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Contact Person: Ms. Solórzano (andrea1.solorzano@cms.k12.nc.us)
                                    Additional Scholarship & Financial Aid Resources

1.    College/University pledges to reduce student debt: http://projectonstudentdebt.org/pc_institution.php*CHECK IT OUT*

2.    CMS Scholarship Guide: www.scholarshipplus.com/charmeck/

3.    The College Foundation of North Carolina: www.cfnc.org

4.    College Board: www.collegeboard.com

5.    Free Application for Federal Student Aid: www.fafsa.ed.gov

6.    Federal Student Aid: www.studentaid.ed.gov

7.    Foundation for the Carolinas scholarship listing: http://www.fftc.org/Page.aspx?pid=958

8.    U.S. Government Services and Information: www.students.gov

9.    The Sallie Mae Fund: www.blackcollegedollars.org

10.   Sallie Mae College Answer: www.collegeanswer.com

11.   College View: www.collegeview.com

12.   United Negro College Fund: www.uncf.org

13.   The National Black College Alumni Hall of Fame: www.nbcahof.org

14.   Congressional Black Caucus Foundation: http://cbcfinc.org/scholarships.html

15.   Scholarship Experts: www.scholarshipexperts.com

16.   Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute: http://www.chci.org/scholarships/

17.     Hispanic Scholarship Fund: http://www.hsf.net/

18.     Hispanic College Fund: http://www.hispanicfund.org/

19.     North Carolina Society of Hispanic Professionals:

20.     Latin American Women’s Association: http://www.lawanc.org/

              *Make sure you check out the scholarships and financial aid page on college/university websites!*

      SOURCE          DISCIPLINE            AWARD               REQUIREMENTS               DEADLINE         CONTACT

Ron Brown          General               $10,000          Must excel academically; exhibit January 9th   http://ronbrown.o
Scholarship                              annually         excellent leadership potential;  (final)       rg
                                                          participate in community service
AXA                General                                                                 December 1,   www.axa-
                                         The AXA          Our scholarships winners are                   achievement.com
Achievements Sc                                                                            2011
holarship                                Achievementsm    known as AXA Achievers. They
                                                                                                         Questions? Contact
                                         Scholarship in   are ethnically and economically                Scholarship America
                                         association with diverse, but they share these                  directly at (800) 537-
                                         U.S. News &      qualities:
                                                                                                         or axacommunity@sc
                                         World Report                                                    holarshipamerica.org.
                                         provides              Ambition and drive
                                                               Determination to set and
                                         $670,000 in
                                                                  reach goals
                                         annual                Respect for self, family
                                         scholarships to          and community
                                         young people          Ability to succeed in
                                         throughout the           college
                                                          Some of the remarkable

                                                             accomplishments of our AXA
                                                             Achievers include: setting up a
                                                             food bank in their community;
                                                             designing a curriculum to get
                                                             kids interested in science;
                                                             founding a nonprofit
                                                             organization for young people
                                                             that encourages community
                                                             service and civic involvement.
John               General                Full               Students must demonstrate        December 1st      See your counselor
Montgomery                                undergraduate      integrity, intellectual
Belk Scholarship                          support            enthusiasm and excellence,
(Davidson                                                    global awareness, and leadership
College)                                                     ability and potential
Elks Most          General                Varies             Academic success; leadership;    December          www.elks.org/enf
Valuable Student                                             financial need                   10th              /scholars.mvs.cfm
National           Career specific-       $1,000.00          Minimum 3.3 GPA; must plan          December       http://www.nccpa
Conference of      Accounting                                to pursue a career as a certified   15th           p.org/about-us/
CPA                                                          public accountant (CPA)                            scholarships
Dowdy Scholars     College specific- NC   covers full        Students are required to            December 1st   http://www.ncat.e
Program            A&T                    tuition, fees,     complete the Free Application                      du/~finaid/new_f
                                          room and board     for Federal Student Aid                            reshman_scholars
                                          to include any     (FAFSA). Minimum                                   hips.html
                                          federal or state   qualifications include having
                                          grants.            3.75 or higher high school GPA
                                                             and a 1200 SAT (verbal and
                                                             math only) or 26 ACT score.

