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Reynolds_availability_2012_03_13.xls - Reynolds' Greenhouses by linfengfengfz


									                                                              Reynolds' Greenhouses Availability 3-13-2012
                                    501-623-2053 or 888-623-8284 FAX 501-624-2776
Sold to __________________________________________________________
Prices subject to change without notice. We reserve the right to substitute.

                 PLANTS IN JUMBO PKS.                     PETUNIAS, Specialty                    ALTERNANTHERA              BEGONIAS (cont.)
                 6 - 6 PKS. PER FLAT         B            Daddy Blue                 a           Partytime              a   Big Rose
                 $7.62 PER FLAT, $1.27 EA.   B            Merlin Blue Morn           a           Raspberry Rum          a   Doublet Pink
                 AGERATUM                    B            Merlin Pink Morn           a           Red Threads            a   Doublet Red
     B             Hawaii Blue               B            Prism Sunshine             a           ASPARAGUS SPRENGERII   a   Doublet Rose
                 ALYSSUM                                  SNAPDRAGONS          DRACEANA                                 a   Doublet White
     a            Snow Crystal               B                              a Spike Green
                                                          Montego Burgundy Bicolor                                      a   Dragonwing Pink
     a            Wonderland Purple          B            Montego Mix          HELICHRYSUM                              a   Dragonwing Red
     a            Wonderland Deep Rose       B                              a Crystal Ice
                                                          Montego Orange Bicolor                                            CALIBRACHOA
     a            Wonderland White           B            Montego Red       a Lemon Licorice                            a   Noa Magenta
                 BEGONIAS, Green Leaf        B            Montego Rose      a Licorice Splash                           a   Noa Mango Eye
    a             Prelude Mix                B            Montego Violet    a White Licorice                            a   Noa Mega Magenta
    a             Prelude Pink               B            Montego Yellow       IVY                                      a   Noa Mega Pink

    a             Prelude Rose                                              a Ann Marie
                                                          HERBS IN 4-IN. POTS                                           a   Noa Orange
    a             Prelude Scarlet                         18 POTS PER FLAT  a English                                   a   Noa Ultra Purple
                 BEGONIAS, Bronze Leaf     $18.00 PER FLAT 1.00 EA.         a Glacier                                   a   Noa Yellow
    a             Senator Mix              BASIL                            a Gold Child                                    COLEUS-Sun
    a             Senator Pink          a African Blue                      a Needlepoint                               a   Alabama
    a             Senator Rose          a CILANTRO                             LYSIMACHIA                               a   Big Chief
    a             Senator Scarlet       a DILL BOUQUET                      a Goldi                                     a   Defiance
    a             Senator White            LAVENDER                            PLECTRANTHUS                             a   Dipt in Wine
                 CELOSIA                a French                            a Lemon Twist                               a   Fishnet Stocking
    a             Castle Orange         a Grosso                            a Variegata 'Swedish Ivy'                   a   Glennis
    a             Century Red           a Munstead                             PILEA                                    a   Henna
                 DIANTHUS                  MAJORAM                          a Aluminum                                  a   Lime Red
    B             Floral Lace Mix       a Golden Tip                        a Artillery                                 a   Mint Mocha
    B             Floral Lace Violet       MINT                             a RHOEO TRICOLOR                            a   Mississippi Summer
                 DUSTY MILLER           a Apple                                SEDUM                                    a   Resurrection
    a             Silverdust            a Chocolate                         a Angelina                                  a   Roaring Fire
                 GOMPHRENA              a Ginger                            a Dragons Blood                             a   Saturn
    B             Buddy Purple          a Orange                            a Tricolor                                  a   Stained Glassworks Tilt a Whirl
                 MARIGOLDS, French      a Peppermint                           SETCRECEA                                a   Trailing Plum
    B             Mr. Majestic          a Spearmint                         a Purple                                    a   Trailing Rose
    B             Safari Bolero            OREGANO                             VINCA MINOR                              a   Trailing Rose
    B             Safari Mix            a Golden                            a Purpurea                                      CUPHEA
    B             Safari Orange         a Greek                             a Variegata                                 a   Flamenco Cha Cha

