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									           Zari lace manufactures and Suppliers
Due to the versatile use of zari threads, it has become an attractive buy for the dealers in
textile and fashion industry. From sandals to sarees to shervanis, zari is extensively used
to add a dash of life the garment or accessory.

This tinsel thread is available in various avatars and each form of it is a fashion statement
by itself.

Traditionally gold, silver or copper was drawn into thin threads that were woven or
braided along with cotton or silk fabrics. This cloth was later on stitched as per the
requirement. Needless to say this maked zari garments out of reach of many.

In the contemporary times, pure gold, silver or copper wires are twisted around cotton
threads. Apart from being economic, one of the major benefits of such zari is that it does
not get oxidised when in contact with humid air. Such zaris are reffered as ‘real zari’.
Pure silver or gold coated sequins enhance the zari woven cloth with elegance.

Imitation zari are another popular variant of zari threads. These threads too have cotton
thread at their core but are covered with coloured metals strips. Such zari threads are
generally used in contrast to the base fabric colour. Florescent zari threads work well to
contrast dark colour cloth like mid-night blue or deep green.

Kasab zari is distinctively used for a province specific embroidery pattern of Gujarat. It is
typically used in traditional women wear during festive season. Kasab zari is typically
used for hand embroidery whereas neem zari is generally used for machine embroidery.

Schiffli zari is is considered to be strong and durable. Jacquard lace teamed up with
metallic zari is a popular preference.

Zari laces have flooded the market because they are multipurpose and cheap as compared
to buying a zari woven or embroidered garment. Such laces embellished with stones,
mirror pieces or pearls make for a good buy.

Surat (India) is the largest producer of zari threads and things made from zari such as
laces, ribbons, cordonett, fringes and so on.

Scores of traders have come up to serve the escalating demand of zari lace threads and
laces. Also the range of offerings by zari manufactures and traders is extensive.

Picking up the right supplier is now made easy via B2B portals which help connecting
indigenous suppliers with global requirements. Apart form providing information
regarding the product and vendor; information regarding prevalent zari trends can also be

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