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Client Services Packet
EnMagine, Inc. has developed innovative planning tools, training programs and exercise packages that address the nexus of emergency management, hazardous materials emergency response, and the healthcare industry. Our marquee programs are the HazMat for Healthcare courses with the First Responder/Receiver Awareness and Operations courses designed to meet, and exceed, current OSHA standards and guidance. Recently added are an online Awareness Refresher course and a Hospital Hazardous Materials Incident Commander (HHMIC) course. To the best of our knowledge - no courses of this type currently exist. I would venture to say that our hazardous materials programs are the de facto national standard if our work across the country (and internationally) and the high volume of unique visitors to our website are any indicator. Much of our work is to repeat and referred clients. We provide Hospital Incident Command System (HICS) training that incorporates National Incident Management System 100, 200, and 700 competencies. Our HICS FUNdamentals makes very dull material palatable, digestible, and effective. A version of the program is available for Executives. These sessions can include exercises of varying intensity. Other components in our toolbox include customized training and exercising for the private sector, public health, and local jurisdictions on many aspects of emergency, environmental, and health & safety management. We have recently added the Weapons of Mass Murder and Mayhem course (WMMM) and courses on Public Information. Our programs are always dynamic and in the forefront of the industry. Once you read through this packet we are sure you will find what you need to enhance your current emergency management programs or find the tools necessary to start a whole new, exciting and effective program. Effective safety management is cost-effective.

Paul Penn Owner and Principal Go-To-Guy

EnMagine, Inc; PO Box 280 Diamond Springs, CA 95619; Tel. 530-622-5964;;

EnMagine, Inc. along with its strategic partners is one of the major delivery vehicles of planning, training and exercising nationwide for healthcare and public health. This packet is intended for hospitals, clinics, extended care facilities, laboratories, healthcare associations, public health organizations, and communities that are interested in improving their capabilities:  To manage overall emergencies, and  To specifically address hazardous materials emergencies (including weapons of mass destruction) involving contaminated patients and internal spills. EnMagine will come to your area and present any of our important programs in your facility or we will find other meeting space as needed. We prefer to conduct our training in a healthcare setting in cooperation with local organizations. EnMagine coordinates with the client to identify delivery dates that best meet your organization’s needs. When we complete our training program, we leave behind a well-trained core of staff and a cadre of instructors (if the Train-the-Trainer class is presented) to ensure a robust and sustainable local capability. Local trainers can then provide the curricula for noncommercial use. A number of communities are using these courses as a means to provide training for hospitals, public health, and clinics using HRSA/ASPR, DHS/OGT/ODP, HMEP, CDC, MMRS, SEPs, tobacco settlement grants, and other innovative funding sources. Moreover, what better way to demonstrate compliance with the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations Emergency Management Standards than by training and working in concert with healthcare organizations in your area? (EnMagine will work to accommodate specific needs of client organizations and their communities; and to meet and exceed the client’s expectations.)

EnMagine, Inc; PO Box 280 Diamond Springs, CA 95619; Tel. 530-622-5964;;

EnMagine’s courses require a location(s) that can comfortably accommodate 50 people for the HICS training and/or 30-40 people for HAZMAT FOR HEALTHCARE training.

