at home waiting for my jaw to heal. The worst part
is that I can’t ride Jasmine. I am back at the hospital next week
and I am hoping that they will say that I can start eating solid
food but I don’t know when they will say I can go back riding
soon I hope!

Well that’s all I’ve got to tell you this year Grace I’ll write again
next year.

Take care
Annie Malloy, 6th Class

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