How to Fashionably Pack for Spring Break by lfsmj2010


									How to Fashionably Pack for Spring Break
Ever feel like you might pack the wrong things for spring break? Learn
how to pack a suitcase full of cuteoutfitsby reading my article!
1Write down all your swimsuits, cover ups, tank tops, shorts, and shoes
on a piece of paper. Take different colors of highlighters and highlight
items that will look good together.<
2Figure out how many days you will be at your destination and put
together outfits for each day. If you're a huge fashionista write down a
different outfit for each day.
3Wait you have all your outfits put together, write them all down.
Example: Saturday March 30: Red Tank top, denim miniskirt, Red sandals,
gold clutch. Swim: White swimsuit, green cover up and black flats. Sleep:
White tee shirt and black shorts. Write each outfit for each different
day. To be even better, type up your daily outfits.
4Decide which items you will need to buy and make a shopping list. Look
on store websites until you find everything you're looking for.
5Go shopping. Find everything you need and also try finding other things
you like and make some adjustments to your list.
6Determine all your outfits for each day. Take all your items you have
written down and make them into a packing checklist. This is helpful so
you don't forget anything.
7Wash all your clothes or at least spray them with nice scents if you
have no access to a washing machine.
8Start packing your clothes. Make sure you bring enough underwear, bras
and socks to last you the amount of time you will be on vacation.
9After all your clothes are packed, you need to pack your toiletries.
Find out everything you need to get ready in the morning and night and
make a list. Store them in a large toiletry bag and make room for it in
your suitcase.
10Don't forget to dress comfortable for the plane/train/car ride there!
Juicy Couture Tracksuits are highly recommended!
11Have fun on your trip! You will get lots of compliments on your cute


This list making may take a while! Start ahead of time!

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