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									Entry example   Full entry name      Example tested                                            isException
A.D.            Anno Domini          In A.D. 14, Augustus perished.                            Yes
                                     My favoirte show is on at 9 a.m.; ABC Morning News is
a.m.            a.m.                 the best!                                                 Yes
adj.            adjective            This term is an adj. not a noun.                          No
approx.         approximate          I can't climb that, it's approx. 3 meters high.           No
approx.         approximate          Smith is approx. Johnson's age.                           Yes
B.A.            Bachelor of Arts     Seth Smith, B.A., is now a professor.                     No
                Bachelor of
B.Acc.          Accounting           Seth Smith, B.Acc. is now an accounting professor.          No
B.C.            Before Christ        In 323 B.C., Alexander the Great met his match.             No
Blvd.           boulevard                                                                        No
                                     He felt like a star traveling down Sunset Blvd. with the roof down.
Corp.           Corporation          IBM Corp. & IBM Canada Ltd. are both companies.             Yes
d.              day (?)              There are 7 d. in a week.                                   No
Dr.             doctor               I went to see Dr. Anderson for my broken leg.               Yes

Dr.             drive                Let's take a trip down Doral Dr. to get some ice cream.   No
                                     Large cats (e.g. tigers, panthers, and jaguars) existed
e.g.            for example          in ancient times.                                         No
                eastern standard
e.s.t.          time                 We were supposed to meet at 8 a.m. e.s.t., not c.s.t.! No
etc.            et cetera            The song went on and on about sea creatures: narwhals,No lobsters, etc., until it final
Fri.            Friday               The date today is Fri. March 21, 1980.                 Yes
govt.           government           The Canadian govt. just released their latest budget.  No
                Honors Bachelor
Hon.B.A.        of Arts              Seth Smith, Hon.B.A., is now a professor.                 Yes
Hwy.            highway              Never cross Hwy. 7 against traffic, it'll end badly.      No
                                     Ken Griffey Jr. hit more home runs for the Mariners
Jr.             junior               than he did for the White Sox.                            No
Lt.Cdr.         Commander            Someone call Lt.Cdr. Bond, the ship is sinking!           Yes
Ltd.            Limited              IBM Canada Ltd. is a subsidiary of IBM Corp.              No
M.Sc.           Master of Science    James got his M.Sc. last year.                            No
Ms.             Mistress             At noon, Ms. Smith left with a headache.                  Yes

Mr.             Mister               Mr. Smith gives us a terrible amount of homework.         Yes
Mrs.            Mistress             At noon, Mrs. Smith left with a headache.                 Yes
n.              noun                 This term is a n. not an adjective.                       No
O.J.            orange juice         She prefered her O.J. without pulp.                       No
Oct.            October              Jonathan's birthday is Oct. 22.                           Yes
Oct.            October              Oct. 22 is my favorite day.                               No
                Professional         I took an ethics test, and now have my P.Eng.
P.Eng.          Engineer             designation.                                              No           present participle   The of "fish" is "fishing."                         No
Ph.D.           noun                 I compleed my Ph.D. two years ago.                        Yes
pp.             paginae              For more about lemurs, see pp. 24-7.                      Yes
PP.             Pope                 I remember the reign of PP. John Paul II.                 Yes
Prof.           professor            Prof. Seth Smith now teaches at Harvard University.       Yes
Pvt.            private (US)         Pvt. Smith just enlisted after leaving university.        Yes
Rev.            reverend             Last year, my friends were married by Rev. F. Tuck.       Yes
                          Sgt. Slaughter was the WWF champion until Hulk
Sgt.    seargent          Hogan beat him.                                        Yes
                          James Williams Sr., neurosurgeon, has succesfully
Sr.     senior            completed 18 surgeries.                                No
T.rex   Tyrannosaurus rex The T.rex ruled the jungles.                           No
Tpke.   turnpike          You have to take the Mass. Tpke. to get to Fenway!     Yes
Tpke.   turnpike                                                                 No
                          You have to take the Massachusetts Tpke. to get to Fenway!
U.K.    United Kingdom    There is anarchy in the U.K.                           No
                          My grandfather had four sons who grew up, viz.:
viz.    videlicet         Thomas, John, Benjamin and Josiah.                     No
                          Randy "Macho Man" Savage vs. Ricky "The Dragon"
                          Steamboat was, perhaps, the greatest wrestling match
vs.     versus            ever.                                                  Yes

SRL fixed this – was just Mrs

SRL fixed this
– was “Mr./Mrs.”

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