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									                                                                                              Castro 1

Aaron Castro

Mr. Perez

English 1301 4B

September 13, 2011

                                         Students & Lunch

       I am a student who pays about $2.25 just for lunch every day excluding breakfast—and

there are those who do not pay. I have gone through days that I have not eaten anything

whatsoever because I failed to bring money for that day, but those students that eat free had

nothing to worry about. I have seen students who do not pay for their food throw away almost all

of their food to the trash claiming they are done. They eat free while I have to pay almost $5 if I

want to eat breakfast and lunch at school. Students should all pay the same lunch fee at school

regardless of their financial status because it would be fair and would cause students to value

food or no one should pay at all to keep it equal.

       Over the years I have had to pay for my food and because I am human I sometimes forget

my money or lack money at the time I am supposed to eat, therefore I go a day without lunch. Is

that really healthy for the student and for the district to mandate certain type of students to pay?

Sometimes I don’t even eat lunch because of $2 for food that I feel is not worth paying for, it

drives me to not want to eat even more sometimes. It feels awful to go to lunch time and not

have money with you, but you see all those students forming a line to receive their free food. I

do not like it, I go against lunch fees that apparently only applies to certain students.
                                                                                             Castro 2

       I understand why there is free lunch for those students—but sometimes I see them throw

away plenty of food they did not eat right to the trash, they take advantage and take their lunch

for granted. I know for certain that many students don’t see the benefit they have and disvalue

the food because they have it for free. Make them pay for a month and you will see that they will

be sure to eat all their food and look at things differently. Sometimes when a friend asks me if

I’m going to eat and I reply saying no because I have no food they even reply to me saying,

“Haha, that sucks, you have to pay!”. I know I could easily explain why they don’t have to pay—

because of their family’s financial status—but I choose not to because I know it could be rude

and it could become a sensitive discussion, but this is not how it is supposed to be. Why would I

have to suffer days with no lunch because of the lack of money when it feels as if I’m paying for

their food in the first place when I pay!?

       I stand my ground when I argue that it is not fair, because we are not giving our equal

share. It feels discriminative, the school says, “You pay, You don’t, You Pay..”, and I am

supposed to go along with that? Why would I have to basically help to feed all those other

students whose mothers had more children than they could handle? How can some of the parents

of those students who eat for free manage to buy cigarettes and liquor? There are many parents

who lie about their financial status to get their children that free lunch—that is unfair. What ever

happened to “equal protection under the law” which is stated in the United States Constitution? It

is untrue that we have equal protection under the law. All of the students who pay along with

myself pay for the irresponsible decisions of those parents who fail to provide enough for their

children. If you are not sure if you can manage your children, then do not have them! And by

God don’t have so many! It is sad when I see students who eat free and yet they have expensive
                                                                                              Castro 3

brand attire, the latest phone, an iPod, and other accessories. They can find money for other

unnecessary things but fail to pay for their lunch food like many of us students, it is unfair.

       Basically, all students should pay for their school lunch, or all students should not pay for

their school lunch—it is either or and nothing else. I understand why the lunch system is as It is,

but why “punish” students in charging them and be unequal about who to charge. My main

concern is not the paying, but the inequality and unfairness in charging some students, and not

charging others.

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