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					Final Draft ECHHS PTSA Board Meeting Minutes 12-02-08
Attendance: Art Belden, Jill Blackburn, Laura Dudley, Mark Emamian, Cheryl Filpus, Linda Gardner, Christian
Gilbert, Sissy Holloman, Karen Lewis, Faith Nager, Mary Ellen Olson, Janie Riggsbee, Jan Simmons, Dave Thaden, Amy Witsil

Call to Order: 7:05pm by President Art Belden. President's Report: Art Belden reported that Donna Warner has been at work on four occasions with a crew of
15 volunteers, working on the grounds of the school. They started work near the bus lot and will be working next on the large bed in front of the school. It’s looking great and we thank them for the hard work they are doing!

Minutes Approval: Vice President Sissy Holloman noted a quorum was present. One correction was made to
the October PTSA minutes. (Page two under the Cultural Enrichment committee report, last sentence should read: but Nancy Smythe pointed out additional funding was already included in the budget for this area.) MOTION: Jan Simmons moved the minutes be approved as corrected. It was seconded by Jill Blackburn. Motion passed.

Vice-President's Report: Sissy Holloman asked for volunteers for our grouped committee chair positions.
Mark Emamian will be the Communications Chair; Cheryl Filpus will be the Fundraising Chair; and Jill Blackburn will be the Faculty, Staff and Student Services Chair. Action: Mary Ellen Olson will contact other committee areas for their chair representative selection. Sissy Holloman reported the Spring Arts Event committee had started the planning process via email. In order for the event to include band and orchestra students, it will need to be held in April. Video production classes may present some films during the main arts event evening, as one of the venues, followed by a full film festival the following weekend with winners in different categories. Other art will be displayed and music furnished by band and orchestra members. Faith Nager recommended contacting Susan Lombardo to include special needs classes as greeters and waiters if food and beverages are served.

Principal's Report: Dave Thaden thanked the PTSA for donating a 42” plasma screen TV to the Phoenix
Academy. The PTSA won the TV from Harris Teeter. Since East had recently received a donation of flat screen TVs, the Phoenix Academy could make better use of it. The school’s web page has been updated and is more accessible – one of the SIT improvement goals for the year. Improvements have been made to the track along with adding a security fence at the far side of the football field. There is a delayed opening on December 11th. Exams begin on December 16th. Exam schedule: Tuesday 12/16 – 1st and 7th periods Wednesday 12/17 – 2nd and 6th periods Thursday 12/18 – 3rd and 5th periods Friday 12/19 – 4th and make-up tests The Battle of the Bands will be one of the last acts in the old Cat’s Cradle, before it is torn down. OWASA reports that the water at the high school is OK and meets all government guidelines. Dave thanked the PTSA for the new computer monitors in the library. The students are enjoying them. He said about 50% of the teachers had turned in requests for PTSA discretionary funds and he will remind them about it at the next faculty meeting.

Treasurer's Report: The report was sent to the Board prior to the meeting and is also posted on the website.
Art Belden noted we have a good cash balance. Revenues are down from membership sales. However Nancy Smythe is planning a direct mail membership campaign. Faith Nager suggested using the students in some of the special needs classes to stuff envelopes.

