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									Clearing Luxembourg Stock Exchange Customer Test Form

The Luxembourg Stock Exchange has announced the implementation on 15 March 2008 of a central counterparty (CCP) model for clearing and settlement. The CCP project, initiated by the Luxembourg Stock Exchange and LCH.Clearnet as CCP, includes Clearstream Banking, Luxembourg as International Central Securities Depository (ICSD). A common testing period which will involve Trading Members of the Luxembourg Stock Exchange and Clearing Members of LCH.Clearnet has been planned during January and February 2008. This document is solely intended to be used for collecting the participant parameters required for the execution of the aforementioned tests with Clearstream Banking, Luxembourg. Clearstream Banking, Luxembourg must have received the Customer Test Form at least two weeks in advance of the start of the test period.

Name of Institution (the “Company”): _______________________________________
___________________________________________________________________________ Address: __________________________________________________________________ City: ____________________ Post Code: ____________ Country: _______________

Contact Details
Business test Coordinator: Name: __________________________ Tel.: __________________________ SWIFT Key Administrator: Name: ____________________________ Tel.: ____________________________

e-Mail:__________________________ Authorised Signatures: Signature: __________________________ Name: Tel.: e-Mail: __________________________ __________________________ __________________________


Signature: __________________________ Name: Tel.: e-Mail: __________________________ __________________________ __________________________


Customers may have to exchange or renew SWIFT keys with Clearstream Banking,Luxembourg before the start of testing. Clearstream Banking, Luxembourg will contact customers if this is required.

Test Account

Clearstream Banking account number to be used for the tests: _____________________

Test Settlement Instructions Generation

The Company:_____________________________ (name of the Company) hereby appoints LCH.Clearnet SA to be its Attorney for the transmission of securities settlement instructions required for the operational tests on the above account number of the Company with CBL and to receive from CBL information on the status of the test instructions transmitted by the Attorney. LCH.Clearnet acting as Attorney in this context will use the following BIC address for the purpose of the tests: BACPFRP0AXXX.

Test Reporting
The Company represents that it is a Creation via SWIFT customer already set up in the Clearstream Banking, Luxembourg production environment. Where would you like your test reports to be sent? BIC test address: _________________________________________________________

Standard securities reporting
Which securities test report do you require? MT544-MT547 Clearing & Settlement Instruction Confirmations MT548 Settlement Status & Processing Advice Clearstream Banking, Luxembourg will not generate MT53X Securities test reports and messages.

Cash reporting
Clearstream Banking, Luxembourg will not generate Cash test reports and messages.

Custody reporting
The implementation of LCH.Clearnet Central Counterparty Service by the Luxembourg Stock Exchange will have no impact on Custody Services offered by Clearstream Banking, Luxembourg to the Company. The processing of new issues, income and redemption payments as well as securities events will remain unchanged. Clearstream Banking, Luxembourg therefore assumes that there is no need to generate custody test reports and messages.

Clearstream Banking, Luxembourg contact:
Would you have a specific need or require assistance for the tests with Clearstream Banking, Luxembourg, please contact: Luc Franzen Expert-Settlement Products Tel.: +352-243-36368 Fax: +352-243-636368

Notes: The sole purpose of this document is to collect information from the institutions involved in the testing in the context of the implementation of LCH.Clearnet Central Counterparty Service by the Luxembourg Stock Exchange. The information collected will be used to the set up of account parameters in the Clearstream Banking, Luxembourg test environment only. Other documentation will be required from the Clearing Member Firms for the final production set up. Clearstream Banking, Luxembourg does not represent or warrant that the test reports and messages will be sent at the same frequency and along the same timeline as those applied in production.

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