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									How to Lead a Celebrity Life
If you're forever gazing at glossy magazines jealously, wondering how on
earth the stars manage to look so good, and get everything they want,
this article will show you how!
1Look through some magazines and pick out stars that you like. Ask
yourself why you like them. What things do they have that you want? Try
not to focus so much on the physical features however like blonde hair or
blue eyes or tattoos. Some things won't suit you. This article is about
what will suit you! This article will use a few well known celebrities as
examples: Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton. Although maybe not loved by
everyone, people certainly know who they are.<
2Enhance your looks.Before you can start acting like a celeb, you need to
do some primping! You might like to try getting highlights in your hair,
dyeing it, and getting it styled or cut. Hair needs to be trimmed every
six weeks or so to stay healthy. Go to a hairdresser because if you do it
yourself there's a big chance you will mess up, and mainly - would a
celeb cut/color/etc their hair themselves? No way! Look through magazines
for hairstyles.If you don't usually wear makeup, now is the time to
start. Despite what people say, you can wear a full face of makeup
without looking skanky. Try to get a foundation and concealer closest to
your face tone. Upscale department stores and beauty workers in salons
will help you and give you good advice.
Clean waxed brows will open up your eyes, which should have either clear,
black or brown mascara on them, and a light eyeshadow like beige or
taupe. Use an eyelinerpencilon the top of eyes - and only halfway on the
bottom. Light pink or clear is great for lips.

3Get pedicures and manicures weekly. They make your hands and feet so
soft and look amazing. You can do these at home, but if you want a treat,
you can always head off to a salon! They tend to do great deals. Most
people do a light coat of paint for their fingers and dark for their
toes. Dress up nails with stick-on jewels!
4Take care of your skin. Facials should be done every week too, and you
can do them at home. Cold tea bags are great for puffy eyes. Exfoliating
is important as it makes your skin glow by getting rid of dead cells.
5Look after your teeth. Brush, floss and whiten your teeth
(professionally or with a home product) and pop mints and gum for fresh
breath.If you have any problems, it's best to get them fixed early! If
you have acne, go to your doctor and see what they recommend. If you want
to lose weight, talk to your doctor or parents and try to devise a
healthy eating plan. Starving yourself will slow the rate at which your
body burns fat. Join a gym - you lose weight and look healthy and toned
(like the celebs!), can look at hot boys and socialize.

6Maintain good habits. As well as having a healthy diet, try to have some
other good habits too like drinking lots of water and getting enough
sleep. People wouldn't rave on about these 2 things if they didn't
work!Try to take some time to relax and meditate. It's great. You will
feel chilled and refreshed.
If you smoke, try to limit your amount to only when you socialize or only
a certain amount per hour. If you don't smoke, don't lecture either.
If you drink alcohol, try not to get super drunk. You lose your
inhibitions and end up doing stupid things you will most definitely
regret. Stay away from drugs for the same reason.

7Buy the right clothes. Celebs have great clothes and you know why that
is? It's because they get them for free. Not everyone can, and not
everyone can afford a stylist. So just make do with what you've got. When
shopping for clothes, try to avoid obvious knockoffs of designer stuff.
It looks really tacky.Buy a few girly magazines and Vogue and check out
what's hot. Is it girly? Bohemian? Sporty? What are your favourite celebs
wearing? There's always more than one trend out, so pick one you like and
try buying a few key pieces. They don't have to be designer, they just
have to fit you well. If you want to buy designer and can't afford it,
start saving. Do odd jobs for your parents, get a real job, etc. Put that
money in a piggy bank or a real bank, then splash out on a little
designer thing when you have enough. You may not be able to afford a two
thousand dollar shirt, but you could afford designer sunglasses/a
diary/scarf, etc. You could maybe even start with a designer perfume.

8Wear accessories. Accessories really set outfits off. eBay is a great
place to find toe rings, bracelets, necklaces, anklets, earrings,
sunglasses, big purses, etc., cheaply. So is Amazon. Clamshell phones are
hot right now and you could decorate your own with jewels like Paris and
other celebs. Ipods are still big sellers. Fill yours with popular music.
If you have no idea what's hot, try watching music shows on tv, listening
to the radio and looking at music websites.
9Buy a planner and fill it up as much as you can. First pencil in
appointments that you absolutely can't miss out on. Allow time for work,
study, family. Then take the leftover time and start making plans! Go to
the gym, swim, shop, visit friends, go/throw parties, organize lunch and
dinners and hit the clubs! You will meet a ton of interesting people and
have great experiences to look back on. Celebs are always out and about,
having dinners, attending shows, seeing movies.People will love hanging
out with you because your fun and energetic, and more importantly, you'll
be hard to get. People love hard to get. It makes them want to impress
you more so you'll pay attention to them.

10Avoid celebrity oops moments! What really is celebrity oops? Oops as
defined by wikipedia is a small accident. Yet when you add in a celebrity
to the mix this Oops is by no means small. In fact, the celebrity status
of the individual seems to magnify this small accident. If you have an
Oops, would anyone but our immediate 3 F's (friends, family and fools)
know? More than likely the answer to that question is NO. Yet once a
celebrity makes even the smallest of Oops, they are plastered all over
media outlets.
11CharitableBe supportive of third world countries by donating money or
getting sponsered to do things like run's. Remember Charity Starts At
Home (Use Angelina Jolie's charity work as a good example).<

Walk with a purpose. Stare straight ahead and stand tall.
Don't be needy. Don't freak out if your friend hasn't called back and
don't text people with things like "I'm bored." If you're bored, you're
boring. Also try to avoid messages saying things like " Are you sure
you're coming over tomorrow?", "You promise you'll meet me outside of
that shop?". It annoys people. Pretend you're too busy for people and
you'll find they'll be the ones begging to hang out with you. Take
warning: They may instead start ditching YOU and even become your enemy!
Never reveal too much about yourself. No one obsesses over celebs they
know everything about. No one cares! There is no mystery to them. No
fantasy! Have a private email, myspace, etc.
Try books like the "Gossip Girl" series, Paris Hilton's book and movies
like Mean Girls and Jawbreaker to get some awesome tips and an inside
look on what it's like to be famous and popular.

And DON'T be mean to people
Do not be delusional! Don't think everybody is in love with you.

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