How to Become a Red Arrow

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					How to Become a Red Arrow
The Red Arrows are an anonymous group based in Britain dedicated to
stopping the infamous "chav" attitude spreading. Joining the Arrows is
like making a pledge to be the best you can be and to take a stand
against bullies and chavs. People such as teens who have to live with yob
culture every day have now got a weapon to fight back with.
1Find out about the Arrows. They have a myspace for this purpose, but for
those who don't know, the Arrows are a completely anonymous society. No
details, just a helping hand. The actual purpose of the Arrows is to
clean up Britain's reputation by encouraging people to band together and
stick together when faced with the chav attitude. They have a strong
moral code, one of the things that sets an Arrrow apart from the rest.
They also encourage a sense of humour and taking care of each other;
strength in numbers, right?<
2Decide whether you want to join. Joining the Red Arrows is not like
waltzing into a hall and joining any other club. No real meetings (except
on a local level, if you like) or strings attached. Just the realisation
that you're not alone and you stand for something.
3Take action! Spread the word (inconspicuously). Guerilla marketing is
good, such as slipping business cards into inconspicuous places. To build
up self-confidence, find a sport or martial art and stick at it. improve
yourself in the knowledge that a lot of young people don't have the
willpower to do it. Lend a hand to friends and strangers. That's what the
Arrows do. And make sure you stand up for yourself, because there is no
reason to get kicked around anymore. You're not alone.<

Be considerate to people you meet, rather then intimidate them.
Be confident. Developing self-confidence will help you enormously when
faced with a situation.
Be cheerful.
Spread the word!
Meet up with another Arrow or two to hang out and help each other out
with any difficulties, if you know some. If not, scout out your targets
and see if you can get them to join.
A sense of humour and a wide vocabulary are excellent tools for improving
your new non-chav life. A confident person with humility and humour can
easily dissolve a situation without resorting to violence.

Do not pick a fight intentionally with a chav. That is not why the RAs
exist. Defend yourself if you have to, but "reasonable force" i.e. just
enough to get away. Never put yourself in a situation where your life is
at risk.
Must remind people that it's not the chav brands of clothing or style
that the Arrows dislike, but the "screw everyone else" attitude they seem
to carry.

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