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									                                                             Devin Heller, Period 5

                                  Myrtle Beach, S.C.

      Going to the beach for vacation isn’t just about sand and the ocean. It’s

about taking an adventure. Of all the places my family has vacationed, Myrtle

Beach is our favorite. It offers the biggest variety of things to do for all ages. It is

a place where we enjoy spending time together. Myrtle Beach, S.C. is considered

a great vacation spot because of the beautiful beaches, the wide variety of

entertainment, and great places to eat.

      Myrtle Beach is a beautiful beach to sit and relax. It offers soft white sand,

which is kept very clean. Umbrellas and chairs are provided as rentals if you like.

For people who want some exercise, playing frisbee or football on the beach is a

fun thing to do. For even more excitement, you can consider renting wave

runners or try the thrill of parasailing. No matter what you decide, the beach is a

great place to be.

      There are so many fun things to do, it is often hard to make a decision. Golf

is a big sport, and whether it is miniature golf or professional golf, there is a

course for you. For Nascar fans, try spending a day at the Nascar Speed Park.
They have many different tracks to drive on. Even though there isn’t a boardwalk

like many of the beaches in Maryland and New Jersey, there is still plenty of

shopping. Barefoot Landing and Broadway at the Beach are two great shopping

areas with many shops. The Dixie Stampede is famous in the south, and it is a fun

evening of dinner and a show. And for the kids, there are amusement parks and

water parks to enjoy. Days and nights are filled with all kinds of great activities.

      No matter what you are hungry for, there is a place for you. Two seafood

favorites are Captain George’s Seafood Restaurant and Sea Captain’s House. If

you want a good laugh, try Dicks Last Resort. There you can find the customers

being insulted and laughed at for fun. There are all kinds of ethnic restaurants

like Mexican, Italian, and Asian restaurants. If a steak or hamburger is more your

style, there are many good steakhouses. There is a place for everyone’s taste.

      Next time you plan a vacation, consider Myrtle Beach, S. C. It is a great

spot to vacation. If you want some quiet and peaceful moments, you can enjoy

the beach. For added excitement, check out some of the outstanding places of

entertainment. And don’t forget to eat! Pick a different spot each day and enjoy

all the delicious food. You might find out that you don’t need a boardwalk to
enjoy the beach. Day or night, there is always something exciting to do. Consider

Myrtle Beach in your next vacation planning.

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