    B             Safari Red            a Italian                              PETUNIAS IN 4-IN POTS                    a   Flamenco Samba
    B             Safari Yellow         a Variegated                           18 POTS PER FLAT                             DAHLIAS-Dark Leaf
    B             Safari Yellow Fire       PARSLEY                             $18.80 PER FLAT 1.10 EA.                 a   Mystic Spirit
                 MARIGOLDS, Triploid    a Italian                              PETUNIA Trailing                             DELOSPERMA
    B             Sunburst Orange       a Triple Curled                     a Easy Wave Blue                            a   Yellow Ice Plant
    B             Sunburst Yellow          ROSEMARY                        B Easy Wave Burgundy Star                        EUPHORBIA
    B             Sunburst Yellow Splasha Tuscan Blue                       a Easy Wave Mystic Pink                     a   Stardust White Sparkle
    B             Zenith Mix               SAGE                            B Easy Wave Neon Rose                            GAILLARDIA
    B             Zenith Orange         a Garden Gray                      B Easy Wave Plum Vein                        a Gallo Bright Red
    B             Zenith Orange and Red a Purple                           B Easy Wave Red                              a Gallo Dark BiColor
    B             Zenith Red            a Tricolor                         B Easy Wave Rosy Dawn                        a Gallo Yellow
    B             Zenith Golden Yellow     STEVIA                          B Easy Wave Salmon                             HEBE
                 MARIGOLDS, African        THYME                           B Easy Wave Violet                           B Strawberries and Cream
    B             Inca II Gold              Elfin                          B Easy Wave White                              HELIOTROPE
    B             Inca II Orange        a English                          B Shockwave Denim                            a Atlanta

    B             Inca II Yellow        a Gold Lemon                           PLANTS IN 4.5" RND POTS                    HEUCHERA
                 PETUNIAS, Multiflora   a Orange                               10 POTS PER FLAT                         a Amethyst Mist
    B             Madness Burgundy      a Silver Edge                          $16.50 PER FLAT, $1.65 EA.               a Can Can
    B             Madness Magenta       a Wooly                                AGASTACHE                                a Cassandra

    B             Madness Midnight         GARDEN ACCENTS IN 4-IN           a Acapulca Orange                           a Crimson Curls
    B             Madness Mix              18 POTS PER FLAT                 a Acapulca Rose                             a Hercules
    B             Madness Moonlight Mix    $18.00 PER FLAT 1.00 EA.         a Acapulca Salmon Pink                      a Neptune
    B             Madness Pink             AJUGA                               BACOPA                                   a Purple Petticoat
    B             Madness Red           a Bronze                            a Gulliver Blue Sensation                   a Silver Scrolls
    B                                   a Burgundy Glow
                  Madness Simply 'Salmon'                                   a Gulliver White                            a Stormy Seas
    B             Madness White         a Caitlan's Giant                   a Scopia Dark Pink                            IBERIS
    B             Madness Yellow        a Mahogany                             BEGONIAS                                 a Snowflake Candytuft
                                                                            a Big Red
Minimum Order 685.00; typically 1 cart; orders smaller than 685.00 will have a 55.00 delivery charge
a Indicates has color
B Indicates budded a marketable size
                           Reynolds' Greenhouses Availability 3-13-2012
                                     501-623-2053 or 888-623-8284 FAX 501-624-2776

Sold to __________________________________________________________
Prices subject to change without notice. We reserve the right to substitute.

