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					Planning and Zoning Commission
November 15th, 2011
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                             WEBB CITY COUNCIL CHAMBERS
                             MINUTES OF NOVEMBER 15th, 2011

The Planning and Zoning Commission met Tuesday, November 15th, 2011 at 5:45 p.m. in Council
Chambers. Due to chairman Crow’s absence, City attorney Troy Salchow presided over the meeting and
called the meeting to order at 6:00 pm and asked for roll call. Members present were: Jeanette Atkinson,
Mark Bond, Debbie Greek and Bob Waters. Pat Eggleston and Richard Crow were absent. Staff members
Troy Salchow City Attorney; acting city administrator Carl Francis, Eddie Kreighbaum Code
Enforcement and Eric Wright, Permits Clerk were also present.

Troy Salchow asked for additions or corrections to the Meeting Minutes of October 18 th, 2011.
No additions or corrections were needed. Bob Waters made the motion to approve the minutes as
written. Mark Bond seconded the motion. All approved.


     Re-Zone Request:

               Applicant: Housing Investment Partners, LLC
                          1730 E. Republic Rd. Suite F
                           Springfield, MO 65804

     Reason for Request: (under contract) To rezone from R-1 to R-3 for Multi-Family
development on property across (east) from Granny Shaffer’s Restaurant, identified by applicant
as 2715 N Rangeline.

     Legal Description: Commencing at the Southwest corner of Section 30, Township 28
     North, Range 32 West, in Jasper County, Missouri, thence North 0 degrees 05 minutes East
     (based on the East line of the Southwest Quarter of Southwest Quarter of section 30,
     Township 28 North, Range 32 West, as due North) 595.0 feet along said Range Line,
     thence North 89° 56’ East 33.86 feet to the East line of Missouri State Highway right-of-
     way the point of beginning; thence North 89° 56’ East 322.14 feet, thence North 29.0 feet,
     thence North 89° 56’ East 1051.0 feet, thence North 696.3 feet, thence South 89° 50’ West
     1180.8 feet, thence South 0° 05’ West 498.75 feet, thence South 89° 20’ West 192.14 feet
     to the East line of the new Right-of-way thence South 0° 05’ West 224.6 feet to the point of
     beginning, Except the East 428.7 feet, and except commencing at the Southwest corner of
     section 30, thence North 0° 05’ East 595 feet along Range Line, thence North 89° 56’ East
     33.86 feet to the East line of Missouri State Highway right-of-way, and the point of
     beginning, thence North 89° 56’ East 322.14 feet, thence North 29 feet, thence North 89°
     56’ East 55 feet, thence North 195.6 feet, thence West to the East line of the new right-of-
     way thence South to point of beginning, and Except beginning at a point 624 feet North and
     428 feet West of the Southeast corner of the Southwest ¼ of the Southwest ¼ of said
Planning and Zoning Commission
November 15th, 2011
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      Section 30, thence North 208 feet, thence West 208 feet, thence South 208 feet, thence East
      208 feet, to point of beginning, and except that part deeded for road right-of-ways.

For: Jim Moore (developer) The Company has 30 years experience and 9,000 units. The proposal for
Webb City will have 72 units and will cost $9.5 million dollars ($120,000 per unit).
The company changed the plan to accommodate neighborhood concerns. They turned a building so the
windows face away from Myrtle, took out the road connecting to Myrtle, will make a Berm and put in
pine trees all along Myrtle, will fix the storm water runoff problem with dirt work and a retention pond.

Debi Greek asked if management would live there.
Reply: Yes and a full-time maintenance man will be available. Also, $400.00 per year per unit for 15
years will be put in escrow for repairs.

Troy Salchow: Rangeline traffic is bad for left-hand turns. Is there any traffic hazard plans?
Housing Investment Partners Engineer: There is enough width so vegetation will not restrict visibility,
and they will put right and left turn lanes on their street to help with traffic flow.

Troy Salchow: The utilities are all Joplin, the tax base is Joplin and the kids will go to school in Joplin?
Mr. Moore: Yes.

Carl Francis: If this passes, during the plat process, Myrtle would have to be included due to traffic flow.

Against: Larry Humphrey 2624 Myrtle: Mr. Humphrey likes the seclusion and does not want the traffic
of 72 extra families. Would like 25 units instead.

           Steve Grissom 2628 Myrtle: likes the seclusion and is concerned about a possible increase in

           Dan Harrison 2629 Myrtle (speaking for 17 people in the neighborhood): This is a quiet area,
there are crime concerns, apartment complexes can turn into something bad with more people in the
apartments than they are built for to keep expenses down. The $400.00 per year per apt. is probably not
enough for maintenance. Myrtle St. is only 1½ lanes wide, not wide enough for two-way traffic. There
also has been talk about a medium being put onto Rangeline where the exit street would be.

Carl Francis: The city would argue against that.

           Dan Harrison: The taxes, utility income would go to Joplin and the children would go to Joplin
schools. The residence has no problem with putting single-family homes on the site. Some of the
residences have been to other projects from this company, on Newman Road in Joplin, and noticed the
upkeep was not good, trash was in the trees, trash bins were broken, there were broken windows and cars
with flat tires and broken windows were there. The neighborhood doesn’t think the flooding issue will be
addressed correctly and urges the commission to not approve the project.
Planning and Zoning Commission
November 15th, 2011
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           Jeff Snell 3301 E. Zora: Jeff has noticed significant increased pedestrian traffic on Zora &
Myrtle. He fears for the safety of the pedestrians and for the increased pedestrian traffic if the apartments
are built. The intersection of Zora & Myrtle is very tricky to turn onto from Zora because of the small
width of the street.

          Darrell Burges 3225 E. Zora: Mr. Burges likes the quiet of the neighborhood and is concerned
about safety, increased drug activity-notes the FEMA housing with the increased crime associated with it.
More animals will be roaming the neighborhood. Concerned this will set a president and more apartments
will be built in the area.

         Jorje Castor 3213 Kennedy Lane: Property prices will go down. After 1st or 2nd year will cease to
be maintained properly.

         Jim Moore rebuttal: Things change- cannot emphasize enough that they will not connect to
Myrtle Street. The commercial property on one side, R-1 on the other. Only natural to have R-3 in the
middle. Cannot do R-2. must be R-3 because cannot make enough money on R-2.

Commission Discussion:
Mark Bond: Tax dollars not going to Webb City. Water retention is an issue. Don’t think a retention pond
will fix the problem and there will be a mosquito problem.

Jeanette Atkinson made a motion to deny the request. Bob Waters seconded the motion. The re-zone
request was denied with Jeanette Atkinson, Bob Waters and Debi Greek voting to deny and Mark Bond
voting to approve.

Troy Salchow adjourned the meeting at 7:40 pm.

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