How to hire top sales people by adam25


									Hiring Top Sales People - Your Personal Check List Resumes and Job Applications • Do not dismiss an unstable job history. • Look for themes and links in past jobs. • Ask for “Salary History and Requirements” on resumes • Watch for those who omit salary history and requirements • Look for those who break down history in terms of base and commissions • For Entry-Level Sales Positions look for: • A good aptitude for math’s and numbers • A military background • Participation in organised sports • A history of reaching goals or winning contests and awards of any nature Check resumes for: • Team work, unity • Positive reports on past employers • Positive reasons for leaving last job position • Neat, organised document • Watch out for those who have long gaps no gaps between jobs: it is only natural for there to be small gaps between jobs. People who say they left job A one day and started at job B the next, could be dishonest or someone who takes any job that comes along without thought. The Interview • Sell the sales person • Ask questions to ensure the sales person believes in the product & company • Ask for personal history • Verify technical qualifications • Ask general questions, mixing personal and job related topics • Ask ethical based questions or role play The Hiring Decision • Assume complete and sole responsibly for the new hires success or failure • Only hire sales people that you believe in so strongly that you would bet your own personal income on them succeeding. Happy Sales Hiring!

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