National Alumni   College Specifi- NC     This award        Minimum qualifications include    December      http://www.ncat.e
Association       A&T                     covers full       having a 3.0 or higher high       31st          du/~finaid/new_f
Scholarship                               tuition, fees,    school GPA and a 1000 or                        reshman_scholars
                                          room, board       higher SAT (verbal and math                     hips.html
                                          and books for     only) or 22 ACT score..
                                          four years as
                                          long as the
                                          students meet
                                          the yearly
Sallie Southall   Only for state-         1st                     1. Completed                January 12,   Email Ms.
Cotton            supported               place/winner:              Application form         2012          Solorzano for an
Scholarship       universities (NC        $1,500 (one-            2. A transcript (Student                  electronic copy of
                  public                  time                       must be in the top                     the application
                  Universities/colleges   scholarships)              25% in class rank)                     form and
                  )                       2nd                     3. A recent photograph                    instructions.
                                          place/alternate         4. Applicant must be a
                                          winner: $750.00            qualified U.S. Citizen
                                          (one-time               5. A completed FAFSA
                                          scholarship)               (Free Admission for
                                                                     Federal Student Aid)
                                                                  6. Two (2) typed letters
                                                                     of recommendation
                                                                         a. One (1) from
                                                                             the principal
                                                                             or guidance
                                                                         b. One (1) from
                                                                             a business or
                                                                  7. A personal letter as
                                                                     to why the student

                                                      desires to continue
                                                      their education, the
                                                      student’s future plans
                                                      and why financial aid
                                                      is necessary.
                                                   8. SAT Scores

Gates             General   Full            Minimum 3.3 GPA                    January 11th   http://gmsp.org
Millennium                  undergraduate   (unweighted); leadership
Scholarship                 support         abilities
Ronald            General   Varies          To apply for an RMHC               January        http://rmhc.org/
McDonald                                    scholarship, a student must:       27,2012        what-we-
House Charities                                                                               do/rmhc-u-s-
Scholarships                                      Be a high school senior                    scholarships/
                                                  Be younger than 21
                                                   years old
                                                  Be eligible to attend a
                                                   two- or four-year
                                                   college, university or
                                                   technical school with a
                                                   full course of study
                                                  Be a legal U.S. resident
                                                  Live in a participating
                                                   RMHC Chapter’s
                                                   geographic area
                                                  Submit a complete
                                                   application and all
                                                   required documentation
                                                   by the deadline on the
                                                  Meet any additional
                                                   eligibility requirements
                                                   outlined by each

                                                            scholarship program
                                                           Provide verification of
                                                            enrollment each year at
                                                            respective accredited

                                                     RMHC®/Scholars: All
                                                     students are eligible to apply
                                                     regardless of race, color, creed,
                                                     religion, sexual orientation,
                                                     gender, disability or national

                                                     RMHC®/Asia: Applicant must
                                                     have at least one parent of
                                                     Asian-Pacific heritage.

                                                     Future Achievers: Applicant
                                                     must have at least one parent of
                                                     African American or Black
                                                     Caribbean heritage.

                                                     RMHC®/HACER®: Applicant
                                                     must have at least one parent of
                                                     Hispanic/Latino heritage.

North Carolina   Hispanic/Latino   Scholarships                                          January   Application
                                                     - first and second year
Hispanic College Seniors           will be awarded                                       15,2012   available at:
Fund of Triangle                   in the amount     college/university students who               www.thencshp.org
Community                          of between        have a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or               .
Foundation                         $1000 and         better on a 4.0 scale and are of

                         $2500,          Hispanic/ Latino background.
                         depending upon - outstanding academic
                         eligibility and achievement, leadership
                         guidelines      potential, and a commitment to
                                         community service. Candidates
                                         must plan to attend a
                                         community college or a 2- or 4-
                                         year college/university.
                                         Candidates applying specifically
                                         to the Progress Energy
                                         Scholarship must plan to major
                                         in and enter the field of;
                                         electrical, mechanical, nuclear,
                                         chemical or civil engineering.
                                         Candidates applying to the
                                         “IME Becas” Scholarship must
                                         be of Mexican origin without
                                         access to other educational
                                         funding and commit to
                                         community service throughout
                                         the year for which the
                                         scholarship was funded.
AXA            General   up to twelve                                         February 1st   www.axa-
                                            The AXA Achievementsm                            achievement.com
Achievements             $2,000
Community                scholarships to    Community Scholarship
                                                                                             Questions? Contact
Scholarship              high school        Program brings advice and                        Scholarship America
                         seniors who live   access to higher education into                  directly at (800) 537-
                         and attend high    every community in which AXA                     4180
                         school in AXA                                                       or axacommunity@sc
                         branch office

                                                    has a presence.

