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									       O2/O61’ I 3                                    REVISOR                CKM/TO                 13-1490

1.1                    .                       A bill for an act
{.2          relating to arts and culture; creating motion picture production investment
1.3          incentive program; appropriating money; proposing coding for new law in
1.4          Minnesota Statutes, chapter 11.6].
1.5    es rr nnacrso BY THE LEGISLATURE on THE STATE on MINNESOTA:

1.6        Section 1. [1161999] MOTION Prcruian PRopp"pT1on1Ny_EsTMENT
1.7    INCENTIVE PRQGRAM.                                p           '

1.8            La) The commissionerfiof employmentmanpdpeconomic development shaltenterpinptop an
1.9    agreement with the Association of Minnesota. Motion Pictures (AMMP), a not-fonprofit

1.10   501(c)(6) orgpanigation, to establish and administer a i'[iQ§'1Wt)l1 picture production investment
1.11   incentive program to prodnce”feature¢plength films in Minnesotagiipon ente1"ingZi_n_to_the

1.12   agreement with Al\/lwhfiljithe commissioner must transfer the annnai pappropriatiorito AMMP
1.13   for investment in production of feature-length films, pThgepagreement mtisptpprovide for the
1.14   initial investment to be repaid to the state and jog the state to receive a specified percentage
1.15   ofititiire revenues from eachjilrn after the statielspinitial investment in the film is repaid.

1.16           (b) An agreement between the commissioner and AMMP under this section must
1.17   specify the_ap11thporipty_of AMMP topppactpponpehgiipf of the commissioner. A11 &gI6@l}1§i1§m§IlL1StI
1.18           (1) ensure that AMMP, acting as an agoptof the commissioner, has ownership

1.19   claims on reventieppfrom each i'ilmppf1m§led under this section that are not of lower priority

1.20   than or less favoprpajole than thosepofpiainy othercreditor or investorandp that AMMP”hasp

1.21   preferred positigonwfiiiancing for peachy film;                         ‘
1.22           ((25 specify the scheduie and method for AMMP_toppreppay moneyto thewcpfmmissioner;

       Section 1.                                            T1
       02/06/ 13                                                 REVISOR                CKM/TO                    13-1490

2.1            (3),,provide that after the state’s i11V€S[IT.l6l1_i_1l1 a film has bcieinirepaidiio the state,
2.2    at least 50 percent of the 1'eye1iue,iriom the film received by Ah/lMlf"is returiied to the
2.3    commissioner; and
2.4            (4) providcmthat all film productions receiving fundingunder this section agreemto
2.5    indemnify_and hold the state ofivlinnesota _harmless fromalaiins, suits, and demaads
                                        ____                      W i                                                  1
2.6    causes of action arising from film production in Minnesotaiand agree to carry at least

2.7    $3,00,Q,Qil_0 in liability insu_ranceifo1- each film prodiiced, with the state of Minnesota
2.8    iiamed as an 21Ci_§11iiiQi181 insured.
2.9            (c) Ajilm may receive funding tinder this section oniyiiiii

2.10          ti) the projectjias iafinal shooiing script, final budget, and final schedule, wi.th_Wa
2.11   producer, director, and principal cast under contiact;
2.12           (2) all fundiiig for the film, other than funding to he provided under this scctionais
2.13   in place and documented;

2.14           (3) the amountiofiimding rcguested under this section is not more than 50 percent of

2.15   the totaiiiidirect budget for the film;                          2 2
2.16          Q1), the film has a documented distribatiioniiagreement in place, through a ciistributor
2.17   that AMMP determines is well-known and wellafcispected in the motion picture industry;

2.18          Q) the applicant for funding i1iE1.§__dOCtlIfl6Ht€§_§1 what Minnesota-based personnel,
2.19   businesses, locations, and other related activities wiilibauseii iinaproductionof theifilm;

2.20          Q6) the applicant fO1i‘if1.li1_('i1i1g_gl1Et1'_§iiilI_EBE5S credits on the film and on all relevant publicity
2.21   relating to the film that acicnioiwledge funding from the 2l.t'€Sii?1iilt1_(511’t111'3.1 heritage iiund;
2.22                                                       tprovided to AMMP under this section
              _(_7) no more than six percent of the amoL111...           _
2.23   each fiscal year is spent by AMMP for its administrative costs;_a_nd                      .
2.24          §i8__) AMMP ensures that a majority of the fundsialilocated for eachiiiiiwmiiproject will
2.25   be spent in the state oihgiiinnesota.
2.26           (d) Notwithstaaciirigiaection l29D.l7,_ac_hdivision 2, paragraph (i), AN1l\/lliniay use
2.27   money_appropriated from the arts and cultural heritagciiifaiid f(1I‘J)l‘Oj_§C1S_§iiiQW§iiQig~/iiica                 _

2.28   necessary to the,,inissioniiioif,j§1l\/IMP oaiaidciioif Minnesota.
2.29           (e) 1\/1OI1€f_Y7Iftapaiiiiigiiii§_§t)IIli‘[ii§§iQI}§§§_1iifQ[Il agreements under this secaioiiaiust be

2.30   deposited in lht?.-ta???5.??13?i...9il §F£%l....11§£i‘I3-gt? fund>

2.31       Sec. 2. APPROPRIATION.
2.32           $ ..... .. in the fisicaiiyciariending 1une_3__()_,m2Q14, and $ ..... .. in the fiscaiyear ending
2.33   June 30, 2015, is,_appi1op_ria,tcd, to the commissioncrciaployment andmeconomici
2.34   development for purposes of entering into an agrcenicnt with theaasiaociation of Minnesota

       Sec. 2.                                                      2
02/O6/13                                   REVIS OR               CKM/'FO                13~I49O

Moti_Q11?Pic£ures (_@§flMP) according tof ggction 1. The c0m1nissio11e; mu§t transfer the
ggnual agprqpriation to AMMP_pug§i;;2_1gE_§0 Minne§0ta Statutes,”§¢§;§ipn((W11 63.999.


Sec. 2.                                       3

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