The headline in marketing by adam25


									Your headline is the first thing your readers will see, so make sure you make a great first impression by choosing a headline that is appealing and attractive to your potential readers. Visualize yourself standing in front of a magazine rack trying to select the right magazine to read. You first will go to your favorite name brands because you trust those sources and are familiar with them, but chances are you do not make the decision to purchase before checking out the headlines on the cover. Even after you review them, you glance at the other magazines and will gravitate towards the headlines that appeal to your interests at that very moment. Article marketing involves the same psychology. Even though you have subscribers to your articles, you need to entice them to click on your article to read further and your headline is the tool to do that. There are several techniques out there, but here are 5 of my favorite (and proven) headlines: 1. The Question: "Does the recession have you worried for your future?" The question appeals to your readers who are looking for answers and who isn't looking for answers these days? Find out what your audience searches for and create an article that provides them the answer. 2. The How To: "How to improve your golf swing in 10 days" These work very well because people love to learn new things. The critical element in these types of headlines is to focus on the benefits your readers will achieve by learning your new technique, system or strategy. 3. The Command: "Social Media Explained" Command headlines are a great way to attach to a current trend and can also be a wonderful way to position you as an expert. Look for your most important benefit of an emerging trend and turn into a commanding headline. 4. The List: "7 Early Warning Signs of Teenager Angst" People love lists and they are the easiest to write. Turn your headline into a list message so your readers know they are going to be given tips in an easily digested format. 5. The Testimonial: "Kellie D'Andrea BLAST Secrets- Our Sales Grew by 40%" Testimonials are great because your clients create the message including the headline. People relate to others they feel are independent and objective and a testimonial is a great way to provide that proof and demonstrate your successes. Once your readers know that you are offering valuable information that they are interested in, they will want to read further. Your headline is like the shinny wrapping paper and the big bow on a wonderful present. Dress it up and excite your readers to open the package and be rewarded by your wonderful gift

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