Florence Kidder   NC Specific    $3,000. The            1. 3 copies of essay on the     February       Email Mrs. Jane
Memorial                         runner up is               topic of the year (please   7,2012         R. Metts at
Scholarship                      awareded                   staple each essay                          wmetts@carolina.
Application                      $1,000.                    together with your name                    rr.com or call at
                                                            on the first page).                        704-377-5094 for
                                                        2. Official transcript                         any questions or
                                                        3. Letter of                                   application forms.
                                                            recommendation from
                                                            your minister, your
                                                            employer, or an adult
                                                        4. A letter of
                                                            recommendation from
                                                            your high school
                                                            guidance counselor or
                                                            one of your teachers
                                                        5. The answer to question
                                                            #10 on the application
                                                            form on a separate sheet
                                                            of paper.
GE Reagan         General        Up to 20           college-bound students who          February 17,   http://www.reaga
Foundation                       awards with        demonstrate exemplary               2012           nfoundation.org/
Scholarship                      $10,000            leadership, drive, integrity, and                  GE-
                                 renewable          citizenship                                        RFScholarships.as
                                 scholarships (up                                                      px
                                 to $40,000 per
Assistance        CMS specific   The                -Be a graduating senior from a      February 24,   Application available
League of                        scholarship, not   high school in Charlotte-           2011           at:
Charlotte                        to exceed          Mecklenburg and a U.S. citizen                     www.charlotte.assist
Scholarship in                   $10,000, will      -Minimum GPA of 3.0 weighted

Memory of Tere              provide funding    and minimum combined score of                       anceleague.org
Berigan                     toward tuition,    1500 on SAT math, critical
                            room and           reading and writing sections
                            board, required    -Demonstrate community
                            fees and books     involvement, including
                            for the            leadership roles
                            freshman year      -Enroll as a full-time student for
                            at one of the 16   the fall and following spring
                            campuses of        semesters at one of the 16
                            The University     campuses of The University of
                            of North           North Carolina (See attached
                            Carolina.          list)
                                               -Disclose all financial sources
                                               for your college education; (this
                                               scholarship is based, in part, on
                                               financial need)
                                               -Write a ONE PAGE double-
                                               spaced essay beginning with “I
                                               am the best candidate for this
                                               scholarship because…”
                                               -Complete an interview with the
                                               Scholarship Committee

2012 Michael A.   General   15 winners will    ALL applications, transcripts,       February 27,   Download
DeMayo                      each receive       letters of recommendations,          2012           application from
Scholarship                 $2,500.00.         SAT/ACT scores and                                  www.DeMayoLaw
                                               presentations MUST be                               .com,. Click on the
                                               received by the deadline in a                       community service
                                               single package.                                     tab, then
                                               Eligibility criteria:                               program and 2012
                                                   1. Current high school                          Scholarship
                                                       senior living in certain                    program.
                                                       NC and SC counties (you

                                                                are part of Mecklenburg                OR
                                                                county and so you do
                                                                qualify!!!)                            See Ms. Solorzano
                                                             2. Accepted for full time                 for a printed
                                                                enrollment or planning                 application.
                                                                to pursue a degree at an
                                                                accredited 4 year college
                                                                or university.
                                                             3. Cumulative GPA of 3.0
                                                                or higher.
Broad            CMS                 scholarships       To qualify, students must: (1)      March 1,   http://www.broad
Scholarship                          ranging from       Graduate from CMS in 2012; (2)      2012       prize.org/
                                     $5,000 for         Have a minimum weighted GPA
                                     students           of 2.75 in their senior year; (3)
                                     attending two-     Enroll full time at an accredited
                                     year colleges to   college, university, community
                                     $20,000 for        or junior college or
                                     those attending    vocational/technical program in
                                     four-year          fall 2012; (4) Show academic
                                     colleges           improvement from the 9th to
                                                        the 11th grade; (5) Demonstrate
                                                        financial need; (6) Be a U.S.
                                                        citizen or U.S. permanent
                                                        resident in possession of a valid
                                                        Alien Registration (green card);
                                                        and (7) Complete a Broad Prize
Scholarships     Veterans/Military   varies             Must have Veteran parent(s)         March 1,   Please visit
Available to                                            who were residents of North         2012       www.doa.nc.gov/
Qualified                                               Carolina when they entered                     vets/locations to
Children of                                             military service. You may be                   find your local NC
North Carolina                                          eligible for a scholarship from                Division of
Veterans                                                the State of North Carolina to                 Veteran Affairs
                                                        attend an approved North                       Service Office.

