Russian Prophecy – Translated From Perfect Russian Into English 3-2-13 By The Local Saints in SW Washington by ProphecyFactory


									Russian Prophecy – Translated From Perfect Russian Into
English 3-2-13 By The Local Saints in SW Washington

The following prophecy was given to one of God’s followers in February 2013
The text has been translated into English for this printing.


A talk is going around about a war, but not many understand. I am God and I will let the war happen to
humble my people. Wickedness is great and they are not ashamed to do shameful deeds. But I will not
tolerate it and soon will expose their adultery and they will be crying with bitterness if they don’t repent.
The repentance needs to be genuine, not false like so many are doing—it is not pleasing Me. But repent
genuinely and fulfill My Word. The people who truly repent, I will guard and save. Soon there are going to
be riots between peoples and there will be a war. Difficult times are coming, but all this is to humble my
people, which once accepted but did not value how precious the Sacrifice was that I suffered in order to
redeem. My redeemed, washed in my blood, will rejoice because they are going to be saved. But the
ones that don’t esteem My sacrifice, they don’t realize that they will perish. Soon the earth will open its
mouth because of My anger, to swallow the sinners. But I don’t want this. Repent and you shall be saved.
Hell is a place of torment and I don’t want to send souls there, but many are plunging down. Renew your
heart so you don’t fall into that place. Give mercy to people, love one another and you will be given mercy
and be saved. I will send sickness to humble the flesh, because wickedness is great and my soul hates it.
Be afraid of those things, so you don’t perish, because many have perished already and they don’t
acknowledge it. I am knocking on their hearts, but they don’t hear. They are quenching my call. They will
be knocking on the gate but I will reject them like they were rejecting Me. May your deeds be good not
evil. The pure in heart shall see Me. Cleanse your hearts constantly because I am coming and I will not
delay. The earth will flee from My appearance. The ones that don’t accept my name will be in fear and
shame. They will want to be saved, but they will be too late, because the time was given. So don’t be a
careless soul, because faithful and pure hearts I will let into my city. They will glow like heavenly lights in
My glory. Woe to the ones who rejected Me. Their cry will be bitter and I will not listen to them, because
they didn’t listen to Me when I wanted their repentance from their wicked deeds. There is desolation in My
temple, and hearts are not pure. But I will cleanse if you will call. My soul hates their praises. I don’t want
that kind of praise which they bring up to me in their lawlessness, but I want repentance. The wicked
world is waiting for My judgment for its deeds and I will judge. Don’t think that you can escape without
repentance. So repent today in the acceptable time while My blood can still cleanse your sins because
the pure in heart shall see God. The ones that don’t want to think about cleansing are condemned now
because they disregarded My sacrifice for sin. I want to give mercy, want to save, want to bless, but not
many want it. Most people choke the good in their hearts with their deeds. That’s why in these last days I
will pour out My Spirit onto the chosen with pure hearts, tongues and thoughts, but those who lust and
don’t meditate on Me, I will punish. So meditate on me day and night in every place and you will be
blessed. Your prayers will be heard and you will not be judged with the unrighteous. Thus saith the Holy
Spirit, Amen.

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