We can deliver that training programs in many different configurations. Here are a few examples: HICS/NIMS  HICS FUNdamentals - a six hour introduction to HICS with a series of small exercises but without a large exercise.  HICS FUNdamentals with a large two hour exercise  A two hour HICS for Hospital Executives  HICS Train-the-Trainer  One or two iterations of the HICS FUNdamentals followed the next day with a two-four hour large exercise  Regional HICS training  Site-specific HICS training  Specialized training in the positions and sections represented in the Command and General staffs (Incident Commander, Public Information, Liaison, Safety/Security, Operations, Logistics, Planning, Finance) Public Health  Our public health programs are similar to the HICS activities but formatted for the issues and nuances within the universe of state and local public health organizations (e.g., disease outbreak, surveillance and epidemiology, environmental health, mass prophylaxis, integration with emergency management). HazMat for Healthcare (HM4HC)  HM4HC Awareness (four hours)  HM4HC Operations (Awareness plus twelve hours)  HM4HC Awareness and Operations Instructor program (Operations plus eight hours)  HM4HC Hospital Hazardous Materials Incident (On Scene) Commander  HM4HC Refresher training (varied hours) Weapons of Mass Murder and Mayhem (WMMM)  High-end hazardous chemical laboratory recognition and abatement for fire, HazMat Teams, and law enforcement (five days, eight hours per day) Our one week intensive courses can be delivered as follows:  Day 1 HICS FUNdamentals level  Day 2 HICS Train-the-Trainer (TtT)  Day 3 Morning HM4HC First Receiver/Responder Awareness (FRA)  Day 3 Afternoon HM4HC First Receiver/Responder Operations (FRO) PPE  Day 4 Morning HM4HC FRO Foundation Principles  Day 4 Afternoon HM4HC FRO Decon and Spill Response  Day 5 HM4HC HM4HC FRA/FRO Train the Trainer
EnMagine, Inc; PO Box 280 Diamond Springs, CA 95619; Tel. 530-622-5964;;

Some clients prefer to repeat the HICS Fundamentals and HAZMAT for Healthcare Awareness courses in lieu of Instructor/Train-the-Trainer programs. The courses combine:  Lecture format  Small group activities  Multi-media presentations  Chemical lab recreations (WMMM)  Other adult education techniques  An enjoyable and engaging training program. o (Note: These are important subject matters. While we employ adult education techniques to make the training enjoyable we never lose sight of the seriousness of the topics or the potential consequences.) The course content is customized to be relevant for the delivery area. Courses can be reconfigured to meet the client’s needs within our quality standards.

Internal Many different individuals benefit from attending the training programs, based on their expected job functions. EnMagine would be happy to work with your organization to assist in identifying the appropriate attendees. Regional All of the healthcare organizations in the region surrounding your facility may be invited to attend. We have found that working together as a community has many benefits including; economies of scale, establishing de facto community standards and acceptance, bulk purchasing discounts, reduced training burden for shared staff, and facilitating mutual aid.

Client Responsibilities
The client organization is expected to provide:  Training space  All of the ancillary material associated with a training class o (chairs, tables, whiteboard, easel paper pads, markers, TV/VCR, LCD projector, speakers)  Food and/or refreshments (either in-house or through a caterer). We like to use portions of the client facility (e.g., Emergency Operations Center, decontamination area) for our exercises. The client organization will be requested to provide contacts and information to EnMagine so that the course content is consistent with local and state standards. (Our student manual is comprehensive and extensive. Printing is considered part of expenses. EnMagine can either provide the client with a .pdf file of the material to print the student manual locally; or, we can use our printer who will print the student manual with our binder and include the costs as part of the expenses.)

EnMagine, Inc; PO Box 280 Diamond Springs, CA 95619; Tel. 530-622-5964;;

EnMagine Responsibilities
We will provide:  Highly qualified instructors  Program visuals  Student participation exercises  Lab set-up materials (WMMM)  Student certificates

Personal Protective Equipment
EnMagine can provide the personal protective and response equipment through separate agreement, and/or incorporate locally used equipment into the curricula, if desired. EnMagine will provide props normally used in our curricula.

Certification and CEUs
These training sessions are designed to be eligible for continuing education credits. Each state has different requirements. We work with the sponsoring organizations to facilitate the granting of continuing education units with appropriate state accrediting bodies. The HAZMAT FOR HEALTHCARE curricula has been incorporated into the California state training regulations through the California Specialized Training Institute (CSTI), the training arm of the California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services. Thus, EnMagine will be able to provide a certification to successful attendees of the Awareness and Operations courses by a recognized third party. CSTI’s programs are used throughout the world as the source of definitive hazardous materials emergency response training, and are not limited to California.

