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					     Artificial Intelligence
• the science of getting machines
  to perform jobs that require
• Intelligence is:
   –responsiveness to
  Are Computers Intelligent?
Currently computers have two
 limitations by comparison with
  –must be fed information
  –appropriateness and
   effectiveness of computer’s
   output depends on what the
   programmer had in mind and
   goes on to make of it.
   Three kinds of questions:
1. Will a computer ever be able to do
  X? (an empirical question)
2. Given that some computer can do X,
  does that show that it does it in the
  same way that humans do X?
  (empirical question that depends on
  neuropsychology findings)
3. If some computer could do X, would
  that show that it had property P?
  (philosophical, conceptual question)
       Can computers have
Lycan argues that it is conceivable that
 computers could come to have
 intelligence with the Harry and
 Henrietta thought experiments.
     What are the moral
implications of consciousness?
If X is conscious just as a human is,
   then X has the same moral claim to
   human rights and privileges
   (according to Lycan).
    Objections/questions for
1. what if the computer cannot feel
2. What follows from the fact that the
  computer is constructed out of
  goods that are owned by the builder?
  Does the computer have a right to its
  parts once they no longer form a
  portion of its body?
3. Note that the converse would
  definitely not follow immediately: if
  something does not have
  consciousness then it does not have
  human rights and privileges.
Computational Theory of Mind
• Lycan’s theory that the mind is
  (functionally equivalent to) a
  digital computer.
• a kind of functionalism, a theory
  that mental events are defined in
  terms of what they cause and
  what they affect, which includes
  both physical events and other
  mental events.
• Thus functionalism solves the
  mind/body problem by showing
  how mental events are caused
  by physical events, not as one
  physical event causes another,
  but in the sense that we come to
  define a certain combination of
  physical events as a mental

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