                                                 Carolina university, community
                                                 college or technical institute.

2012 Nina       General        1st place:$1000   Essay topic: Has technology       March        Contact Shirley
Neeley                         2nd place:$600    helped or harmed the world?       13,2012      Murphey 803-425-
Scholarship                    3rd place: $400                                                  5692 for more
Essay Contest                                                                                   info: Email Ms.
                                                                                                Solorzano for
                                                                                                electronic copy of
Kasie Capling   CMS specific   $2,000.00               The applicant must be a    March 15,    Application
Memorial                                                Charlotte Mecklenburg      2012         available online at:
Scholarship                                             County female student                   http://www.gets
                                                       The applicant must be a                 martgetwise.com/
                                                        rising college freshman,
                                                        re-entry or transfer
                                                        student accepted into a
                                                        Science, Information
                                                        Engineering, or Math
                                                        (STEM) major at an
                                                        accredited college or
                                                        university for the Fall
                                                        2012 semester.
                                                       The applicant’s grade
                                                        point average must be a
                                                        minimum of 3.0/4.0

The Jackie      General        Varies            Must show leadership potential;   March 30th   www.jackierobins
Robinson                                         dedication to community                        on.org/apply/
Foundation                                       service; minimum SAT score of                  general-
Scholarship                                      1000 (math+verbal)                             applications.php

WiseChoice         General            $2,500.00          U.S. Students graduating from          May 31st     www.wisechoice.c
“Find the Right                                          high school in 2012-2015                            om/scholarship
Nursing            Career specific-   varies             Interested in nursing? Check           Varies       www.nursingschol
Scholarships       Nursing                               out the website for more                            arship.us

B. Davis           General            $1000              Available to all high school           May 28, 2012 http://www.stud
Scholarship                                              juniors and seniors as well as all                  entawardsearch.c
                                                         students currently registered in                    om/scholarships.
                                                         any post secondary institution.                     htm
                                                         Be sure to include your name
                                                         and the school you are attending                    send essay to:
                                                         this year and next. This is not                     awards@studentaw
                                                         an academic scholarship but we                      ardsearch.com
                                                         would like to know your current
                                                         academic standing. To apply for
                                                         this scholarship you will need to
                                                         write an essay of less than 1000
                                                         words on the topic below:
                                                         “Discuss, in less than 1000 words,
                                                         how your education has contributed
                                                         to who you are today, or how it will
                                                         affect who you will become.”

College Access     Latino/Hispanic    Partial to Full-   Latino students with a GPA of 3.5       --          Please see Ms.
Para Todos                            ride merit-        or higher and at least an 1100 on                   Solorzano for
partnership with                      based              the SAT.                                            more information.
Johnson C.                            scholarships

Catawba College    Teaching as a   Up to $15,000    To qualify you must:               Please see    http://www.cata
has scholarships   Profession      for N.C.            ·      Be entering Catawba      website for   wba.edu/academi
available                          residents              College as first-time        details       c/teachereducati
through West                       ($13,000 for out       freshmen (transfers are not                on/academy/sch
Scholars                           of state               eligible to apply)                         olars.asp
Program:                           students)           ·      Complete a West
West Teaching                      educational            Scholars application
Scholarship                        scholarship for     ·      Complete a Catawba
                                   qualified              College application for
                                   students who           admission (and be accepted
                                   are planning to        to Catawba)
                                   become              ·      Have a qualifying GPA
                                   teachers               of 3.4 or higher
                                                          (quantative + verbal
                                                       ·      Have a qualifying SAT
                                                          (or ACT converted) of
                                                          1000 or higher
                                                       ·      If invited to interview,
                                                          participate in a videotaped


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