EnMagine’s Qualifications
EnMagine, a multi-disciplinary organization, through its owner, Paul Penn, has been in the forefront of emergency, environmental, and health & safety management since the early 1970s. Our focus is on planning, training, exercises, audits, and creative problem solving; along with spearheading programs that others are wary of tackling. EnMagine’s latest undertakings are focused on healthcare, addressing issues across disciplines. Our instructors are a special breed. They must know their “stuff,” be great instructors, and be enthusiastic about the subject matter. They bring expertise and passion to the classroom, plus the ability to convey information and develop skills so that attendees can “demonstrate competency.”

Other Opportunities
EnMagine also provides planning, training, and support for other for other healthcare related programs including pollution prevention/resource conservation, injury reduction, and mold management. EnMagine is well qualified to work with organizations to conduct on-site hazard/vulnerability assessments, environmental surveillance/audits, and to design and deliver exercises and drills of all types. A specialty of EnMagine is designing exercises to assess existing capabilities, to ensure the client recognizes its own strengths and shortfalls. We offer concrete recommendations for continual improvement. (These exercises can be configured to meet the HSEEP requirements.) EnMagine personnel are also available as keynote speakers, seminar coordinators, and meeting facilitators. Client organizations that are interested in customized programs to meet local needs are encouraged to contact EnMagine.
EnMagine, Inc; PO Box 280 Diamond Springs, CA 95619; Tel. 530-622-5964;;

Costs The programs are designed to be cost-effective and allow EnMagine to bring in the highest caliber of instructors. The following is a price list effective through July 1, 2008:

Client Contract Pricing for Various Program Offerings
Note: HICS training is encouraged, but is not a prerequisite for HM4HC. Sample of Individual Courses May be modified to meet organization needs Hours Cost Class (+ = direct Size expenses) 6-8 $3,800 + Up to 50 8 $4,200 + Up to 40

Schedule (subject to modification) HICS – FUNdamentals Level HICS – Train-the-Trainer HM4HC FRA



$2,400 +

Up to 40

HM4HC – FRO HM4HC – Train-the-Trainer Complete Program Weapons of Mass Murder and Mayhem

12 (plus 4 FRA; total 16) 8 Hours (16 FRA/FRO; total 24) 40 40

$9,200 +

Up to 30

$14,200 +

Up to 30

$21,000 + $37,500 +

30 to 50 Up to 30

$3,700 if delivered in conjunction with a FUNdamentals course. A stand-alone course intended for a general audience and the basis of subsequent HM4HC training. Cost includes FRA level course. FRA is a prerequisite. Cost includes FRA/FRO level courses. FRO is a prerequisite. 5 parts delivered in consecutive days Delivered in consecutive days

Schedule (subject to modification) HM4HC FRA HM4HC – FRO New! HM4HC Hospital Hazardous

HazMat for Healthcare Package Sample 2 Comments Hours Cost Class Size (+ = direct expenses) 4 $2,400 + Up to 40 A stand-alone course intended for a general audience and the basis of subsequent HM4HC training. 12 (plus 4 FRA; $9,200 + Up to 30 Cost includes FRA level course. total 16) FRA is a prerequisite. 8 (plus FRA/FRO; $13,200+ Up to 30 For Command Staff and HazMat total 24) Branch Directors/ Group Supervisors/ Unit Leaders

EnMagine, Inc; PO Box 280 Diamond Springs, CA 95619; Tel. 530-622-5964;;

Materials Incident Commander HM4HC – Train-theTrainer New! Online First Responder Awareness Refresher

8 Hours (24 FRA/FRO/HHMIC; total 32) Approximately 1 hour

$17,200 +

Up to 30

Cost includes FRA/FRO level courses. FRO is a prerequisite.



(All prices are per session, plus expenses. Expenses can be estimated for a fixed price. Expenses include, but are not necessarily limited to; travel, accommodations, board, printing, and shipping.) * If your organization requires all-inclusive pricing (e.g., expenses), please contact us at Class enrollment limits are based on maximizing student benefits. If you have other needs as to numbers of students in any class please contact us at Customized programs can be arranged to meet your specific organizational needs. Please contact us at

EnMagine, Inc; PO Box 280 Diamond Springs, CA 95619; Tel. 530-622-5964;;