       PLANTS IN 4.5" RND POTS              a Mystic Spires                           8" PAN POTS CONFETTI
       10 POTS PER FLAT                     a Sensation Deep Blue                     3/PER FLAT
       $16.50 PER FLAT, $1.65 EA.           a Sensation Deep Rose                     $11.85 PER FLAT, $3.95 EA
       IMPATIENS-Cascading                  a Splendens Dancing Flame                 COMBOS
    a Spellbound Dark Red                       STROBILANTHUS                     a Confetti Garden Lavender Spring
    a Spellbound Orange                         SUCCULENTS                        a Confetti Hot Pink Jazz
    a Spellbound Pink Splash                a Campfire                            a Confetti Garden Afternoon Delight
    a Spellbound Rose                           TORENIA-Trailing                  a Confetti Garden Calypso
       IPOMEA-Sweet Potato Vine             a Moon Blue                               10" PREMIUM BASKETS
    a Ace of Spades                         a Moon Magenta                            MARTINI OLIVE COLOR
    a Blackie                               a Moon Violet                             $7.50 EACH
    a Margarita                             a Moon White                              GERANIUMS ZONAL
    a Tricolor                              a Moon Yellow                         a Master Idols Coral
       LAMIUM                                   VERBENA-Trailing                  a Master Idols Neon Purple
    B   Orchid Frost                       B     Lanai Dark Red                   a Master Idols Red
    B   Purple Dragon                       a Lanai Dark Purple                   a Master Idols Pink
    B   White Nancy                         a Lanai Bright Pink                       COMBOS
       LANTANA                              a Lanai Deep Pink                     a Confetti Garden Lavender Spring
    a Landmark Blaze                        a Lanai Blue                          a Confetti Hot Pink Jazz
    a Landmark Citrus                       a Lanai Purple Star                   a Pismo Beach
    a Landmark Gold                         a Lanai Blush White                       PETUNIA COMBOS
    a Landmark Peach Sunrise               B     Homestead Purple                 a Confetti Garden Cotton Candy
    a Landmark Sunrise Rose                 a Lanai Royal Purple with Eye         a Confetti Garden Peppermint

    a Lucky White                               PREMIUM 6" RND POTS               a Confetti Garden Spring
    a Lucky Yellow                              8/PER FLAT                        a Confetti Garden Twist
    a New Gold                                  $19.60 PER FLAT, $2.45 EA             COMBOS
    a Trailing Lavender                         BANANA 3.90 Each                  a Lobularia
    a Trailing White                        a Dwarf Cavendish                         Trailing Blue Petunia
       LAVENDER                                 COLOCASIA ($3.90)                 a Geraniums Neon Violet
    B   Ruffles Blueberry                   a Lime Aide                               Sacevola Pink
    B   Ruffles Mulberry                    a Maui Magic                          a Lobularia
    B   Ruffles Sugarberry                      CORDYLINE (3.90 Each)                 Geraniums Survivor Blue
       LOBELIA                              a Chocolate                           a Geranium Red
    B   Hot Big Blue                        a Dark Star                               Euphorbia White
    a Hot Blue Star                         a Red Sensation                           Scaevola Blue
    B   Hot Waterblue                       a Ruby                                a Lobularia
       LOBULARIA                                IMPATIENS-Spreading                   Petunia Trailing Yellow
    a Silver Stream                             ( Sun New Guinea)                     Geranium Survivor Blue
       PETUNIAS-Veg. Trailing               a Fanfare Blush
    B   Cascadias Bicolor Cabernet          a Fanfare Bright Coral
    B   Cascadias Bicolor Rim Violet        a Fanfare Fuchsia
    a Potunia Blackberry Ice                a Fanfare Orchid
    a Potunia Red                               IMPATIENS-Ecke Sunpatiens
    a Potunia Yellow                        a Compact Blush Pink
    a Surprise Mandarin Twist               a Compact Coral
       PETUNIAS-Trailing Double             a Compact Deep Rose
    B   SweetSunshine Burgundy              a Compact Lilac
    B   SweetSunshine Dark Blue             a Compact White
    B   SweetSunshine Nostalgia             a Vigorous Coral
    B   SweetSunshine Red                   a Vigorous Magenta
       SALVIA                               a Vigorous Orange
    a Black and Blue                        a Vigorous Red
    a Farinacea Sallyfun Rea                a SPILANTHUS Peek-A-Boo
    a Mesa Purple
    a Mesa Rose
    a Mesa Scarlet
Minimum Order 685.00; typically 1 cart; orders smaller than 685.00 will have a 55.00 delivery charge
a Indicates has color
B    Indicates budded a marketable size

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