How to Defend Your Unique Style

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					How to Defend Your Unique Style
While imitation is said to be the sincerest form of flattery, some people
hate having their look copied. Here are some steps to keep your style
your own.
1Change your look. Choose something you love! You don't necessarily have
to change your entire look, sometimes just adopting a small change makes
a big difference.<
2Look around! Did other people copy your look again? Other people must
really like your style. If this happens, try going up to the people who
copied you and kindly tell them that you'd like to keep your style all to
yourself. If this doesn't work, don't be resulting to rude words or
sabotage! You should then going to try to take it as a compliment. If
other people are copying you, then that means that their fashion was
inspired by you. You're a trendsetter.
3If you just can't take it anymore, make a drastic change. If, for
example, you wear Hello Kitty pins, and suddenly everybody else wears
Hello Kitty pins, get drastic. Find shirts, shoes, laces, earrings, etc.
Most people won't be able to accept this new style and will abandon it.
4Look for new styles online. Look for a wild and crazy style that no one
has. If you end up liking a little bit of it, mix your styles until you
get something that no one but you could even dream of pulling off.
Remember that since you have that unique style to defend, you probably
can pull off just about anything including the most intense and insane

Don't care about what others think.It doesn't matter if others like it or
not, just be yourself! No one can be you better than you.

Changing your style does not mean changing your personality! You just got
to be you, and be nobody else. Being yourself is what you're best at.
Just remember the following: In ten years, it won't matter what style you
had and what others thought of you. Like mentioned before in this guide,
if all else fails, ignore the copiers.

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