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What‟s it all about?

Empowering Entrepreneurs Speaker Series Dennis Masella and Kathy Emond
March 13, 2008

By the Numbers
• Active Internet Universe: 1.32 billion • North American users: 238.0 million (69.7% of population)
Source: December 2007

Why are YOU here?

Why E-networking?
• Reduce the fear of networking. • Connect with anyone who is connected to the Internet. • Drive people to your website. • Increase your standing on search engines. • Inexpensive. • Fast.

Networking Numbers
• Chamber Event
– Met 4 new people – Talked with 6 people I know well – Introduced new member to 6 people

• Linked In numbers
– Directly connected to me – 86 – 2 degrees away – 42,100 – 3 degrees away – 3,092,400

Turn Strangers into Friends Turn Friends into Customers And then… Do the most important job: Turn your Customers into Salespeople
Flipping the Funnel Seth Godin

• I believe in networking.

• I am an always improving networker.
• I don‟t cold call.

• I never want to do cold calling.
• E-Networking, Social Networking, is a „new‟ concept. • I didn‟t know how to put it to use. • 2007 Goal: figure it out.

My Plan
• • • • Expand my network. Find site(s) that is/are easy to use. Find ways to „touch‟ contacts. Learn this new way of marketing.

What I Did in 2007
• • • • • • • • I signed up at certain websites. I asked people how they used these sites. I attended webinars. I read articles, blogs, and eBooks. I invited people to network with me. I said „yes‟ when anyone invited me. I was asked to share what I learned. Here I am…

The Search
• • • • • • • • • LinkedIn Plaxo Xing Shelfari MerchantCircle Konnects Space.businessballs Spock Fordham Alumni • • • • • • • • • Digg MySpace FaceBook Ecademy Ryze Squidoo Blue chip Adlandpro zoominfo

Are There Others?
• YES!
– Google social media Orkut – Your industry may have an e-networking group ( – Your school may have e-Networking – Same Interest groups (golf online) – Start your own –

Why Did I Sign Up With…
• LinkedIn
– I actually signed up years ago but did nothing – A colleague said I „should‟ – It seemed to be the „one‟ to join – 17 million others agree – Easy to learn about

Lessons Learned
• From Mike O‟Neil‟s LinkedIn 101 Training/Webinars/index.cfm
– Use your email as part of your name – Fill out the entire profile – Invite everyone you know – Personalize the invitation and thank you – Save the words in a file and copy and paste

Lessons Learned
• From Rita Wilhelm “Dollars and Sense on Online Communities”
– Background on many sites and interviews with people who are familiar with them – “…you need to be where your target audience is spending their time, so that they find you!” – NUDE Model of Referrals
• Novelty, utility, dependability, economy

Lessons Learned
• From Jason Alba “I‟m on LinkedIn – Now What??”
– Connect with Super Connectors (LIONS) for visibility – Check my connections‟ connections and ask for an introduction – Get recommendations/Write recommendations

Lessons Learned
• From articles and blogs
– Being on these social media sites is like putting an ad on every street corner – You are on step one of the Sales Process when you begin to connect – People on social media have higher income and spend more money – We really need to get videos posted – Remember to share your best stuff, become a trusted advisor – You need to go where the fish are biting.

How I Have Used LinkedIn
• Asked questions • Answered questions • Invited connections to sign up for our newsletter • Searched for people and/or companies • Set up group for ABWA members • Answered EVERY invitation • Invite your connections‟ connections

How I Have Used LinkedIn
• When a connection‟s profile changes, you are notified; sent a congratulations or other comment • Before the webinar, I had about 30 connections; now I have 138 • I have been „viewed‟ by many people • You can answer “What are you working on?”

Other Uses
• Jobs are posted • HR people search LinkedIn for employees • Relationship-building and personal branding

Why Did I Sign Up With…
• Plaxo
– Received an invitation from someone I trusted – Reminds me about birthdays

Why Did I Sign Up With…
• Merchant Circle
– Recommended – Opportunity to start a blog – Possible local connections

Why Did I Sign Up With…
• • • • • • • Xing zoominfo Shelfari Konnects Space.businessballs Spock Fordham Alumni

Beyond Signing Up
• Spend about an hour each week on LinkedIn • Spend about 15 minutes a week on Plaxo • Spend about 15 minutes on other sites

• Be careful with controversy • ALWAYS include a link to your site • ALWAYS include a message that “I‟m new to ___, and I‟m interested in ___.” • When you comment on someone‟s blog, or sign someone‟s guest book, include a link to your site.

• Don't jump in with both feet and begin posting content. • Don’t give up. • Don’t bombard people with messages.

Questions I’ve Been Asked
• Is it SAFE? • How many sites should I join? • What questions do you have?

Lessons YOU’ve Learned?

Sites YOU’ve found and liked/disliked?



Kathy Emond 603-880-8191

Dennis Masella 603-465-6573

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