How to Lead a Life Like Melrose Place by lfsmj2010


									How to Lead a Life Like Melrose Place
Melrose Place. Remember that? 1990's, Billy Campbell, Allison Parker,
Michael Mancini, Amanda Woodward and Jane? Have you thought it was so
cool how they all were best friends and living in the same apartment
complex? Wanna be like that?

1Make sure the friends that you will be moving next to feel the same way
you do. Otherwise, you're just neighbors.<
2Before you move out of where you're living, make plans with friends,
preferably close friends. Show them the new, cool apartment complex and
see what they think. If they don't like it, or aren't sure, don't do
anything. Don't promise them or loan them money. Yes, you want to lead a
life like them, but you don't want to end up in debt.
3If you cannot get your friends to move into the complex, move into it
yourself, if that's your intention. Make friends with tenants around your
age. Invite them over for coffee or poker or a movie. Just don't be too
forceful on your friendship right away.<

Plan this move with caution. You don't have to move. If you can't afford
rent, either don't move, or find a roommate, who can pay half the rent
and utilities.
Be friendly. But don't be clingy or forceful. Just introduce yourself and
treat them like friends.
If you are close enough friends, things will happen. Don't say, "Oh,this
is like Melrose Place.." Let them come to the conclusion themselves. Who
knows,they might have moved into the apartment because of the same
reason. They may not like Melrose Place, but that doesn't mean you can't
have a similar scenario.

Don't tell them that you are only doing this because of Melrose Place, or
they will get the wrong idea and think as soon as you get bored with
Melrose Place you will move out and leave them hanging. Or they will just
think you are weird and that isn't good if you wish to make friends.

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