ECHHS PTSA Meeting Minutes 12/02/08

Committee Reports
Exam Week Breakfasts – Jan Simmons noted the Exam schedule (see above) with requests for 9 th grade parents to bring in bagels on Tuesday, 10 th grade parents bring donuts on Wednesday, 11th grade parents bring muffins on Thursday, and 12th grade parents can send in anything for Friday. Or juice and fruit are welcomed any day instead of baked goods. Several volunteers are needed each morning as well to help set up, distribute food, and clean up. Parent Forum – Karen Lewis reported she and Christian Gilbert, along with committee representatives from the other high schools have arranged the speakers for the Parent Forum on February 4 th, 2009 in the East CHHS auditorium. The topic is “Should We Drink With Our Teens”. There will be presentations by local experts followed by a Q & A. Art Belden will be the moderator. The forum will be publicized in the middle and high school newsletters. Karen distributed a flyer for the program. The program flyer will also be sent home with report cards prior to the event. PTA Council – report attached in Addendum. Mark Emamian and Mary Ellen Olson noted that the meeting on communication was very informative. The PTA Council has been highlighting different areas of interest each month. The January Council meeting will have Orange County budget personnel presenting information and answering questions. Substance Abuse – see report attached in Addendum. Website/eBlast/Communications – Linda Gardner reported 630 people currently receive the East eBlast. Carrboro has about the same participation, while CHHS has over 1000. Linda noted that Culbreth Middle School has used an eBlast type communication for years. Phillips and Smith Middle Schools have expressed an interest in starting one. Mark Emamian distributed a list showing hits on the PTSA website since mid-October. The most hits per day were 15, usually less, making it apparent that few people are reading the PTSA newsletter, since that is the only way to access it. Discussion followed on how parents were accessing school information and how we could better distribute information. No conclusions were drawn. Linda Gardner suggested we try a bigger push at the beginning of the school year to sign parents up for eBlast. Question: Christian Gilbert asked what had happened to the newsletter email database. Linda Gardner said a decision was made not to use it and it no longer was in existence. Mark Emamian also pointed out that he has redone the PTSA website with new features and a link to the eBlast. Directory – Mark Emamian reported the directory is finished and he dropped off 1700 copies with the student government. Those directories will be distributed to the students during the next advocacy meeting. The listings do not contain emails because of space constraints/readability. The database contains approximately 1500 student listings, out of 1550 – with the others opting out of inclusion. Mark Emamian pointed out that Maury Klein at The UPS Store at Chapel Hill North printed the directory in exchange for a couple of pages of ads in the back of the directory. (We supplied the paper.) He would be willing to print the Wildcat newsletter as well, in exchange for including a strip of ads – and we would supply the paper. Action: Mary Ellen Olson will send a formal thank you to Mr. Klein for printing the directory. Thrift Shop – Cheryl Filpus reported our volunteer hours are down from last year, but we were 130 hours behind in October and only 80 hours in November. Students have been working lots of hours for the Silver Tongue literary magazine and the inaugural field trips. The parking lot repairs are finished at the Plaza store and the auction window is full of unusual gift ideas. There are lots of holiday items in the store and the Thrift Shops decorated one of the trees on display for the ARC fund-raising auction at University Mall. Don’t forget that donations tend to be heavy at the end of the year and the stores can really use volunteers during the holidays.

Old Business:
October Board Actions: Computer Loaner Program – Mary Ellen Olson reported for Terri Hoffer. Terri received a response from Ray Reitz at Lincoln Center regarding the money ECHHS donated to the Computer Loaner program. Mr. Reitz stated 24 students from East were sponsored over a two year period – some for one year, some for two, at a cost of $600 per student per year. Since 24 students for one year would be $14,400, it was apparent that our contributions were spent – on East students. Fundraisers – Mary Ellen Olson reported the Mother Earth Fundraiser was initiated and is being advertised on eBlast. Art Belden has also signed a contract with H&R Block, who will donate $25 to the PTSA for each new tax client they receive with a PTSA referral form.

ECHHS PTSA Meeting Minutes 12/02/08

New Business:
Jill Blackburn reported Bob Evans does community fundraisers and will donate a percentage of their daily proceeds to charitable groups on specific dates. Action: Mary Ellen Olson will check with the restaurant for details on the program.

Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 8:00pm.
Our next meeting is January 6th - 7pm in the Media Center. Respectfully submitted, Mary Ellen Olson Secretary

Addendum: (Reports submitted prior to the meeting.)
Substance Abuse Committee: (submitted by Rashmi Chandra) Per the request of Ms. Wandolyn Merritt, Health Science teacher, the Substance Abuse Committee arranged for representatives from Freedom House to talk to students about the negative impact of drug abuse on their lives. In order to thank them for their time, a donation of $150 was mailed to Freedom House. A second visit will be scheduled in the spring. Note from Ms Merritt to Rashmi Chandra (11/10/2008 3:40 PM) I just wanted to let you know that Mrs. Corbett spoke to health classes this morning (4 classes). She did an excellent job and represented Freedom House very well. I was so glad she came because only 3 students out of 100 had ever heard of this resource that is available in the community. We will invite Freedom House again in the spring semester. Amazing testimonies encourage teenagers to make wise choices so they never have to use these services. PTA Council Report: (submitted by Mary Ellen Olson) Mark Emamian and I attended the November PTA Council Meeting. The evening’s discussion topic was communication and the way PTAs are distributing newsletters, eBlast – type communications, meeting minutes and agendas and maintaining their websites. Most of the district school PTAs are struggling to transition to electronic communications and looking for solutions to connect with families who do not have that capability and/or have language barriers. The PTA Council is considering providing a hosting site for list-serves, and providing some basic program flyer templates in different foreign languages that PTAs could use for events. One idea was to have volunteers who are bi-lingual agree to have their phone number on basic flyer communications, so interested non-English speaking parents could call them for further information. Other ideas for communicating with non-English speaking families included having high schoolers read the newsletter/announcements in different foreign languages for podcasts of the material – or pay to have interested foreign language teachers translate the materials. (Several PTAs do pay to have their materials translated.) On the progressive side of the communication issue, podcasts, blogs and youtube videos seem to be the new communication tools.

ECHHS PTSA Meeting Minutes 12/02/08

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