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					  The Boy in the Striped Pajamas Quiz #1
  REVIEW chapters 1-10

  1. Bruno’s mother disagrees with the views of the Nazis. What evidence do we have
  of her feelings? How does she stand up for her beliefs?

  2. On pg 53, Bruno’s father says, “those people” and explains that “…they’re not
  people at all…”. Why would he say that? Why is this important?

  3. Why don’t Bruno’s parents want him to go anywhere outside his new house? If
  this is something his dad is helping to run, why don’t they want him to see? Does
  this mean they are ashamed of it? What other explanation(s) could there be?

  4. How do the friendships that Bruno has in Berlin at the beginning of the novel
  compare with his friendship with Shmuel?

  5. On page 92, Bruno’s grandmother is talking to Bruno’s father and says,
  “Dressing up and doing the terrible, terrible things you do. It makes me ashamed.
  But I blame myself, Ralf, not you.” Why does she say this? Why does Bruno’s
  mother make the children leave the room?

  6. Bruno wonders on page 100, “And who decided which people wore the striped
  pajamas and which people wore the uniforms?” As a 9 year old, what do you think
  is going through his mind? What would go through your mind?

  7. Bruno goes exploring and discovers someone instead of something. What does he
  find out about the other side of the fence? How?

  8. What do you think will happen with Shmuel and Bruno? Support using specific

Coincide                      Fond                             Vanished
Reciting                      Heritage                         Despair
Tolerant                      Rummaged                         Exaggerating
Regretted                     Stern                            Relocate
Slurred                       Circumstances                    Resolution
Patriot                       Idiotic

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